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Al-Baath University

Region: Homs Country: Syrian Arab Republic

President's Message
With the coming of 2010, we cannot but shed light on the achievements Al-Baath University made during the past year. This is meant to be an assessment of our performance to get to know the number of goals we realized and work to overcome all obstacles that we encounter in order to attain excellence and leadership that we ever aspire to. One whole year of efforts and achievements in research, study and management cannot be summarized in just a few lines; however, we will mention the most important ones

During the past year, 87 master's degrees and 7 doctoral degrees were awarded covering various fields of science, engineering and the humanities. Also, the first batch of students graduated from different faculties: the Faculty of Health Sciences, the only one in Syria, the Faculty of Tourism, the Faculty of Sports Education, the Faculty of Finance and Banking, and from the Persian Language Department. It is worth mentioning as well that master's degrees in new specialties were introduced. Additionally, the French Language Department - in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (Second Branch) - and the French Translation Programme - in the Open Learning Center - both came into being last year. Moreover, and under the sponsorship of President Bashar al-Assad, the Faculty of Education (Third Branch), in Palmyra, was established bringing the total to 24 colleges - of which 17 are in Homs, and 7 are in Hama

On student level, Al-Baath University's research studies achieved first position in the Student Creative Forum 12th, set up by the Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities ACTSAU and hosted by Assiut University, Egypt, in September 2009. Al-Baath University also provided a number of scientific and entertainment activities for students: productivity camps, field trips, student exchange programmes and participation in professional and sports activities inside and outside the university

In the area of computer sciences, Al-Baath University endeavored to utilize information technology in teaching and administration, and provided access to e- resources by making bandwidth higher and making the Internet available in all the faculties of the university. Classrooms and laboratories were furnished with the latest technological equipment (computers, printers, etc.), and automation was introduced to administrative jobs, most notably the Accommodation Office and the Office of UG Admissions

With regard to supporting entrepreneurship and encouraging distinguished initiatives, we witnessed the launch of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Incubator in cooperation with the Syrian Computer Society, and Al-Baath University was selected to be the leading university to apply the sub-initiative of Entrepreneurship in Higher Education, launched by the ETF within the initiative of Euro-Mediterranean Charter for Enterprise

Furthermore, Al-Baath University obtained two patents: one on the best ecological invention ever by Prof. Yasser Houriya and Prof. Riyadh Saleh, and another on an oil flow improver and antifreeze invention by Prof. Ahmad Mirhej and Prof. Riyadh Saleh

In collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, we celebrated the launch of the Higher Institute for Water Management, the first of its kind in Syria. The importance of this institute comes from the importance of the problem it addresses - a water problem that is greatly becoming worse on a global scale day after day

With high-level participation, a conference on Solid and Liquid Waste Management was held at Al-Baath University during the 49th Science Week. The conference dealt with a subject of environmental and economic importance, which is one of the important issues of concern to Syrian and worldwide researchers. The conference concluded with important recommendations on environmental and economic levels

During the past year, Al-Baath University also signed 19 scientific cooperation agreements with Arab and foreign universities, and had about 150 scientific and literary activities

For the current year, the university will witness the graduation of the first batch of students from the Law Faculty. The Faculty of Agriculture new building will be put into use, playgrounds will be provided and accommodation blocks in Hama will be built, in addition to building new blocks in Homs to accommodate a total of 10 000 students

The University will also witness the introduction of a technology incubator in the industrial city of Hessia, and will witness the running of several training courses and workshops to introduce the world of enterprise in cooperation with many companies, such as the Syrian Young Entrepreneurs and "Intilaaqah Syria" Programme by Shell Company. This year as well, the Tourist Guide Training Programme in the Open Learning Center will be launched

Currently, the draft of the university's 11th five-year plan is being prepared and the goals of the plan are being determined, most notably developing Al-Baath University to be one of the centers of excellence in the field of higher education and scientific research, and enhancing the university's role in sustainable development and community service

The great development Al-Baath University is witnessing is due to the great efforts of professors and colleagues, and due to the efforts of our ever-distinguished students. These efforts are exerted in implementation of the approach to the modernization and development sponsored by the leader of Al-Baath Party and the Syrian people, President Bashar al-Assad

We will keep providing constructive and innovative ideas for the development of higher education and for elevating its quality to the levels we aim at so as to keep Al-Baath University a unique and distinguished scientific and knowledge center as excellence is an endless journey of ambition and ongoing improvement.

Established in 1979, Al-Baath University ranks as one of the leading Syrian universities. It was first set up in Homs according to the Presidential Decree No. 44 issued by late President Hafez Al-Assad. The city is ideally located as a gateway - a lively link between north and south, the lovely western coast and the midland desert. Such a strategic location offers a valuable access to the welfare of natural resources and encourages chemical, petroleum and textile industries. Not to mention the renowned landmarks and touristic destinations which attract visitors worldwide such as Palmyra, Krak Des Chevaliers and the superb countryside. The city's historic significance makes it a must for the University to excel in different knowledge branches ranging from humanities and technology sciences to medicine.

Al-Baath University exerts genuine efforts to meet the needs of the local community both culturally and economically by providing highly qualified graduates. It is also committed to promoting scientific research in every field of national importance such as economic, social, humanistic and technical sustainability. In fact, it contributes to defining the human experience and adding up to world culture.

The University is keen to mirror the real Arab identity, often mystified by false stereotypes. Besides, it reflects its pioneering role in past knowledge and up-to-date research through an effective network of academic staff and students. Achieving such eminence involves equal educational opportunities regardless of gender, age or physical abilities. On the other hand, it encourages freedom of speech and creativity. Much of its success is due to the outreaching policy that targets local schools and universities and establishes strong connections with Arab and foreign research centres.

In order to achieve its educational and scientific goals, the University of Al-Baath :

Provides a viable educational environment that fosters qualified human resources represented by scholars, scientists and innovative graduate

Enriches the academic and firsthand experience of its graduates

Encourages miscellaneous specializations at the university in order to address the local and global markets

Updates academic facilities, labs and teaching aids

Promotes on-campus activities such as sports, music and social life

Builds an open-minded generation with genuine interest in conducting quality research

Boosts social and economic sustainability through continuous upgrade of the teaching programmes as well as encouraging self and external assessment principles

Develops administrative procedures and communication skills of administrative staff

Expands research horizons of the academic staff by taking part in cutting edge training programmes, conferences and forums

Maintains successful networking among different departments such as biotechnology, renewable and alternative energy, environment protection, translation and information technology

Establishes research centres where specialists from different disciplines come together and cooperate towards developing current practices in fields like environment protection and child care

Provides best consultation services to different industries such as chemicals, food, petroleum, water resources, agriculture, animal breeding, etc

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Address: Homs P.O. Box 77 Syrian Arab Republic



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