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Muhammad Medical College

Region: Mirpurkhas Country: Pakistan

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The MMC:
Muhammad Medical College is located just outside Mirpurkhas (6 km from Zero point) on Hyderabad road. This is opposite Ratanabad Railway station near main bus stand. It spreads over 40 acres owned by Muhammad Foundation Trust for its projects. All necessary facilities including building, gas, electricity, telephone, e-mail. Internet, transport, accommodation, food and drink spots are available. Public transport operating along Hyderabad road provides frequent and regular access to the college. The college building is more than sufficient to the requirement and has all the necessary departments. Each department has its own museum, laboratory and tutorial room, which are well equipped and fascinating. All facilities are modern and up-to the mark. Students get clinical training in nearby 500 bedded Muhammad Medical college Hospital. There are hostels for boys and girls onsite and in the city. A new large state of art 3 stories girls' hostel has just been established onsite.


  • All lecture halls, Laboratories, Museums, Libraries, Tutorial rooms, offices and other buildings are in use to accommodate 100 students in each class.
  • Another (second) floor has been constructed.
  • Three new lecture halls with 100 seats each have been added on 2nd floor, extending the facilities to a total of 8 lecture halls with 500 seats.
  • New departments of Forensic Medicine, Community Medicine and Pathology have been constructed with larger constructed areas and much improved labs & museum.
  • An auditorium, having seating capacity of 300, has been constructed and is in function.
  • Another larger and modern auditorium, having capacity of over 500 seats is under construction.
  • A new department of Audio Video and multimedia has been established. A large number of audiovisual stock is available.
  • All departments are fully established with laboratories, museums & offices.
  • New laboratories, museum (furnished) etc. are fully functional in the departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology to accommodate 100 students.
  • Another girls' common room with lockers have been constructed.
  • A new suite for offices and Conference hall have been constructed to improve presentation of the college.
  • Library has been extended to seat 167 students (1/3rd of 500) at any given time. Large number of recent Medical Journals have been imported from USA so that with exception of AKU, it can match library of any other Private Medical College or University. Large number of titles (Textbooks) are constantly been added.
  • Almost all the laboratories and museums have been decorated with tiles and furniture.
  • The faculty of Muhammad Medical College has already been its strength. There has been extensive addition of teachers in all departments. New assistant professors have been added in departments of Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Community Health Sciences and Forensic Medicine. On hospital side, a new professor of Ophthalmology, Paeds and Medicine have been added. Another Associate Professor in Medicine has been added. Assistant Professors have been added in Medicine, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics and Radiology departments. Their details are given in the departmental description.
  • Department of Medical Education has arranged a workshop on ACLS and BLS under Dr. Ghani Loya from USA. Many Assistant, Associate and Professors have been sent to CPSP to attend workshops. Problem Based Learning and Extended Matching Items have been introduced. A number of workshops and seminars are regularly held. Some national level seminars are also annually held.
  • Muhammad Medical College also has honour of regularly holding Annual Medical Symposia since 2003 without any break. Very few medical colleges in Pakistan (either private or public sector) have been able to do that for such a long time. These symposia are attended in great numbers by senior and junior doctors and students from all over Pakistan and often speakers from foreign countries are invited to deliver lectures.
  • Department of Medical Education also regularly invites speakers from within and out of the country to deliver lectures on topics of current interest to students and faculty.
  • Extra-curricular activities are held on a regular basis. These include various sporting events, social gatherings and outings. A number of other events also are held, including Milad and Youme Husain.

These lines were not written as message but you judge for yourself, what could be a better message than this.

Life is a strange phenomenon. Whether you do good things or bad things or nothing, it moves on. Time flies. Children become boys & girls, then young adults, then middle aged and then old people. (Shakespeare will count 7 stages, others less or more), but nevertheless, before you know, you are heading towards eternity, leaving all your loved ones and houses and land and earnings behind. That is because you never owned them. As Mir has said "Yeh hi jana keh kuch na jana haL.So bhi ik umr mein hua maloom.

However one thing is certain. If you do what you have been asked to do and refrain from what you have been forbidden with, Someone ensures that your beloved are properly taken care of, your name stays prestigious and your deeds carry on.

I do not know if I would be able to see the seeds of my institutions of knowledge and treatment turning into full fledged trees, but I am sure that God almighty never lets any sincere effort go wasted. So I am sure that my and your children and all the future children of Mirpurkhas, Sindh and Pakistan will witness Muhammad Colleges, Institutes and Hospitals turning into centres of excellence and will be fully benefited by these institutions. And perhaps I will also witness from somewhere high up, my and your children smiling in these places.

May God grant MMC, MMCH and MIST all the recognition and success that these institutes truly deserve. Ameen.
(Note: Dr. S. Ali Muhammad left for his eternal abode soon after these lines. MMC & MMCH were granted recognition by PMDC 7 1/2 Months after his departure, realizing his dream-Principal MMC).

There is an ample sized library with reading room, separate sections for teaching staff and counter. It has almost 3000 books related to medical sciences and about 5000 medical journals. It has a senior librarian with other support staff. It has an audiovisual corner that provides computer & Internet facilities to the students. The Library is a major center of health science literature. It is equipped with up to date information and retrieval facilities, books and journals for the students and faculty in basic medical sciences, clinical sciences, community health, nursing etc. Library MMC


  • Seating capacity has been increased to 187.
  • Five indexed journals regularly subscribed at MMC, eight at MMCH.
  • 4640 recent indexed journals have been added.
  • Number of books have been added.
  • Two qualified librarians are appointed.
  • 12 computers with internet facilities and networking are available. In addition, Satellite Departmental Libraries also have a stock of related books and journals

Gosha-e-Rahat Saeed
Rahat SaeedThere is a large collection of books on literature in the library also. It is named "Gosha-e-Rahat Saeed", to honour Mr. Rahat Saeed, a renowned scholar and writer, who donated his collection of books to the library, and which makes the largest part of our collection. It is hoped that while keeping students and doctors medical knowledge upto date with collection of latest medical books and journals, the literature books will help them becoming good humans and citizens

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Muhammad Medical College

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Address: Muhammad Medical College, P.O. Box No. 61, Hyderabad Road, Ratanabad, Mirpurkhas, Sindh, Pakistan


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