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About The University
The Amur State University is one of the youngest and most perspective Universities of Blagoveshchensk. From the date of its foundation it has been formed as a classical university, the second after the Far Eastern State University in the Far Eastern Region. The Amur State University is growing fast: new buildings as well as new faculties and new specialties are being opened, the international relations are developing, and new education and information technologies are widely used. The University is constantly improving the base for scientific research and takes active part in fundamental as well as practical researches.

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The Amur State University (AmSU) is situated in Blagoveshchensk - the capital of the Amur Region that occupies about 391,900 square kilometers in the Far East of Russia. The Amur Region is rich in natural resources. This is the 3rd largest gold extractor in the country and contains the world's largest gold deposits.

The Amur Region is often called the "Granary" of the Russian Far East as a half of all of the Russian Far Eastern arable lands is concentrated here.In 1997 a new Russian space center "Svobodny" came into operation in the Amur Region.

The city of Blagoveshchensk was founded in 1858. It is situated in a picturesque setting where two large rivers - Amur and Zeya - meet. Today it's one of the most important administrative, cultural, scientific and industrial centers of the Far Eastern region with more than 220 000 inhabitants.

The peculiar feature of Blagoveshchensk is its unique geographical location on the border between Russia and China. Just across the Amur river there is a Chinese city Heihe, Heilongjiang province. This is the only place in Russia where two foreign cities are so close to each other.

Amur State University received a trial access to the electronic archive of Russian-language media (newspapers, social, political, scientific and popular magazines) - online library Public.Ru. Test access is open from 15/04/2011, and will continue until 05/12/2011, the Access is from all computers in the university. Login and password for access can be found in the electronic reading room of the auditorium. 121 and in a scientific reading room of the auditorium. 426.

Internet library media Public.Ru offers a wide range of information services: from access to electronic archives of publications Russian-language media and conduct thematic press reviews to monitor individual and exclusive analytical studies performed on materials printed. Funds Public.Ru vkyuchayut: over 27 million articles of Russian-language media, materials over 3000 media: newspapers, magazines, news agencies and Internet publications, television and radio stations, publishing of the 84 regions in Russia and abroad; archival materials of Russian publications since 1990 . Daily at the base loaded 12,000 new materials. Central publications available to users as early as 9 am.

at the University of the launch of model rockets and a concert with summarizing Space Week. This day is completed sequence of events on the first manned flight into space by Russian space.

At 18.30 on the playground of the University brought together representatives of the administration, staff, teachers, students and guests. The right to launch model rockets has been granted Vice-Rector, EA Vanina, Dean of Engineering Physics Department of VFUlyanychevoy and head of research and education space center SP Volkov.At 19.00 in the hall held a gala concert and award winners of the scientific-practical conferences, contests and sports competitions.How to allocate the places you can find on page BID.

The event was dedicated to the 15 th anniversary of the Department of the world economy, customs and tourism.

In the competition brought together teams from the Amur State University, Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University and the Annunciation of Commerce and Economic College. In total in the competition was attended by 35 people.

The list of tasks Olympiad included tests on management, marketing in tourism, international tourism, as well as a quiz that allows to identify horizons and knowledge of tourism resources, regional geography of future specialists in the field of tourism. Main competition for the Olympiad was the presentation of the results of homework on the topic "The Pearl of Russia", where participants are using modern technology demonstrated future tourist "pearl" of the Amur region. Here, students have shown themselves to be real professionals. The outcome of the contest we have the following results.

In the individual competition:
I place: Pegushin Dmitri, 4 year, (ASU)
II place: Tochilina Christina, 3 course (ASU), Lesik Catherine, 4 year (BSPU)
III place: Soft Eugene, 4 year (Federal State ACT BTEK)

In the team competition:
I place: team BSPU
II place: Team 3 and 4 year, ASU
III place: Team 3 and 4 courses FGOU ACT BTEK and 4-year ASU.

All winners received certificates and prizes from the organizers of the Olympics, as well as the "Trans-Tour". In summing up Olympic representative from the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, labor and consumer markets of the Amur region, a leading advisor of tourism Solov'eva, NF awarded the participants of the Olympiad advertising brochures of tourist offers in the Amur region.

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