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Arabian Gulf University

Region: Manama Country: Bahrain

About the University
The Arabian Gulf University and the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences were established by a Decree from the General Council of Ministers of Education in the GCC Countries at their 5th Meeting in Kuwait on 30th March 1980. The first batch of 37 students was admitted to the Pre-Medical Programme of the College in October 1982 and the first class graduated in 1989/90. The College admits upto 150 students annually from the GCC Member Countries according to an agreed allocation formula. Currently, in the academic year 2009-2010, the total number of registered Undergraduate Medical students in all the six years is 797, and there are 41 students in three Graduate Programmes of the College.

The College follows a problem-based, student-centred curriculum. In this system of education, teaching and learning are carried out through an integrated organ-system based process with the faculty members acting as facilitators to small groups of students. This educational strategy, which is currently being adopted by an increasing number of Medical Colleges throughout the world, aims at equipping the Medical Graduate with the desired knowledge, the appropriate attitudes and professional skills which are necessary for the effective and successful practice of medicine in the community, and for lifelong learning in the rapidly advancing field of medicine.

Dean of the College
Welcome to the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences at the Arabian Gulf University

As you enter the portals of the main campus of this collegiate University, you come into an airy atrium lit by natural light all the way up to the glass paneled roof. There is enough greenery at various levels to calm the mind. Surrounding this oasis of serenity are hives of activity, some feverish, some relaxed, some formal, some laid-back. In labs and offices, classrooms and diverse learning resources facilities, students and teachers come together to disassemble and re-assemble concepts and principles of form and function in health and disease, from the molecular to the organismal, from the individual to the community.

The College of Medicine & Medical Sciences of the Arabian Gulf University is unique firstly because it is the only truly Regional institution of higher learning dedicated to fostering the values of a common heritage, and secondly because it has adopted a problem-based self learning educational philosophy that has helped to develop curricula that are robust without being rigid, and that makes our students responsible for their own learning.

As you navigate the pages of this College Website you will, I hope, get a sense of the qualities we shall be looking for when admitting students set to embark on the long and arduous journey of becoming doctors. This School endeavors to inculcate learning habits, and ethical values and standards, that will test their professionalism and define their Ihsaan, as they leave the portals of the AGU to go out and serve the communities they come from.

The College is more than a Medical School. These web pages will give you a flavour of the research & graduate programmes (Diploma, MSc, PhD) in diverse fields, of faculty interests, and Regional demands. Its specialist centres include the HH Princess Al Jawhara Centre for Genetics and Inherited Disorders, and the WHO Collaboration Centre for Health Education.

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Address: Building 293, Road 2904, Complex 329, Manama, Capital Governorate


973 (17) 239 999

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