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Avicenna Medical College, Lahore

Region: Lahore Country: Pakistan

The Avicenna Medical College and Avicenna Hospital are ideally located at Bedian Road, Phase IX D.H.A, Lahore. The Avicenna Medical College will also have the support of a ISO certified Aadil Hospital (150 beds) which would act as teaching hospital. The new campus of Avicena Medical College and Avicenna Hospital is located at 15 minutes drive from Defence Phase V. The Campus consists of Medical College building, Hospital (450 beds) Separate hostel facility for both girls and boys is available within the College Campus. The hostel consists of twins as well as domitory. Presently there is enough space for all entrants to come till Oct 2012.

The College has a well chalked out development programme, and new hostels, cafeteria, nurses hostels have been constructed. New wards have been added to the Hospital. The college is constantly on the move to develop and remain ahead of the requirements.

Avicenna was a persian scientist and doctor. His Book, the Cannon of Medicine, followed the principles of the Ancient greeks and especially those of Galen.It remained a standard medical test for seven centuries. Many physicians in the Islamic world were outstanding medical teachers and practitioners. Avicenna was born 980-1037 CE) near Bokara in central Asia. Known as 'Prince of Physicans', his cannon of medicine (medical encyclopedia)remained a standard text for both east and west until the 16th Century and still forms the basis of Unani theory and practice.

Avicenna was a genious who was not only a Physician, but also a phylosopher, an astronomer, a chemist, a geologist, a logician, a paleontologist, a mathematician, a physicist, a poet, a psycologist, a sceintist and a teacher. A name so distinct of its time that made the highest mountain in Tajakistan was renamed after him.

The Avicenna Medical College will live up to the name and reputation of "Abu Ali Sina Balkhi (Latin Name Avicenna)" and will be a model of excellence for the quality and innovation of its education programs, clinical services. The institution will continually strive to exceed the expectations of its patients, students, residents, and Local Community by constantly improving the services it provides with enthusiasm, teamwork and creativity.

Message from Chairman
The Avicenna Medical College is a project of Abdul Waheed Trust which is a non-profitable, non-governmental, non-political & social organization, for the welfare of humanity, based on community empowerment. We also plan to undertake other projects in the field of health, science, technology & research.

Avicenna Medical College has its own 450 bedded Avicenna teaching Hospital (Not for Profit hospital) within the College Campus & 150 bedded Aadil Hospital, at 15 minutes distance. Separate comfortable hostels for boys & girls are provided on the campus. State of the art College Library with facilities of internet & online journals, remains open 15 hrs a day, for our students & faculty members. Our future plans are establishment of Dental College, Nursing College, Allied health Sciences institute, Pharmacy College, community outreach Programs including free medical camps, vaccination programs, health education & training of TBAs.

Avicenna Medical College has a purpose built campus. It gives a wholistic experience to all its stakeholder i.e. Patients, Students, Faculty, Doctors, paramedical and other Staff members, and many more.

Avicenna Hospital is a 450 Bedded teaching hospital which has the support of Aadil Hospital -150 Bedded hospital catering to the wide variety of patients from all walks of life.

Avicenna Medical College & Hospital Offers separate campus hostel facility for both Boys and Girls. It offers all facilities for the students to include the canteen,cafeteria and other rest and recreation areas.

The Library at Avicenna Medical College covers an area of more than 13000 square feet. It houses more than 1500 Reading books which are complemented by 200 reference books. Avicenna Medical College is subscribing to a variety of Medical International Journals which are an excellent resource of learning for both students and medical faculty.

It also has a section of E-Libary where electronic medical journals can be accessed and research and knowledge from all over the world can be obtained through the use of dedicated computers.

The library has a capacity of 265 students and is open from 8 am to midnight. The staff is polite and helpful. Separate 'girls room' and prayer area is provided. Students have a choice of use of tables, carols and inter-net carols. All these are provided to allow the student to have access to the vast sea of knowledge available at the net.

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Address: Phase IX DHA, Bedian Road Lahore 53100


+92 423 560 0380 - 74

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