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Banha University

Region: Banha Country: Egypt

Benha University was a branch of Zagazig University since 1976 by Presidential decree No.1142 in November, 25, 1976. It included five faculties (Agriculture in Mochtohor Engineering in Shubra commerce, medicine and education in Benha). The ministerial decree No. 278 of the year 1981 was issued to establish the faculties of Science and Arts in Benha, as well as Veterinary Medicine in Mochtohor. The faculty of Law was established (as a branch of Zagazig Faculty of Law) in 1990).

The ministerial decree No. 287 of the year 1994 was issued to joine Faculty of Law with Benha Branch. The ministerial decree No. 301 of the year 1992 was issued to establish The Higher Institute of Nursing at Benha which has become Faculty of Nursing in 1996.

The ministerial decree No. 329 in October, 01, 1998 was issued to joine the Faculty of Specific Education with Benha Branch.

The presidential decree No. 84 of the year 2005 was issued to separate Benha Branch from Zagazig University to become Benha University.

In March, 7, 2006, the presidential decree No. 83 was issued to join the Higher Institute of Technology with Benha University. In July, 20, 2006, the presidential decree No. 267 was issued to establish the Faculty of Computers and Information.

The Faculty of Agriculture, founded in 1911, which is considered one of the oldest faculties of agriculture at Egypt.

Benha University is the 13th university in foundation among the 17 universities. There are several places for campus at Benha , Mochtohor, and Shubra. The University includes faculties of Medicine, Nursing, Science, Education, Physical education, Commerce, Arts, Law, Specific Education, Computers and Information and the Higher Institute of technology in Benha, in addition to the faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine in Mochtohor and the Faculty of Engineering in Shubra. 180 acres of land in El Obour City have allocated for Benha University to meet the future expansion of the University. Benha University also includes some service units such as the General Administration of Students Care, three university cities for male students in Benha, Mochtohor, and Shubra in addition to two university cities for female students in Benha and Shubra as well as 36 centers and units that serve the university and the community.

University News
Approved by the Council of the University of Benha for convening the Fifth Congress (NPC) of the heads of universities for the service of society and the development of the environment during the month of December.

3-10-2010 intensive training courses External Auditors of the organizations of pre-university education in the governorates of Qaliubiya, Alexandria, western, eastern, Dakahlia, Kafr El-Sheikh, Mersa Matrouh, Damietta, Monoufia, the lake.

The Council approved the establishment of the Faculty of applied arts, University of Benha with to take the necessary legislative measures in this regard.

A team of the draft substantive support the development of evaluation systems students and examinations to visit the University of Banha Thursday 7/10/2010, to review the project activities and outputs.

Medical team has a Dutch (11) members under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammed Suleiman cultivation expert coronary arteries to visit hospitals Banha University, where the Panel to conduct (8) surgical operations to cultivate heart coronary arteries.

The Association of Egyptian-Dutch friendship by contributing to an ambulance to hospitals Banha focused attention University.

Signed a cooperation protocol between Banha University and the University of Catherine in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands for the exchange of experiences and the dispatch of missions of the Department of cardiothoracic surgery at the Faculty of Medicine to the University of Catherine Banha Dutch

The opening of some sections, renovate and develop university hospitals of Banha.

Banha University Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS
  • Master Degree
  • MD Anaesthesiology
  • MD Anatomy
  • MD Biochemistry
  • MD Community Medicine
  • MD Dermatology
  • MD Emergency Medicine
  • MD General Medicine
  • MD Microbiology
  • MD Paediatrics
  • MD Pathology
  • MD Pharmacology
  • MD Physiology
  • MD Psychiatry
  • MD Radiodiagnosis
  • MD Skin & V.D
  • MD TB & Chest Diseases
  • MS Anatomy
  • MS ENT
  • MS General Surgery
  • MS Ophthalmology
  • MS Orthopaedics


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor of Science (Nursing)
  • Master Degree
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Doctorate/PhD
  • Ph.D. Nursing

Video Presentation

MURF 2011 Program

MURF Benha University.Was founded in 2008 as A Student Activity from Benha University students that help themselves and help the others student to start their own business and help the community to be better.

We considered the First and the Biggest model in BENHA University. MURF has a first Student Media Center ( I-Radio - YouTube Channel - E-Magazine - Website ) also MURF Has a Future Leaders Project Long Term Project for 4 years )

We are focused on being the practical solution to the problem of unemployment by linking students in various disciplines to the labor Market

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Address:    Fareed Nada Street, Benha, Qalubiya Governorate, Arab Republic of Egypt-13511



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