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Bashkir State Medical University

Region: Ufa Country: Russia

About the University
Bashkir State University - a striking example of the classical university, and a classical education was valued and appreciated at all times and under all conditions. A person who has received a good classical education, be able to realize themselves in science and in business and public service. The more so because our university does not stand still, and constantly evolving - opens promising specialty, increasing educational and laboratory space, introducing new technologies and trends.

Over 100 years of Bashkir State University prepares highly qualified specialists for various sectors of the economy. University graduates successfully work not only in the Republic of Bashkortostan, but throughout Russia and many foreign countries. For most employers Bashkir State University diploma is a serious argument when receiving specialist to work, and this is the best confirmation of the high quality of education at the university. The credit for this belongs to, first of all, a university teacher - for many years in the BSU has developed a team of professionals with the enthusiasm of dividing their expertise with students. This team is constantly updated on the pedagogical work in higher education that the young and talented people, sensitive towards the new trends of time and have innovative thinking.

In recent years the Bashkir State University has become a major center of graduate education, where they successfully operated on 64 postgraduate and doctoral studies in 13 specialties. Opened on 11 doctoral dissertation councils responsible for protection and awarding degrees in 18 specialties.

Bashkir State University provides an opportunity not only to obtain high-quality professional knowledge and skills, but also to live a bright, interesting and active. So how does this current BSU students, members of numerous art groups and student associations.

History of the University
The issue of opening the first teacher in Ufa institution of higher education was raised in 1905, after the center of the Orenburg school district that serves Orenburg, Ufa, Perm province, as well as the Turgay and Ural region, was transferred from Orenburg to Ufa.

July 2, 1909 Minister of Education Russian AN Schwartz ordered the permission to open in Ufa, a three-year Teacher's Institute, with 1 July 1909, ie since the start of funding. Simultaneously, the Ministry of Education instructed the trustee of the Orenburg school district to find a suitable candidate for the post of Director. The choice fell on teachers Ufa gymnasium Aleksandar

October 4, 1909 opened its doors Ufa Pedagogical Institute, housed in a building on Telegraph street 9 (at present - one of the buildings in Ufa Academy of Arts. Zagier Ismagilova on the street. Cjurupy, 9). Following the announcement of the trustee of the school district of Orenburg institute open, was immediately drafted and sent a telegram on behalf of all present Minister of Education with an expression of allegiance to Emperor senses. It was signed by the Governor of Ufa, Ufa and Menzelinsky bishop, the Right Reverend Nafanilom, trustee of the Orenburg school district, county nobility, the provincial chairman of the district council, the director of the Teachers' Institute, Ufa and other officials attended the ceremony. This telegram in which 20 other letters from different parts of Russia the Tsar to make "an expression of loyal feelings of boundless love and devotion" was presented November 12, 1909 Minister of Education to Emperor Nicholas II.

In 1912 the first graduates of the institute. 24 people completed the full course of study. The decision of the teachers' council of 4 June 1912 they were awarded the title of city school teachers. With a gold medal graduated Bortkiewicz, Michael and Nikolai Samarin, with a silver medal - Antoniuk Joseph, Infants, Nikita, Pankov, Joseph, Nicholas and Proskuryakov Dmitry Tolmachev. All graduates were distributed by teachers in urban schools Orenburg school district.

In September 1917, students of 2 nd year for the first time assigned for further training in two streams: physical-mathematical and natural-geographic. Reception at 1 year was performed separately on each of 3 sections: literary history, physical, mathematical and natural-geographic.

Evidence suggests that the first successes were achieved in training the humanities. In 1934, a student of the Bashkir language and literature Davletshina Khadija participates in the First Congress of Soviet Writers, where she works receives strong support person of Maxim Gorky and Alexander Fadeev. Subsequently exactly Hadii Davletshin managed to create the classic realist novel Irgiz. The second output on a wide expanse of All-Union has made Professor Jalil Kiekbaev.Comparative-historical analysis of the Turkic and Indo-European languages ​​has been recognized as a worldwide scientific achievement in the field of linguistics. Advances Hadii Davletshin and Jalil Kiekbaeva argue Renaissance role in the development of Bashkir State University Bashkir

Major progress has been made in the History Department. First of all, it should be noted works, which reinterpreted the ideological, social, and national content Bashkir uprisings of the XVIII century and recreates the social, political, scientific, literary and journalistic activities Zaki Walid. Here, written and published "The History of Bashkortostan" in two parts, from ancient times to the end of XX century.

University developed together with the development of Bashkortostan and the country as a whole. Thus, in connection with the development of petroleum and petrochemical industries and engineering have received a powerful impetus to the development of physical and mathematical, chemical, biological, geological and geographical sciences. In this regard, recall the names of professors Dmitri Ozhiganova, Valentina Ivanova, Mirkashira Farztdinova, Fanilya Sayakhova, Alexei Leontiev, Charles Minsker, Eugene Zhuravlev, Gregory drawn away, Yuri Kulagina, Kamil Valiev.

During these years, BSU has become truly the center of the formation of the socio-ideological science. Recognized authorities in the field of humanities professors were Ahnyaf Kireev, Midhat Gainullin, Leo Bahrag, Igor Raspopov, Romain Nazir and others. More than two decades, the school was headed by the rector Shayhulla Chanbarisov. He aggressively worked to develop the material base of the university, strengthening the university teaching staff and the opening of new specialties. He also published the first scientific study on the development of university education in the USSR, which was praised by experts in higher education.

Today it employs BashSU including more than 1000 highly qualified teachers, enrolled nearly 27,000 students.

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