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Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

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About the University
Situated in Beijing, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) is a key university directly under the administration of the Education Ministry of the People's Republic of China and also listed as "211 Project" to be priority invested and constructed by the state.

Founded in 1956, the University offers a broad range of programs now, including 5950 undergraduate programs, 688 master programs and about 356 doctoral programs. It is a natural whole with the disciplines of Chinese languages, management, economics, law, education, literature, medicine, etc.

BUCM boasts a campus which has a floorage of 25.3 million square meters. It is wooden and green, surrounded by a lot of fragrant flowers. The University offers a comprehensive range of support services for all students and teachers, with all major facilities easily accessible on campus. It has also built the trunk network of its Campus Computer Networks and has set up interactive network teaching platforms centered around multi-media course wares. The University library has over 44700 books and periodicals, its web-based catalogue and homepage guide you to high-quality resources, as well as providing detailed information on all library services.

BUCM lays great emphasis on international cooperation and exchanges and has established cooperative ties with many universities and research institutes worldwide. It also invites famous foreign scholars and political personages to be the part-time professors, honorary professors or guest professors. The University has currently 12 programs for more than 758 international students. Most of them have been awarded a diploma as well as a degree certificate after their completion of all courses according to schedule. Apart from that, the University has 23 foreign teachers from different countries and regions. BUCM welcomes the cultural diversity the international students and teachers bring to campus life.

During the past years after its founding, BUCM has gradually achieved recognition for the strength of its leading-edge research and high quality teaching. The graduates from BUCM are prized by employers and its employment status are reach upwards of 26.5% in recent years.BUCM is ranked 110 in China out of 200 universities by the CUAA(China University Alumni Association). It is also amongst the top 200 universities in China according to Netbig Education.

Benefited from the new favorable opportunities of development and stimulated by the new challenge, BUCM is working hard for building a high-level university well known both at home and abroad. On this basis, still greater efforts are to be made to raise the teaching, scientific research and every other work of the university to international advanced levels so that the university can enjoy higher position and greater prestige in the international academic circles in the near future.

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) founded in 1956, is one of the earliest established institutions of higher learning of TCM in China, and it is the only one that is incorporated into the "211 Project" among the universities and colleges of TCM, with a key role in higher education directly under the supervision of the Education Ministry of China.

BUCM has the east and west campuses. The teaching organizations includes School of Pre-clinical Medicine, School of Chinese Pharmacology, School of Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Administration School, and School of Chinese Nursing, International School, School of Clinical Medicine,School of Distance Education, School of Extension Studies, Faculty of Humanities & Social Science, Department of Postgraduate Studies, TCM Department for Students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Higher Vocational Education Department, Sports Department, etc. The public service systems and assistant teaching organizations such as Library, Information Center, Museum of Chinese Herbs, Museum of the History of Chinese Medicine, and Educational Technology Center are also included in the university. The university offers 9 undergraduate programs, 16 master degree programs and 15 doctoral degree programs and 3 postdoctoral stations.

According to the statistics in September 2006, there are 9,186 registered full-time students in total, among whom 7,501 are undergraduates, 1217 are master degree students, 468 are doctoral degree students. Foreign students have been trained in the university from 1957. In 2006, 1,381 foreign students studied in the university, among them 1062 were undergraduates, 169 were master or doctoral degree candidates, 109 were general or senior scholars. In those 109 scholars, 102 were students in Chinese language training program. BUCM has a strong and qualified teaching faculty. Since its establishment, the university has trained more than 300,000 domestic professionals of TCM, and 13,000 overseas professionals from 87 countries and regions. It ranks a leading place among the TCM schools in China in the following aspects: educational level, scientific research, medical treatment level, social effect and international cooperation, etc. It consists of teaching, research, medical treatment and industry, forming a famous institution of higher learning of Chinese medicine in China and the world.

The International School is an administrative organ with the responsibility of enrolment and management of teaching & living for foreign students. It consists of a General Office, an International Training Office and a Foreign Student Administrative Office, Teaching Affairs Administrative Office, Foreign Language Department, and Preparatory Department. Apartments for overseas students are located in both east and west campuses. The International School is in charge of the undergraduate program and short-term program for foreign students on different specialties, for example, TCM, acupuncture and Tuina etc. For the short-term program, the teaching language can be in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, etc. In addition, it runs Undergraduate Preparatory Program and Training Program for Chinese National Medical Qualification Examination. In 2005, the PhD program of TCM taught in English was offered for the Iranian medical doctors graduated from the Mashhad University of Medical Science. In September 2006, the fundamental five-year program of Chinese medicine taught in English was firstly offered. The new education model of "Lectures given in English and Learning Chinese language synchronically" was formed for training foreign students.

Diploma and Certificate
Seven-year programs (joint fundamental and master degree program): A Bachelor Degree in Medicine and a Master Degree in Clinical Medicine will be conferred to those who have completed all required courses, passed the examinations and fulfilled the defense of thesis.

Fundamental Programs: A Bachelor Degree in Medicine will be conferred to those who have completed all required courses and passed the examinations.

-Long-term and Short-term training programs: A certificate will be issued to the students who complete the program.

- Training Program for Chinese National Medical Qualification Examination: A certificate will be issued to the students who complete the practice and pass the examinations held by the hospitals. Health Ministry of China will issue a certificate of Medical Qualification to the students who pass the Chinese Medical Qualification Examination.

- Preparatory and Chinese Language Program: A certificate will be issued to the students who complete the program. Every student in preparatory and Chinese language program who has abided by the regulations of the university, completed the courses as well as meet one of the following requirements could enter undergraduate program automatically:

(1) Obtained the HSK certificate with level 6 or above before graduation

(2) Study hard with outstanding scores and passed the graduating exam of the preparatory program

Submitting documents for Application

-Completed Application Form of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

-Letter of guarantee by a Chinese sponsor with evidence of sponsor's identity

-The latest schooling certificate and schooling records and copies of them

-Certificate of level 6 (or above) of HSK and copy of it

-Copies of the Passport or Identification

-Two full-face photos without hat sized 2 inches

Admission Procedure
1. The results of the enrollment will be issued publicly by the International School 2 weeks after the entrance examination on Chinese language. The enrolled students will get Admission Notice Form and Visa Application Form (JW202) from the General Office of International School in July of each year.

2.To get an X-status visa, enrolled students should show passport, Admission Notice Form, Form JW202, Form of Physical Exam Record for Foreigners and Blood Test Record to the embassy & consulate of the People's Republic of China in their country.

3. The International Training Office of International School will send Application Form for Medical Internship and Application Form for Advanced Clinical Training Program for Medical Qualification Examination (WS102 Form) to the enrolled students in July of each year.

4. The enrolled students should bring above documents to the corresponding offices of the International School for registration and conducting procedure of resident card within given time in the Admission Notice Form.

5. Medical insurance over one year and a copy of it are necessary for admission. Otherwise the admission procedures will be postponed.

School of Chinese Pharmacy
School of Chinese Pharmacy (original named Department of Chinese Pharmacy) of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, which is one of the oldest Chinese herbal institutions in higher education in the People's Republic of China, was established in 1960.

There are seven departments, namely, Chinese Herbal Pharmacognostics, Chinese Herbal Chemistry, Chinese Herbal Pharmacology, Chinese Herbal Pharmaceutics, Chinese Herbal Clinic Materia Medica, Biological Pharmaceutical and Basic Course Teaching Department. Institute of Chinese Herbal research which is under school was founded in 1985. There are 24 professors, 15 doctorate degree instructors and 20 doctorate degrees, 18 young experts studied abroad in the School, and 12 post-doctoral fellows in the post-doctorate station. Till now more than 2620 students have graduated from school.

School of Chinese Pharmacy has a first-grade subject granting the doctorate degree and the earliest Chinese Materia Medica post-doctorate station. Chinese Materia Medica is the key subject of "211 Project" for national development. Since 1996, there are 36 text books or teaching materials published. In the school, the Chinese Materia Medica subject is a state-level key subject, meanwhile Chinese Herbal Pharmacognostics, Chinese Herbal Pharmacology and Chinese Clinical Pharmacy are Ministry-level key subjects. The school has 3 third-grade laboratories of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and one key laboratory of the Beijing Municipality. Moreover, there are one Life Science Professionals Training Base, one Research Center for Chinese Herbal Pharmaceuticals and Key Technical Engineering Research Center for Innovation of New Drugs of the Education Ministry and a Web- Cooperation and Research Center of Chinese Herbal Modernization.

Since 1996, it has been granted 11 state-level, provincial-level and ministry-level technology advancement awards, and it has got 5 patents rights and 14 science and technology achievement transfers.

The students graduated from the school of Chinese Pharmacy have gained the praise of the Chinese people even the foreigners.

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