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Bengbu Medical College

Region: Anhui Country: China

About The University
Bengbu Medical College was founded in July 1958, the former Shanghai Second Medical College sub-transfer and reconstruction from Anhui, Anhui Provincial General Medical Colleges and the State first has the right to grant bachelor's and master's degree The unit is self-study examination of higher education in Anhui Province examiners for nursing specialty units, the postdoctoral fellow job setup and workstation units.

School covers an area of ​​nearly 1,000 acres, the new campus is located in Bengbu City, the beautiful Dragon Lake, is a fully functional, beautiful environment, set intelligent, eco-garden into one of the provincial units and green model units.

Schools adhering to the "Du Xue, refined, virtue, Ministry of Health," the school motto and "doctors mainly to the main, people-oriented, quality-oriented" educational philosophy, adhere to the scale, structure, quality and efficiency coordinated development, education continuously improve the quality of teaching.

The school has 11 undergraduate programs, admissions for the 18 provinces and cities nationwide.Based medicine and clinical medicine of existing two-level subjects, 13 subjects in 34 secondary disciplines recruit graduate degree, master's degree in clinical medicine has the right to grant. There are 11,005 general textbook college students, 588 graduate students, Adult Education 8642, and another full-time clinical medicine (undergraduate) 69 foreign students.

The existing staff of more than 3,000 schools, including 658 professional and technical personnel sci people, including professors, associate professors 305, provincial leaders and the academic and technical back-up candidates for 17 people, the provincial education department top-notch talent, the provincial young college academic leaders 15 training objects, the provincial key university teachers in 38 middle-aged, 6 outstanding teachers nationwide, the national and provincial Labor Medal 3, the provincial model teacher 3, 8 provincial excellent teachers, the State Council, the provincial government special 52 experts allowance.

The school has a national specialty, four provincial-level specialty, two provincial-level education reform model professional, 9 provincial key disciplines, specialist features, 4 provincial key construction programs, 11 provincial-level courses, 1 a national drug clinical research base, 3 provincial key laboratories and 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, an innovative experiment provincial personnel training area, three provincial-level teaching team. Open publication of the "Bengbu Medical College," "Anatomy and Clinical", "Journal of General Medicine," three kinds of academic journals.

The school has 18 Department of the Ministry of Education, two direct non-affiliated hospitals and 10 affiliated hospitals directly, in Beijing, Shanghai and other 10 provinces and cities have 45 teaching hospitals, 40 teaching hospital, other professional practice base 65.

In recent years, provincial and departmental level above the school more than 300 scientific research project, National Natural Science Foundation of more than 10, the National Natural Science Foundation of Cooperation, 973 plans and other projects more than 20, more than 3,000 articles published in various papers, published materials, More than 20 monographs. Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award won three, the Ministry of Health Science and Technology Progress Award 2.

School since the schools have been trained, including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering of various types, including five thousand medical specialists, medical and health undertakings of our country and economic and social development has made important contributions.

The magnificent college building is built according to Indian Nursing Council (INC) norms. Nursing labs namely Fundamental, Medical and surgical, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, CHN, Nutrition and Computer labs are well equipped allowing the students to learn their procedures perfectly. Classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and well furnished with OHP, LCD projectors etc. The Gigantic library with wide ranging collection of books both on nursing and other fields acts as a storehouse of knowledge. All the students have easy access to library. The huge examination hall can easily provide seating arrangement for a whopping 200 students at single sitting.

The faculty of ASRAM College of Nursing, whom we consider the backbone of our institution, possesses an inherent ability to inspire and ignite the minds of the student community to explore their innate talent. Well-qualified Professors and Asst. Professors, Lecturers, Tutors, Clinical Instructors and Administrators are committed and dedicated. They work tirelessly, and make themselves available at all times to teach, demonstrate, supervise, guide, and counsel the entire student body. They play an enormous role in preparing and transforming ordinary students into excellent nurses.

A 40-seat college bus is available to transport the students from classroom to the field postings and other areas. Day scholars also can avail the bus services from home to college provided by ASRAM hospital at different intervals during the day.

Hostel and boarding facilities are available for both boys and girls at reasonable fees. A new hostel was constructed for students with single / double tier bed system. Dining hall and an excellent mess are attached to cater to the diverse tastes of the students. The resident wardens provide personal care and attention. Dhobi facility and adequate washing area are also provided.

A Modern air conditioned library is available. It has more than 12,000 books and about 50,000 numbers of journals. The College subscribes to 70 Indian Journals and 38 Foreign Journals. Besides the College is having access to 600 online journals. The library is having tie up with Dr NTR University of Health Sciences for online Digital Library services.

Libraries are centrally situated inside the campus of all the colleges. They have more than Twelve thousand books written by Indian and foreign authors on different subjects as per the syllabus issued by the University. National Newspapers in Hindi and English are subscribed in the libraries. Libraries also subscribe important News Magazines and professional journals of repute. Documentation Unit files special features on various subjects. Keeping in view advanced pattern of learning, collection of some important films concerning different subjects is kept in the libraries. Libraries also remain open on holidays. Open self-system is maintained and students are free to get the books issued from the library. Students are also encouraged to use library facilities during their free periods. All the libraries are fully computerized.

Para Medical College
Paramedical college puts stress on both quality and quantity supported by our dedicated faculty & guest lectures, Seminars and workshops are arranged frequently by eminent personalities of the industry. The students benefit directly from the professional environment in which they study and live.
Paramedical college is fully geared to meet the challenge and demand of professionals, by gradually reducing the gap between the demand and supply, by continuously producing top grade specialists.

The college is gradually carving a niche for itself and it is not compromising the quality. The institute has well-equipped Anatomy Lab with three embalmed dead bodies ( all viscera, full skeleton bone sets for practical classes), modern Physiology Lab (with microscope, centrifuge machines, incubator, colorimeter), Exercise Therapy Lab (C.P.M., Torsion, Traction, Suspension Therapy, Modern Gymnasium), Electrotherapy Lab (Laser, Interferential Therapy, Hydro Therapy), Computer Lab with free internet facility, Physics Lab etc. Institute Labs are so equipped, where the students get the opportunity to be groomed in the highly essential practical knowledge. The students will undergo their rotating full time internship or training.

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Bengbu Medical College

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