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Chandka Medical College

Region: Larkana Country: Pakistan

About The University
It was Friday, the 20th April, 1973 when people of Larkana witnessed and inauguration ceremony of Chandka Medical College. It was the fourth Medical College of the province. This was the earnest need of interior Sindh. At the time of independence there was only one Medical College the province of Sindh i.e. Dow Medical College, Karachi. In 1951 an other Medical Institution in the name of Sindh Medical School came into existence, which later on was converted to Liaquat Medical College, Hyderabad. As both the medical college were far from interior Sindh particularly upper Sindh. People particularly the poor people had difficulty to go a long way for treatment, so a need for this was long felt to provide the health facility to the area deprived of in the past. Now this college provides facilities not only to upper Sindh but a large area of Balochistan province and also a part of lower Punjab particularly part joining the upper Sindh.

"Chandka" was the old name of Larkana and its surrounding area, which was derived from Chandio tribe which is the oldest tribe residing in this area. From this name Chandka was selected for this institution. The College was established in a building, which already existed as Government Polytechnic Institute & D.C. High School Larkana, which were converted into Chandka Medical College, with Professor Ali Mohammad Ansari as its first Principal and Project Director. This building comprises of two floors, ground floor and 1st floor.

On the ground floor, in the center there is an auditorium Hall with about 500 capacity, the left side block was given to Anatomy and on top of it Physiology was established. On the right of auditorium Hall, Administration block was set up with Biochemistry and girls Common Room o the top. First batch of 150 students was admitted in 1973. It was necessary to provide hostels to the students for which polytechnic Institute, elementary teachers training College and nursing hostels were utilized for boys & girls respectively. Second batch was admitted in 1974 contained 250 students. As the number of girls students increased, it was not possible to accommodate them in nurses hostel, so they were shifted to elementary teacher training institute which, it was initial utilized as boys hostel still exists as old girls hostel with some additional construction. The teaching staff in turn was shifted to newly constructed bungalows. After open merit due to increase in the number of girl students a new double story girls hostel is also added.

In 1975 as students of first batch passed first professional examination, Pathology and Pharmacology departments were established in old polytechnic institute which served as boys hostels. Later on a second floor was constructed above Pathology Department to establish Community Medicine and Forensic Medicine. On clinical side the already existing 150 bedded hospital was extended by constructing tow new blocks in it with and additional Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital and Paediatrics Hospital to make it Chandka Medical College Hospital.

All the three Hospitals together provided about 500 bed strength, The old hospital block was extended by addition of medical wards. Eye hospital & Coronary care Unit. A new casualty department also been added with orthopaedic emergency on its top. Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital consists of OPD and Gynaecology & Obstertics wards. All types of minor & Major operation are done. Opposite to the SZWH there is CMC. Children Hospital having medical as well surgical facility for children. It has also the facility of Neonatology ward and tetanus ward. The college has well equipped Radiology department with X-Ray and ultra sound facilities. It has been modern laboratory with automatic analysers.

In the year 1980 construction of new administration block and teaching Hospital near the College campus was started. The administration block consisted of Administration section. Two air conditioned lecture halls. Histology department. New library and central Canteen. The new 302 bedded hospital was inaugurated in 1986. the old administration block has now been converted into Pakistan Medical Research Center. Recently a full fledge hospital for kidney disease has been established with the name of Urology Hospital. It comprises medical and surgical specialties besides litotripter, and dialysis facility.

In the 1980 construction of new administration block and a Teaching Hospital near the College campus was started. The administration block consisted of Administration section, two air conditioned Lecture Halls, Histology Department, new Library and central Canteen. The new 302 bedded hospital was inaugurated in 1986. The old administration block has now been converted into Pakistan Medical Research Center. Recently a full fledge hospital for kidney disease has been established, with the name of Urology Hospital. It comprises medical and surgical specialties besides lithotripter, and dialysis facility.

The Chandka Medical College, is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (R.M.D.C.) and also by General Medical Council (G.M.C.) of England. Its various departments are recognized by college of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) and university of Sindh for F.C.P.S. M.D., M.Phil., M.C.P.S. and various other diploma courses. The College of Physicians Surgeons has also established its regional Center at CMC Larkana. The year 1999 shall be remembered for years to come, as this year C.P.S.P., has started conducting FCPS( I ) FCPS( II ) and MCPS examinations at CPSP examination center at CMC Larkana.

Chandka Medical College has sufficient teaching staff. Almost all the departments, are headed by respective Professors. Apart from major fields there are consultants in minor specialties also, for example Urology, Nephrology, Paediatric Surgery, Skin and Neuro-Surgery.

First batch of College graduated in 1979. At that time there were only twelve seats of house job. Which later on were doubled on one hand there were 65 students who graduated from first batch and only twenty four doctors were accommodated. Keeping in view the need, 100% house job was allowed from the second batch.

Buses are utilized to carry students for their hospital postings and also for study and recreational tours. There are six hostels for boys and two hostels for girls. Four residential colonies in the vicinity of CMC campus provide comfortable living for teaching as well as non teaching staff. Keeping in view the need of Dental doctors, a dental college with fifty admissions per year is expected to start in 1 to 2 years time. The ADP scheme of this college has been approved by Government of Sindh. Total allocation for Dental College is 99.153 million. Lastly, Chandka Medical College is well set to be upgraded to the level of Medical University, as announced by the President of Pakistan, during his recent visit to this area.

The Registrar, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro, is the custodian of the common seal and the academic records of the University and maintains a register of undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates in the prescribed manner.

The Registrar conducts elections of members of the various authorities in the prescribed manner and performs such other duties as deemed necessary. The Registrar is also responsible for the proper conduct of business allocated to the University and for the careful observance of the instruction of the competent authority.

The Registrar disposes all cases in which no major questions of policy are involved or which, under the rules, or the standing orders, he/she is competent to dispose off. The Registrar determines the maximum extent of delegation of power to officers serving under him and issues clear standing orders lying down these powers and also the manner of disposal of cases in the university and shall ensure that the distribution of work is equitable, submission of cases are through proper channel and the tier through which a case has to pass are ordinarily not more than two excluding the Vice-Chancellor. In addition the Registrar is responsible for the Intra-departmental co-ordination, Inter-departmental co-ordination and Inter-sectoral co-ordination. Registrar is also the Secretary of the statuaries bodies, and Chairman of various committees' constituted from time to time.

It is my proud privilege to extend this message of welcome and best wishes for the students from within the country and abroad who are aspiring for admission in MBBS or BDS courses for the session 2010-2011 at this prestigious Institution.

Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences is one of the oldest medical institutions of the country which because of its dedicated services towards medical education spread over decades has gained the singular status of first public sector medical university of the country.

I am aware that the reward of years of hard work now awaits you in the form of admission to Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences, Jamshoro or its affiliated colleges. I wish to assure you that the admission system developed over the years is now absolutely transparent and does not have any loophole. However, all applicants will not be able to secure admission; some will have to make other choices, which could include allied fields requiring similar commitment and passion for improving the health of people.

I would like to congratulate the students and their parents who would ultimately succeed in getting admitted to Liaquat University, and hope that they will fully enjoy their journey of medical education with all modern facilities including well equipped labs and library along with experienced faculty to teach and guide them and the best available facilities for co-curricular activities.

It is hoped that the new batches of students going to be inducted do realize that they, as physicians in making, will have to deal with human beings who deserve a humane and respectful attitude from them. Medical profession requires acquisition of not merely knowledge and skills. It does also require tremendous amount of hard work, devotion and above all attitudes that could help in ameliorating the sufferings of ailing humanity. I hope that they will come up to the expectations of the profession and the society. I wish them success in their professional career.

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