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Dagestan State Medical Academy

Region: Makhachkala Country: Russia

About the Academy
Dagestan State Medical Academy, 75 years old. From the point of view of history - a brief, but from the point of view by the staff - is significant. How much trouble, experiences, difficulties were among those who stood at the origins of the institution.

In 1932, the Council of People's Commissars adopted a historic resolution DASSR the formation of the Dagestan State Medical Institute to train physicians to Dagestan and the North Caucasus. Special attention was paid to the training of medical personnel from the indigenous nationalities of the country.

Initially, Dagestan State Medical Institute has a limited theoretical and clinical base and had one medical faculty. The first year annually takes about 150 people. Department, mainly led by PhD.

Institute experienced hard prewar war and postwar years, but in spite of that, year after year gaining strength. In the 60 years of the biological body built for theoretical faculties, greatly expanded clinical base.

Growth in the institute was in the 70's and 80's. Morphological housing were built, teaching laboratory, a number of outbuildings. Significantly expanded the Republican Clinical Hospital, entered service dental and pediatric institutions. All this led to the discovery dental and pediatric departments.

Qualitatively changed, and the faculty of the institute. Most departments headed by doctors and professors. A considerable number of them were graduates of the institute.

The Institute took an active part in the development of educational and methodical process in Russian universities. Members of the Institute were involved in solving a number of problems on the scientific organization of labor in medvuzah, to develop guidance documents for major universities. Institute, and now the Academy, has been and continues to participate in the research industry issues, planned leading scientific institutions of the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Dagestan State Medical Institute has its own unique history, glorious and good traditions, years of experience in training and education of professionals and is proud of its successes and achievements in the various fields of medicine.

In the history of the medical school are inscribed the names of teachers and scholars, whose creative, scientific and pedagogical authority contributed to the emergence and development of the university, turning it into a major research and treatment center in the Northern Caucasus. He rightly takes its place among the best medical universities of the Russian Federation.

A lot of the staff and alumni of the Institute are the leading figures of Medicine and held prominent positions in the Soviet health: Prof. O. Baroyan - chief epidemiologist of the Soviet Union, a member-correspondent. Medical Sciences AF Serenko - Deputy Minister of Health, GP Rudnev - Academician-Secretary of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences.

Many graduates of the Institute have become famous scientists and healthcare organizers: Professor KA Agamova - Head cytology laboratory at the Moscow Institute of Oncology, Professor VY Yasnogorodsky - the supervisor of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Physical Therapy and Chief Physiotherapist RSFSR Ministry of Health, Prof. K. Tsitsianidi - one of the leading surgeons thoracic Surgery Institute. Vishnevsky, Professor B. Minaev - Rector of the Stavropol Medical Academy and others. A significant number of graduates and now works in many regions and territories of the Russian Federation and abroad.

Dagestani scientists occupy a worthy place among the country's medical scientists are actively involved in the development of topical problems of medical science and practice. Enjoy a good reputation medical schools: surgical school correspondent member. Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor RP Askerhanova, School of Dentistry Professor MM Maksudova, Therapeutic School Professor H. E. Hajiyev and USSR State Prize winner Professor IA Shamova, school obstetricians corresponding member. RAMS, Professor S.-M. A. Omarov.

Support and development of art, sport, the realization of young talent is traditionally the focus of administration. DSEA is a major center of physical culture and sports in the country. Among its graduates are five times world champion Aliev, the world champion and two-time Olympic medalist M. Aratsilov and 40 masters of sports of the USSR and the Russian Federation.

In 1995, as a result of medical schools rated Russian Dagestan State Medical Institute was renamed the Academy.

Much attention is given to the expansion in the academy of educational services to meet the needs of practical Health. So, in 1999, opened 3 new departments: preventive medical, pharmaceutical and Faculty of Higher Nursing Education. Here intensively medical science, research scientists are not only practical, but also fundamental and receive international recognition. Academy's scientists work closely with leading research centers in Russia and abroad.

Of the Academy for the last 5 years published 55 monographs, 410 teaching aids, 66 of them were approved UMO Health Minister. Annually publishes more than 500 scientific papers, 50 of them in peer-reviewed journals.

The high value of scientific research in the Dagestan Medical Academy, is the fact that every year, scientists are getting 25 - 30 patents for inventions and about the same utility model certificates, which are successfully implemented in practical public health of the Republic of Dagestan, the move to the Russian medical market . More than 60 scientific developments Academy staff annually exhibited at various exhibitions.

Since 2000, the research conducted at the Academy from 298 subjects (43 doctoral and 256 master's theses) and 10 complex problems. Widely developed new teaching technologies, computerization of examinations and tests.

Since 2001, fruitfully Internet class, through which researchers, teachers, students can conduct scientific research.

In recent years a number of dissertations and improve their quality. During the work of the specialized Council secured 108 theses, including 26 doctoral.

Dagestan Medical Academy has entered the new millennium as a recognized center for innovative education, medical science and culture, and retaining the best national traditions, surely among the global educational and scientific space.

For 75 years, Dagestan State Medical Academy has become a real school of medicine. Dagestan medicine has always been famous for its specialists are known far beyond the country. This was facilitated by self-sacrificing work of the teaching staff, professionalism and dedication. Today graduates DSMA honestly perform their medical debt in many medical institutions of the Republic, and Russia, his knowledge and his ability to give a healthier, store thanks to the teachers, constantly improve their skills and develop the noble traditions of medicine.

Today in DSMA highly skilled teaching staff, which maintains and develops the traditions established by their teachers, and veterans of the university. The Academy works 676 teachers. Among them 111 doctors and professors, 378 associate professors, 4 honorary titles, 46 Honoured Scientists RD, 27 distinguished physicians and 126 RF distinguished physicians RD. The percentage of teachers with advanced degrees (74.3%) Academy is in the top ten medical academies of Russia.

Reflecting on the changes taking place, the team understands the Medical Academy, which stands on the threshold of a new era in which he will face new realities, new challenges and that its primary obligation to the future - to leave behind a strong academic school, aspiring to creativity and learning.

During its lifetime the Medical Academy has produced 24 250 doctors, including 700 foreign nationals. The annual output of all the faculties of about 800 doctors. At present, the university enrolled 4,860 students in 6 specialties. Among them, more than 300 foreign students from 29 countries.

Currently, Dagestan State Medical Academy - a major teaching, research and treatment center, the structure of which consists of eight departments, large enough for its own base of basic and para-clinical disciplines, a wide network of clinical sites all profiles (over 35), 69 departments, headed by Doctor of Science and professors, the central research laboratory technical support, Computer and Information Division, Analytical Department, Internet center, scientific medical library, a sports complex, publishing and printing center.

The main activities of the faculty are:

  • training of young professionals in the specialty 060101 - "Medicine" in close connection with the educational process in clinical practice and research, taking into account the requests of practical health care;
  • introduction to the educational process of the principles of evidence based medicine at all levels of the professional competence of a doctor-graduate specialty "Medicine";
  • capacity utilization of scientific schools of the medical faculty for reserve training of highly qualified personnel, increasing the motivation of students and young teachers to scientific and pedagogical growth;
  • active participation in the scientific search, aimed at ensuring a high level of health and life expectancy;
  • guarantee the acquisition of the necessary clinical experience during their practical training and the use of its capabilities to enhance communication students with teams of medical institutions, their social and professional orientation;
  • development of new efficient methods of treatment and their application to practical health;
  • providing highly skilled care;
Preparation is carried out at the Faculty of specialty 060101.65 - "Medicine" ("internal medicine", "surgery", "Obstetrics and Gynecology"). After graduation, those who have good or excellent grades, showed a tendency to research work, continue to specialize in narrower fields of medicine (ophthalmology, urology, neurology, radiation diagnosis, neurosurgery, psychiatry, otolaryngology, infectious diseases, Phthisiopulmonologists, cardiology and etc.).

Medical faculty always had a high level of training, very active in research and professionalism in medical activities carried out in the departments, clinics and laboratories in the academy. Students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the subjects they are interested in scientific circles.

Training in the specialty 060101.65 - "Medicine" students take a 50 Daggosmedakademii departments, 11 of which are departments of Faculty of Medicine: Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics, Department of General Surgery, Department of Children Diseases Faculty of Medicine, Department of Therapy, Department of Surgery № 1, Department of number 2 of Surgery, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Hospital Surgery Department of Hospital Therapy № 1, Department of Hospital Therapy № 2, Department of Hospital Therapy № 3.

Practical training of students of the medical faculty are in the Republican Clinical Hospital, Republican Oncological Center, Community Hospital Makhachkala seaport, railway hospital, the Republican Center ambulance GOOSE "Maternity hospital № 2," the Republican hospital for World War II and the Republican hospital № 2 TSESMP.

Graduates of the Faculty work in various medical institutions of the Republic, Russia and other countries, the head of large medical and research centers. Among them: Dzhalaludin Gadzhievich Saidbek - Professor Faculty of Medicine, University of Rome La Sapienza, Kudrat Mugutdinovich Abdulkadyrov-MD, PhD, director of the Russian Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (St. Petersburg), Osman Malikovich Makhachev - Doctor MN, Head. laboratory at the Research Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery. AN Bakulev, Visampasha Yusupovich Khanaliyev - Ph.D., Professor, Deputy. director of the medical work of SI "National Medical Surgical Center. NI Pirogov MH SD RF "Elmira Guseynovna Glubokovsky - Ph.D., professor, member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Peter Afanasievich Klimenko - MD, PhD, chief forensic expert of the Russian Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Zemfira Saadulaevna Alekberova - MD, Professor, Head. Department of the Institute of Medical Sciences rheumatism.

Hasan Shahmanovich Davudov - Ph.D., Professor, Deputy. director of the "Research and Clinical Center of Otolaryngology MH SD RF" Magomedbeg Dibirovich Dibirov - Honored Worker of Science, Ph.D., Professor, Head. Department of Surgery GOU VPO "MSMSU MH SD RF" Hiyir Tagirovich Abdulkerimov - MD, Professor, Head. Department of Otolaryngology GBOU VPO "Ural State Medical Academy, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Wed" Yansiyat Yandilaevna Zaydieva - Ph.D., Professor, Art. researcher at the State "NC Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology," Jamal Tinavovich Abdurakhmanov - Ph.D., Associate Professor Pathology and Therapy Clinic 1st MGMU them. IM Sechenov, Magomed Magomedov Mallaevich and Karine G. Hachumova - MD, Professor RNIMU their NI Pirogov and others.

Two graduates of the medical faculty of medical schools became Rector: Professor AO Ottomans and BD Minaev.

Much attention is paid to the aesthetic education of the students. Here, too, all the conditions for physical activity and improving sports skills. Considerable success in sports reached graduates of the medical faculty. Among them, 2 Honored Master of Sports: five-time world champion and nine - time European champion in freestyle wrestling Ali Zurkarnaevich Aliyev, who was a lecturer Department of Surgery, then the chief physician of the Republican hospital № 2, and later - the chairman of the Sports Committee of the Republic of Dagestan and the world champion, a silver Olympic medalist in wrestling Magomedkhan Aratsilov.

5 graduates fulfilled norms international master of sports: k.m.n, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Sports Medicine Hasrat Shamsulgudaevich Magomedov (wrestling), Olympic medalist in the team event Mahluhanum Isaev (archery), Ph.D. Alexander Volzhin (chess), Abdujalil Abakarov (karate) and bronze medalist of the European Eradil Tengiz (Thai boxing).

More than 20 graduates of the medical faculty completed master standards in various sports, including: the rector of the Academy, MD, Professor Abdurahman Osmanovic Ottomans (wrestling), Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy, MD, Professor Abdullah Magomedovich Shakhnazarov (classic and freestyle), head of the non-drug therapy professor Camille Gimbatovich Makhmudov (wrestling), MD, Professor Osman Malikovich Makhachev (wrestling), MD, Associate Professor of the Department of Hospital Surgery Haji Medzhidovich Mahatilov (archery), MD, assistant professor of hygiene Mithat Abdurakhmanovich Daniyal (classic wrestling), MD, PhD, now an Israeli citizen, Gregory S. Dunaevsky (fencing), KM n., assistant professor of anesthesiology and critical care medicine Jalil Jabbarov (weightlifting), MD, assistant professor operatinoy surgery and topographic anatomy Abdurahman Aliskandievich Aliskandiev (wrestling), director of the Medical College at the academy, Daniyal Magomedovich Aliyev and others.


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