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Dubai Medical College For Girls

Region: Dubai Country: United Arab Emirates

About the University
Dubai Medical College (DMCG) is committed to provide students with medical education to obtain an accredited degree of Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery in the U.A.E.Dubai Medical College for Girls is the first private college awarding degree of Medicine & Surgery in the U.A.E. Girls in U.A.E are offered the chance to serve their country in the medical field and they successfully utilize this opportunity.

Message from the Founder
Praise be to Allah who taught man what he did not know and guided His servants through knowledge to the path of piety and obedience to Him. He Himself says in the Holy Book:

Only those of his servants who are endowed with knowledge truly fear Allah.(35:28)

And may Allah's peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who taught humanity all good things and guided us towards righteousness and piety.

There can be no doubt that the two most important areas that need development in the life of man are economy and education. We express our gratitude to Allah for having blessed our toil of many years with rich fruit and having granted us valuable experience in both these areas. Our partners in the venture have been some chosen individuals of Allah with faith in the Almighty deeply rooted in their hearts, who are forward-looking in nature and are infused with zeal for development. The outcome of all this is there for anyone to see, especially in the persons of those who have reaped a rich harvest in their dealings with the Islamic banks or of those who have truly understood the ultimate purpose of the Islamic School and sent their children to it.

The impetus to our thinking about effecting changes in the educational system came from the fact that tediously long periods were consumed in the process of learning. The present system makes the pupils spend the most vibrant and potentially productive years of their life in schooling. They only graduate - at the age of 25 generally - when their resolutions have weakened and their zeal and enthusiasm have dwindled.

The fault lies in our system of education. It does not harmonize with the nature on which Allah has created man. Let us look at man's life. In the beginning, as a newborn, he neither knew nor understood anything. The Qur'an portrays this state in the following terms: Allah had brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing, and He gave you hearing and sight and understanding that you might give thanks to Allah. (16:78)

The second stage, the period for man's learning that begins right from birth, ends with the dawn of puberty. During this period the learner passes through various phases of essential education that should reach its culmination at the age of 15-i.e. the age of his maturity. Now, at this stage, he is a man. He can and should work and produce and play his part in easing some of the stresses in the life of his near and dear ones. At this stage, he begins to think in terms of building a new family and attaining self-sufficiency. He is now working and earning. He no longer depends on his father. He is himself a father now. Let him not, therefore, be a burden on the society. He has past the stage of being a mere passive consumer and has become an active, producing member of it. It is in this respect that the traditional educational system comes into conflict with human nature. It hampers the natural process of human progress by extending the duration of education to as many as twenty years.

Another casualty of the traditional system of education is the grandson's chance to benefit from the experiences of his grandfather. A logical consequence of late termination of educational process is late marriage and late fatherhood. Consequently, a grandson is deprived of the benefits from his grandfather's knowledge and wisdom, which would complement the knowledge directly received from his father and in school.

Logic and reason, therefore, demanded that we try to find out a way out of this impasse. It could only be through devising a new system of education that would be in accord with human nature and achieve the intended educational goals with the minimum fuss and in the shortest possible time. This would not have been possible unless we deeply analyzed the old system, did away with its negative aspects, benefited from its positive elements and opened up new windows on knowledge and education before the learner. Only thus would he be able to work and produce at an early age. This takes him towards self-realization and self-discovery, making him a help, not a hindrance to his father, his family, his country, his community, and for the world at large. For this is the period of his life when he is filled with youthful energy,. and this is the stage when the time with him is ample, when his mind is unclouded and clear, when his memory is fresh and when the thinking is unadulterated.

After deep, deep pondering we decided to put before every learner the following motto, which sums up the true philosophy of our new educational system: Learn so that you may work and work so that you may learn. Or to phrase it differently: Learning that leads to work which widens the area of knowledge and which in turn multiplies the fields of work.

The above motto or slogan became the starting point of our philosophy on which the Islamic School for education was built. It was the first school founded with the object of reforming the educational system throughout the world. The Dubai Medical College has also been set up with the same purpose and is meant to serve as an elder sister that would support and guide the school in fulfilling the expectations reposed in it and achieving the goals already specified above.

The school was set up keeping in view the clearly visible physiological changes taking place in the life of a person approaching the stage of maturity. This period may well be considered a watershed between childhood and maturity or, to put it differently, between the stage of freedom and irresponsibility on the one hand and obligation and responsibility on the other. A young man reaches the stage of puberty around the age of fifteen. At this juncture he should become a fully responsible person capable of discharging his responsibilities. Foremost of these are the religious duties. Now pilgrimage is a religious obligation fulfilled by him and accepted by Allah. And now the punishment for theft prescribed in the Islamic law is to be enforced upon him should he commit this sin provided that all conditions necessary for the enforcement of the law are satisfied in his case.

Admission Requirements

  • Higher Secondary Certificate in Science subjects with a minimum average of 80 %.
  • Any other equivalent certificate with Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics etc.). Preference is given to candidates with high marks in the above-mentioned subjects as well as in the total.
  • Such a certificate must be of the same year or a year before it, and duly attested by the competent authority.
  • Candidate Applying from UAE: Higher secondary certificate should be attested from Ministry of Education (UAE).
  • Candidate Applying from GCC: Higher secondary certificate should be attested from Ministry of Education (GCC).
  • Candidate Applying from outside UAE: Higher secondary certificate should be attested from Ministry of Education in their country, Foreign Affairs, and UAE embassy in their country.
  • Equivalent Certificate is needed for non-government syllabus inside UAE (American, British, Indian, Pakistani,..)
  • Proficiency in the English language and experience in the use of computers.
  • Priority shall be given to U.A.E nationals, then to those belonging to GCC nationalities, then to other resident candidates.
  • Standardized English Examination like TOEFL/ ILETS is compulsory.
  • TOEFL: Paper based Passing marks is 500 and above, Internet based Passing marks is 61 and above, Computer based Passing marks is 173 and above.
  • ILETS: Passing marks 5
  • For American board TOEFL and SAT I are needed.
  • SAT I passing marks is 400 and above.

The preclinical library is equipped with a reasonable collection of medical textbooks, journals, periodicals and internationally peer-reviewed literature. Wireless access and computerized literature search facilities are also provided. An attached study room is available for students wishing to study on campus.

Computer Department
The computer lab is equipped with 30 computers and teaching aids. ICDL training is provided in this facility. Staff computers are regularly updated to provide the latest resources in information technology. This gives our teaching staff access to libraries and universities worldwide. Major medical periodicals are available in digital format.

Video Presentation

Dubai Medical College for Girls Graduation Ceremony 2012

Contact Details

Address: P.O.BOX: 20170, Dubai Medical College for Girls, Al Muhaisanah 1, Al Mizhar, Dubai - United Arab Emirates



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