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Faculty of Medicine of the University of Calgary

Region: Calgary Country: Canada

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Calgary
The university is creating a new thing in research and knowledge, accomplishing quality in education and learning, and attempting for enhanced and modern individual care.

We are satisfied to provide the very maximum level of education through learning and exercising of undergraduate, medical, and graduate programs. Our programs online.

  • Bachelor of Community Rehabilitation
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Graduate Science Education
  • Postgraduate Medical Education
  • Continuing Medical Education
Our newly focused strategic researches are:
  • Brain and mental health
  • Chronic diseases
  • Cardiovascular Science
Cooperation between researchers and physicians ultimately bridge the gap between the lab and hospital. These principles are confirmed by worldwide identification for programs

Educate Alberta's physicians and researchers
  • Develop the facilities necessary to back up category development and enhanced functionality
  • Increase the variety of residence roles for the improvements in undergraduates, re-entry students, and International Medical Graduates
  • Increase student access to Graduate Science programs
  • Promote and provide increased access to the Leaders in Medicine program
Enhance service to society
  • Expand health and education programs in other countries in Southern Alberta including undergraduate and postgraduate medical education
  • Increase the quantity of health scientists, citizens and physicians
  • Contribute to Alberta's economic system by creating tasks, offering features for biomedical research, and taking advantage of property
  • Strengthen relationships with healthcare organizations, government and business to ensure new treatments and medical care advances are delivered securely and wiftly to the public

Video Presentation

NeuroArm robot performs brain surgery: A world first

A surgical team at the Foothills Medical Centre has successfully performed groundbreaking neurosurgery with a robot developed by a team at the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine.

Paige Nickason, 21, is recovering after having a tumour removed from her brain with the assistance of neuroArm, a surgical robotic system developed by a team led by Dr. Garnette Sutherland, a Calgary Health Region neurosurgeon and professor of neurosurgery in the University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine.

neuroArm is the world's first MRI-compatible surgical robot capable of both microsurgery and image guided biopsy. The surgical robotic system is controlled by a surgeon from a computer workstation, working in conjunction with intraoperative MR (magnetic resonance) imaging. Dr. Sutherland developed the intraoperative MRI machine with Winnipeg-based IMRIS Inc. The technology allows a high field MRI scanner to move in to the operating room on demand, providing imaging during the surgical procedure without compromising patient safety

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Address: Faculty of Medicine, Health Sciences Centre, Foothills Campus, University of Calgary, 3330 Hospital Drive NW | Calgary, Alberta, T2N 4N1



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