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Flinders University, School of Medicine

Region: Adelaide Country: Australia

Flinders University provides its excellence in teaching and research. It has a long-standing dedication to improving academic possibilities for all and for a record of community development.

The university was established in 1966, the school of medicine has achieved in innovative research, quality teaching and in community engagement.
The school has attracted students from over 100 countries and our alumni have built careers that enrich communities across Australia and throughout the world.

Flinders provides 2 on-campus residing options:

  • University Hall: a catered hall of residence.
  • Deirdre Jordan Village: self-catered collegiate accommodation.
Quality of education
Flinders is the first university in the world to introduce a bachelor course in nanotechnology, and the first in Australia to provide a graduate medical course. Flinders staff has received the Prime Minister's Award for University Teacher of the Year in 2004 and 2006.

Focus on Research
From the establishment of the university, has had a focus and an emphasis on research. It has been consistently ranked ninth among Australian universities by the Melbourne Institute in its national research rankings, and hold the top ten places in Australia in international rankings, as record produced by Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Research is a primary activity at Flinders. The medical school considers research and query are essential to an educational organization. The majority of studies financed through external research grants. Recently the school has focused strongly and efficiently on winning support for tasks including industrial associates.

Our approach involves:
Identifying and assisting in the field of strategic research investment (ASRIs).
Providing ongoing support for excellent individual scientists and small categories of excellent scientists.

Credit Transfer:
There are 3 types of credit:
  • Specified credit: This is granted when the research already performed is considerably the same and has considerably the same curriculum as an comparative subject provided at Flinders.
  • Unspecified credit: This is granted for the reasons to perform which is comparable in amount and educational perform at Flinders for which there is no immediate subject equivalent.
  • Block credit: This is awarded for work of a similar standard (e.g. Major/minor) which is equivalent to one.
You may be qualified for credit score if you have performed research at an authorized training organization, either in Australia or overseas, including TAFE/VET.

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Flinders University Campus Walk - Bedford Park

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Address: GPO Box 2100, Adelaide, 5001 South Australia


+61 (0)8 8201 3911

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