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Izhevsk State Medical Academy

Region: Lenina Country: Russia

Izhevsk State Medical Academy
office blockoffice blockThe fundamental aim of the Izhevsk state medical academy (ISMA) is training of advanced-level medical specialists. The main tasks are teaching, the implementation, maintenance and development of scientific research, research of more effective forms of cooperation within the health care system in the new economic conditions, and maximizing the academy's resources for the improvement of the public health in the Udmurt Republic.

Today the medical training has a gradually successive strictly differentiated system of medical training, consisting of: preparatory course, basic undergraduate education, postgraduate and professional training. Over the course of 75 years the academy has trained more than 21500 doctors and nursing managers. The academy currently enrolls over 2500 students, including foreign students. The best traditions of Russian medicine are supported and developed by medical academy.

Mutual cooperation with health care authorities is the primary direction of the academy. Modern diagnostic and management technologies, as well as medical care are employed with the help of physicians from surrounding hospitals. Clinical departments are housed in 30 republican hospitals as well as municipal hospitals which can admit 8495 patients. All departments have required equipment and studying rooms. 450 teachers (77% have advanced training, including 85 Doctors of Medicine and 269 Candidates of Medicine) provide a high level teaching process.

International cooperation with different countries is also an important part of medical academy. It has contracts with the University of Pecs, CVI, Semmelweis University (Hungary), Koln University (Germany), London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Great Britain), Medical University of Silesia (Poland), Oulton instituto de diagnostico y tratamiento (Argentina), Samarkand Medical Institute (Uzbekistan), Damascus University (Syria) and others.

Much is done to organize international exchanges of students and young doctors. During 20 years more than 200 students from Italy, Germany, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Spain, Finland, Denmark, Macedonia, etc. participated in externships at the academy, More than 250 students and young scientists from our participated in externships in other countries.

International meetings, lectures, symposiums, seminars, round-table discussions and mutual scientific research meetings are organized.

Many opportunities for qualified professional education are provided in the Izhevsk state medical academy. The informational technology centre of the medical academy provides computer support for education, scientific research, and administrative work.

The scientific library of the Izhevsk state medical academy is one of the main departments for education research. Library had of 419954 available books in 2007. The library subscribes to 255 journals anually. The library also has access to the electronic data base "MARS" (Russian medicine, MedArt, Medline).

There are students unions at the academy. Students, lecturers and doctors participate in different events such as the first-year student party, active member trainings, and different medical student festivals.

The student scientific society, young scientists' council (scientific advisor - prof. I.G. Bryndina, curator - associate prof. O.V. Yakovenko), and Association of Medical Students, Young Scientists and Doctors of Izhevsk (head - A.A. Soboleva) have important roles at the academy.

There are 3 dormitories, a student canteen, gyms, available medical and dental care, and kindergarten.

The establishment and development of the Izhevsk State Medical Academy is inseparably linked with the history of the Udmurt Republic and Russian Federation. The Izhevsk State Medical institute was founded in 1933, due to the urgent need of medical personnel in the developing Ural and Volga regions in Russia. Prominent medical researchers and scientists from different parts of Russia were invited to work in the institute (prof. V.N. Parin, prof. S.Y. Strelkov, prof. N.G. Stadnitsky, prof. B.A. Chentsov and others). They not only improved the quality of the teaching, but also created a solid foundation of scientific research. By the 90's, the Izhevsk State Medical Institute had become a large teaching and scientific centre, not only in the Udmurt Republic, but in the Russian Federation. These improvements allowed the institution to achieved the status of Academy in 1995.

In the academy, fundamental and applied research, including scientific and highly-qualified specialist training are done in the areas of Physiology (prof. L.S. Isakova), Morphology (prof. V.M. Chuchkov, prof. G.V. Shumikhina), endocrinology (prof. V.V. Trusov), Family Medicine (prof. A.M. Korepanov, prof. Y.M. Vakhrushev), Cardiology (prof. prof. N.I. Maksimov), Paediatrics (prof. A.M. Ozhegov, prof. M.K. Ermakova), Surgery (prof. V.A. Sitnikov, prof. A.Y. Malchikov), Paediatric Surgery (prof. V.A. Bushmelev, prof. N.S. Strelkov), Forensics (prof. V.I. Viter), and Dentistry (prof. T.L. Redinova, prof. E.I. Deryabin). Not only are scientific questions studied, but also effective specialist training is done.

Along with traditional courses, additional scientific questions are studied: production of new pharmaceutical substances based on nanotechnologies (mechanoactivation of pharmaceutical substance), fundamental research in biological and medical mechanics and technology, with the aim of new designs solutions and developments in producing and upgrading biological and medical products, clinical-experimental research of immunomodulators of mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases in middle and old ages; culturing and adaptation of mesenchymal stem cells, and cellular vaccine production in order to correct traumatic injuries of central nervous system.

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Address: 281 Kommunarov street, Izhevsk, 426034 Udmurt Republic


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