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Kabardino-Balkarian State University

Region: Nalchik Country: Russia

Dean's Message
I am pleased to welcome you on behalf of Kabardino - Balkar University. HM Berbekova (KBSU).

Our University is one of the leading universities in the North Caucasus. We has more than 17,000 students in 97 specialties and 84 specializations HBO and the ACT. Has a doctorate in 14, 81 postgraduate programs, and internships to 13 Residency in 24 specialties. There are 7 tips for doctoral and master's theses in 12 specialties.

Training students spend highly qualified teachers, including more than 184 doctors and 625 candidates of science. More familiar with the life of the university you will be able to server KBSU. And if you are interested in university life, then we invite you to get a higher education ..

KBSU located in the North Caucasus, Nalchik, surrounded by scenic spots, including the world-famous Elbrus Chegem waterfalls, Blue Lake. You can relax at our base in the section Elbrus, in the winter you can go Cheget slopes and in the summer to walk on hiking paths.

On the server KBSU you can get acquainted with the history, culture and traditions Kabardians Balkar and other peoples of Kabardino-Balkaria. You will receive information about the many interesting aspects of our lives.

I wish all of you good health, happiness and every success in your quest to reach the top of your hands!

Actively advocate and reliable protection of legitimate collective rights of employees in a dialogue with the employer, the timely social support in need of assistance - that's our main problem today.
Learn about the tasks and the results of the union, on our events you can on our website, as well as contacting your trade union bureau chairman of the department or the trade union committee of the University. I am confident that with your trade union organization of employees will be strong and reliable!
That you have always been reliable and competent protected in their rights - participate in trade union life!

Staffing of the educational process

  • To date, teaching staff KBSU has 1,509 people, including 242 part-time.
  • Pedagogical process in KBSU are 171 and 611 Ph.D. candidates.
  • Sign Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation has 41 professors and teachers KBSU.
  • Honorary worker of average vocational training of the Russian Federation are 3 teachers colleges.
  • The title of Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation have 5 university professors.
  • Honorary Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation are 5 professors.
  • Honorary worker of the general education of the Russian Federation are 2 teachers.
Tier training
1. Introduced in 1993
2. First Bachelor - 1997
3. The first issue of Masters - 1999
4. From 1992 to 2009 produced 1,804 bachelor's and master's degrees in 1039 from 15 areas of training Institution.
5. In 2010, in KBSU to 18 destinations HPE students:

Bachelor's 1,569 attendees.; in the master's 467 attendees.

The introduction of credit system
In KBSU developed and enacted regulations on the organization of educational process in KBSU using a credit system. In accordance with established procedure developed and used three types of curricula in credit units: the whole period of learning, individual learning plans for students for a year and annual work curricula.

Diploma Supplement European sample Diploma Supplement

The Academic Council and Rector KBSU since 2006 to all graduates (full-time and correspondence courses) at no charge to all implemented at the University of specialties and areas of training HPE issued the Diploma Supplement European sample.

Academic freedom for students
  • Individual learning path, providing students a choice of disciplines, the sequence of their learning, teachers.
  • Opportunity for a single repeat playing students of disciplines, not learned properly.
  • Teachers, teaching students the discipline, are not involved in conducting the examination in this group. The exam takes commission, usually a member of the faculty, which taught discipline.
  • In the workers' educational plans are marked subjects of high priority and are most important for the formation of professional competence of the future specialist. They are defined as professional generators of discipline and are subsequently increased requirements for certification of students.
  • In KBSU organized supervised self-study students. Each year, the timetable of meetings required of teachers with students. Teachers paid by the organization and management of students' independent work.

Historical information
On September 1, 1966 100 boys and girls began systematic studies in medical school. At that time there were only two chairs: normal anatomy and biology. Teaching unit of chemical disciplines, physics, foreign languages, social and humanitarian disciplines Provide relevant departments of the University. By that time, the university had a good base for the training of medical students on general theoretical disciplines as well as the conditions were for physical culture and sports. In 1968, for theoretical and biomedical departments was allocated a separate three-story building.

In the opening year of the faculty in the university administration to the central target postgraduate medical schools was sent 42 of the most promising medical institutions in Moscow, Saratov, Kazan, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Medical Faculty of Petrozavodsk State University. Upon successful completion of research papers and Ph.D. degree, they then made ​​the main part of the teaching staff of the faculty.

During the first five years of the Department of Biology have been opened and histology of normal and pathologic anatomy, normal and abnormal physiology, microbiology, and already in 1977, the faculty was already 9 departments. For the educational process and the organization of research work have been invited professors from other major medical schools. This professor Sox NM Dombrovskaya EA Baptist SA, Romensky OJ, Gabrilovich IM, Lapin, MD, tanning VV Kulchinskaya PE These scientists, who had extensive experience in the Medical School, played a positive role in a developing medical school.

In 1972, the School of Medicine carried out the first edition, 115 graduates received diplomas of doctors. In 44 years (1966 - 2010) Department has prepared more than 5,500 physicians in two specialties "Medicine" and "Dentistry"

Currently, they are highly skilled professionals, led by hospital departments, led by medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, health centers).

For four decades, medical school is constantly expanded and strengthened, and in 1976 rose to welcome 150 students, and in 1993 opened a new specialty - "Dentistry" (040,400), and in 2010 - a specialty "Nursing" (060109) to prepare sisters managers.

Since the early 70's department began to implement the admission of students from foreign countries: Jordan, Syria, and later from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Yemen, and South Korea.

During these years, greatly expanded clinical base. Was built in the countryside a hospital complex. In modern buildings housed TB, neuropsychiatric, STI clinics, cardiac center, perinatal center and the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital. Due to the construction of new buildings has expanded the number of beds in community hospitals network of Nalchik. Along with the commissioning of new hospitals were remodeled and expanded the old, built new clinics, antenatal clinics, two children's clinics, two dental clinics.

The Faculty of Medicine is currently composed of 17 departments, including 3 medical and biological (normal and pathologic anatomy of the normal and pathological physiology, microbiology pharmacology) and 14 clinical departments (3 therapeutic, 3 surgical, children's diseases, obstetrics and gynecology; infectious diseases with a course dermatology, psychiatry, neurology and addiction, general practice, gerontology, social care and health organizations). Specialty "Dentistry" there are 4 chair (dentistry, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics).

In addition, the medical school classes run by teachers of other departments of the university. This is basically the Department of Humanities and economics (national history, philosophy, economics, psychology and pedagogy, cultural studies of foreign languages, physical education and sports, political science and sociology, and Department of Biology and General Physics. Combination of professional and humanitarian training allows you to prepare broadly educated physician. Graduates Head rural outpatient clinics, many are successfully working on health care level - local doctors, internists, pediatricians, TB specialists and obstetricians.

General information about the Faculty of Medicine
In 1966, the order of the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation of 4.03.66g. Number 3131-4054 ​​and the Order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of 25.03.66g. in Kabardino-Balkaria State University School of Medicine was opened with a specialty "General Medicine" (040,100), which includes the preparation of general practitioners.

Medical faculty in 2011, was 45 years old.

Over the years the faculty has prepared more than 5,500 physicians who are successfully employed not only in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic and the Russian Federation, but also in the CIS countries, Syria, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Israel, Spain, the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Poland and other countries.

The faculty prepares physicians in two directions: "medicine" and "Dental", and since 2010 in the specialty "Nursing". According to the first degree is preparing general practitioners on domestic and childhood diseases, surgery. Graduates of this department may choose a narrow specialty: Eye care, trauma, pediatrician, obstetrician-gynecologist, etc. In the dental office are preparing dental therapists, doctors, dentists, surgeons, dentists, podiatrists. In the third degree is a nurses training managers. All graduated from the faculty necessarily specialize in one year in a clinical internship or a two-year residency. The faculty offers students in-depth program to master foreign languages, computer technology.

Highly qualified teaching staff, a sufficient number of textbooks, teaching aids, devices and instruments can conduct classes at a high level of modern methods. Most health care institutions of the Kabardino-Balkaria Republic headed graduates.

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