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Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences

Region: Orissa Country: India

Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) a constituent of KIIT University, offers a unique combination of experience and expertise. Located in an ultra-modern and eco-friendly campus, it has three wings The Hospital, The Medical College (for MBBS & M.D. courses) and Biomedical Technology Unit. The Medical College offers MBBS course at the undergraduate level with an annual intake of 100 students as well as M.D. Course at postgraduate level. A high academic standard is maintained by an experienced and dedicated team of professors, clinicians and scientists, who are engaged in teaching research and developing technologies in health care.

The courses are approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and the Medical Council of India (MCI). The Medical College has 21 academic departments, providing the study, treatment and prevention of human diseases and maternity care.

Admission to the M.B.B.S. and M.D. courses through KIIT Entrance Examination (KIITEE), an all India entrance test is conducted by KIIT University.

FOUNDER's Message:
It is with a great sense of pleasure that I welcome you to this campus as a Medical student. Our organisation, when it was conceived in the year 2004, dedicated this institution to the proposition that it shall reach the heights of excellence in the fields of medical and health education, research and patient care. Since then we have worked with a great sense of determination and commitment to develop the campus as a mini town with all the facilities inside, keeping in mind the ecology of the surroundings. We are aware that this is going to be your home away from your own home for the next several years. It is vital that the campus is healthy for your growth and comfort.

Myself and the administrators of this institution will be happy to listen to your suggestions, requests and complaints and take such actions as necessary to improve the situation. My faculty, staff, wardens and the Dean of Faculties assure me that they will provide such counseling services as may be necessary in the individual circumstances. Although you are here primarily in pursuit of good education and qualification, we believe that you should have adequate opportunities for extra curricular activities particularly cultural and sports. We encourage all such activities that will help you develop an all round personality and become an excellent professional.

At this juncture, it is important that you become aware of our expectations from you. As much as you have a right to stay and enjoy the privileges in the campus, every other student who is here has the right as well. This institution cannot tolerate any student intimidating other students, in the form of teasing, ragging or causing any kind of harm to fellow students. physically or emotionally.

We do not have a place in this institution for such indiscipline and any student who indulges in such activities will be expelled. Students and parents should also be aware of the recent strict laws that have been enforced by the Government of Orissa against any form of ragging inside the college campuses. It is expected of every student that he /she will abide by all the rules and regulations of the college and the hostel at all times.

College Rules:

  • If a candidate fails to join or leaves the college after admission the fees so paid shall not normally be refunded except where the candidate proves to the satisfaction of the Principal that failure to join the course was due to the reasons beyond his/ her control.
  • All newly admitted students will have to deposit the tuition fee along with other charges within the dates prescribed in the letter of the admission issued by the Utkal University/ Principal, KIMS.
  • All applications for leave must be made in writing to the Principal. However there is no provision for any kind of leave (including medical leave). Every student is required to complete the percentages of attendance as prescribed by the MCI and University.
  • Every student must maintain discipline & follow the rules & regulations in the College, Hospital & Hostel as well as in & around the campus, failing which the Principal /Dean/ Director reserves the right to expel him / her from the institute or to make him/ her to vacate the hostel if he/ she is a hosteller.
  • Interns are entitled to avail 12 days leave during period of internship. No other type of leave (including leave on medical grounds) is permissible.
  • Bringing or consuming liquor/ intoxicants inside the college, hostels & hospital premises is considered offence.
  • Students must be properly dressed while attending the lectures.
  • Most of the decision/ notices / advertisements are displayed on notice boards & announced through class in charges. It is in the interest of students to check the notice boards regularly. Failure to do so will not be an excuse for Non- Compliance.
  • The student should always keep the identity card with him/ her & show the same to the faculty/ staff members as & when demanded. He / she should also take the ID Card while going outside campus. Non compliance may lead to disciplinary action.
  • Students shall obey the instructions of the faculty members & shall always interact with them with due respect.
  • No student shall take part in any undesirable activity or involve himself/ herself in any political or other movements of any manner during the course of study. Violation of this rule will make the student liable to disciplinary action & even expulsion from the college / hostel, or both.
  • Each student should behave with other students respecting each other's feelings & creating congenial atmosphere to study & live together pleasantly.
  • Any act purporting to give rise to groupism & leading to any undesirable behavior is forbidden. The use of cell phones by the undergraduate students within the campus is prohibited between 8 AM & 4 PM while attending classes .Violation of the rule will be viewed very seriously & cellphones will be seized by the faculty member / officers of the university on the spot & handed over to the Dean of faculties.


Library occupies an important place in the framework of the Academic system. It is not a mere storehouse of books, but is a dynamic instrument of education. It is a central place for study and research.

KIMS as a wing of KIIT has access to a well-stacked library, reference section and online journal facilities. KIMS library housed in a four storied building has an initial stock of 1184 titles of reference and textbooks with more than 150 number of journals, CDs aimed at keeping the students and faculty abreast with the modern technology and progress made in the field of Medical Sciences. Library provides the following services;


Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS
  • Master Degree
  • MD (Anatomy)
  • MD (Physiology)
  • MD (Biochemistry)
  • MD (Microbiology)
  • MD (Pharmacology)
  • MD (Pathology)
  • MD (Community Medicine)
  • MD (Forensic Medicine)


  • Bachelor Degree
  • BDS
  • Master Degree
  • MDS

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Address: Bhubaneswar-751024, Odisha, India


91 674 2725472

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