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Kemerovo State Medical Academy

Region: Kemerovo Oblast Country: Russia

About The University
Before the 60-ies dental care in the Kuzbass, as a rule, provided dentists. Organization of the Faculty gave a powerful impetus to the development of this service not only in the Kuzbass region, but throughout the Western Siberia.

The first set at the newly opened department conducted in 1958, when the 1-year student enrolled 100 students. The first dean was appointed assistant professor of biology Boris Romanovich Bruskin. He graduated from the Omsk Medical Institute and the Kemerovo Medical Institute has worked almost since its opening (from January 10, 1957), he led the faculty to May 1964 In a subsequent faculty led by Associate Professor Robert Y. Pecker (Department of Therapeutic Dentistry), June 1967 . - Associate Professor Yuri Zorin (Department of Operative Dentistry), from April 1975 - Professor Marcel Zakeevich Mirgazizov (Department of Prosthodontics), from April 1983 - Associate Professor Vladimir Malkov Terent'evich (Department of Pediatric Dentistry), from February 1987 - Professor T. Florid Temerhanov (Department of Operative Dentistry). Dean of the Faculty from 1996 to now is assistant professor of prosthodontics Oleg Shevchenko.

In 1959, the Kemerovo came Associate Professor MA Solomon and engaged in the formation of the specialized departments of the faculty.Through his efforts, in 1960-1961, were organized clinical faculty base in the regional, I city, and later in children's dental clinics of the city.Base and became the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery Regional Hospital. On these bases were opened three core departments: medical, surgical and prosthetic dentistry.

In 1961-1963 gg teaching personnel of relevant departments were staffed by young, talented professionals, graduates of other universities.These were A. Zorin, SD Fedorov, BG Piatnitski, MZ Mirgazizov, M. J. Smolar, VE Priemsky, MG Priemskaya, T. Hlobystova, GI Usov, D. Kuzmenko, N. Fedosov and others. They laid the groundwork for teaching activities of faculty and prepared the young, promising its graduates.Teachers were graduates of the Faculty - AN Korolenko, VT Malkov, ED Aizenshtein, LN Smerdin, FT Temerhanov, I. Employees AS Solntsev, L. Kuznetsova, EP Karmanov, VV Bronnikov. Currently, 95% of teachers - graduates of the academy.

Faculty Successes have been made possible largely through the efforts of Dean A. Zorin and Deputy Dean, Associate Professor MA Komarova.These teachers and carers of young people have done a lot for the establishment of the Faculty, its authority and high prestige.

Along with the educational process has been conducted active research work. In the years 1962-70 are protected by two doctoral (SN Righteous, R. J. Pecker) and 16 PhD theses. Novelty and originality of the scientific development of teachers Faculty of Dentistry Faculty of possible rise in the number of major scientific achievements and the quality of training of dentists. Therefore, our graduates are willing to recruit almost all regions of Siberia, Far East, the Urals and the European part of Russia. To open new dental faculties in Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Chita drove our teachers: lecturers VI Hoppe, SD Fedorov, AP Korolenko, T. Hlobystova, EP Karmanov, Professor I. F. Employees and VA Zagorski.

In accordance with the decision of the board of the Ministry of Education of 07/16/2001, the № 39-56-56 in/39-20 "On establishment of centers for employment assistance for students and employment of graduates of institutions of higher education" in the State Medical KemGMA Medical University, established the Centre for assistance employment of graduates. Active participation in the Centre take students and teachers of the Academy.

The main purpose TSSTV is the maximum assistance to employment of graduates.
To achieve this goal TSSTV the following tasks:

  • Comprehensive study of the labor market.
  • Coordination of the activities of the Academy with the dose KO, employment services, health care institutions.
  • Organization of psychological-pedagogical and vocational guidance services to students in order to adapt to the labor market, training students the method of job search.
  • Providing information on the rights of workers in the labor market (Advising students on the enforcement of employment), the state of the labor market, the available vacancies.
  • Promoting the employment of students nevypusknyh courses.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of graduate employment.
In practice, the implementation of tasks is as follows:
  • A complex automated system for promoting employment, which provides remote input, edit and store resumes of graduates of the Academy;
  • remote entry, editing and storage of employers' proposals;
  • find the right specialist from among graduates or students KemGMA, including based on the requirements for candidacy by items such as specialty, knowledge of foreign languages, etc.;
  • newsletter and information support to graduates and employers on a job resume;
  • Tracking career opportunities of graduates;
  • monitoring offers employers and job seekers;
  • legal support to the graduates on the labor law;

Research objective:

To define clinical predictors of adverse course of nonspecific bacterial vulvovaginitis (NBV) at girls born from mothers with the undifferentiated forms of dysplasia of connective tissue (UFDCT). Materials: At 157 girls clinical research, bacteriological and bacterioscopy research of leucorrhoea from vagina has been conducted, NBV has been diagnosed at 111 girls. At all girls and at their mothers the immunity has been investigated; at all mothers of girls with NBV phenotypic reveals of UFDCT have been found out. Results: At girls with NBV born from mothers with UFDCT severe course of a disease has been marked; and at mothers with UFDCT and at their children with NBV disorders of humoral immunity have been revealed. Presence of more than 5 stigmas of dysembryogenesis with prevalence of thoracodiaphragmatic, articular, cosmetic syndromes and pathology of organs of vision at mothers of girls with NBV is possible to use as predictors of adverse course of the disease.

Faculty of Dentistry at the Kemerovo Medical Institute was opened October 15, 1958 with a set of 100.

Organization of the Faculty of Dentistry, involvement in teaching and clinical activity of young and highly skilled professionals have given a powerful impetus to the development of dental services in the Kuzbass region in Western Siberia.
In 1960, the Institute came Associate MA Solomon, who led the organization of specialized departments of clinical sites and faculty. In 1961 he formed three dental chair: Department of Therapeutic Dentistry, Head - Associate Professor RJ Pekker, Department of Surgical Dentistry, Head - Associate Professor SN Righteous, Department of Orthopedic Dentistry, Head - Associate Professor MA Solomonov.

Teaching staff formed a young and talented specialists - graduates of Moscow universities (ES Tikhonov, RJ Pekker, GM Barer, A. Granik), Kalinin (Y. Zorin, VE Priemsky, MG Priemskaya, OP Tolstov OI Zenina, TV Hlobystova, SD, Fedorov), Kazan (MZ Mirgazizov, GI Usov, BG Pyatnitsky ), Irkutsk (KT Somov, RN Rabotko), Perm (MJ Smolar, D. Kuzmenko) and Omsk Medical Institute (NA Fedosov Hoppe and VI).

In 1963, the department has carried out the first issue of the doctors. Later became teachers of the faculty and its graduates: AN Korolenko, VT Fry, ED Aizenshtein, LN Smerdin, FT Temerhanov, IF EMPLOYEE, AS Solntsev, LI Kuznetsova, EP Pockets, VV Bronnikov, GA Cat OI Popov, HF Kiselev, Y. Medvedev, E. Te.

It was a "romantic" period of development department, where all the teachers were young, they share a common desire to teach students to "do" science.
Great contribution to the organization and development of the faculty deans have: BJ Spruce, BR Bruskin, RI Pekker, Y. Zorin, MZ Mirgazizov, VT Fry, FT Temerhanov, OA Shevchenko.

In the 70s began an active scientific work. During this period, prepared 2 doctoral and 18 master's theses.

Were formed by three main research areas: professional oral pathology (Prof. RJ Pekker), the use of autologous tissue defects in plastic facial bones (Prof. S. Righteous), and mathematical and statistical foundation treatment of malocclusion (Prof. MZ Mirgazizov).

After the opening of new dental faculties in the Siberian and Far Eastern regions to organize departments were directed our staff: V.
Hoppe (Khabarovsk), VV Vaylert (Khabarovsk), IF Employees (Khabarovsk), VA Zagorski (Krasnoyarsk), AN Korolenko (Krasnoyarsk), AS Solntsev (Krasnoyarsk).

The eighties and nineties were characterized by further progress in all areas of faculty development.

During this period, graduates of the Faculty defended 7 doctoral and 26

master's theses, formed two research schools, a Professor MZ
Mirgazizov and FT Temerhanov. PhD. MZ Mirgazizova started scientific research on development and application of shape memory alloys in medicine. The concept of scientific development prof.

Mirgazizova based on use in various fields of dentistry biocompatible materials in order to restore the basic functions of the dental system and improving health outcomes and quality of life.

Within this framework, a new class of shape memory implants, a new technology orthodontic treatment based on the use of forces generated by the shape memory effect in alloys based on nickel-titanium.

Under the leadership of prof.F.T. Temerhanova in 1982 Maxillofacial Surgery introduced the use of a porous titanium-nickelide defect replacement jaw, cheek bone and the bone of the orbit.

In addition, he created a regional center dental implant yielded a new quality of rehabilitation of patients with partial and complete dentition defect.
The center has prepared 12 teams of doctors to meet the needs of practical public health regions of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

Starting from the year 2000 to the present, the faculty reserved 4 doctoral and 13 master's theses. Scientific direction - ensuring quality control of dental care, early diagnosis and prevention of inflammatory and neoplastic processes of the oral cavity, studies on the creation of high tech surgical treatment of injuries and deformities of the facial skull can effectively deal with the most urgent problems of dentistry.

Today at the faculty taught 350 students, 50 doctors - interns, medical residents and graduate students in the preparation of which involved more than 70 faculty members. Degree and the title has about 80% of the teaching staff, including 10 doctors.

Practical and lectures are conducted on the bases of urban and regional medical institutions equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment equipment.
The disposal of students have computer classes, laboratories, scientific medical library.

Result of the last fifty years - is not only a preparation for practical health over four thousand dentists, but also the established staff of the Faculty in which protective of the long experience of the older generation, support talented young people to keep in touch with alumni.

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