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Kirov State Medical Institute

Region: Kirov Country: Russia

About The University
Kirov state medical academy (KSMA) is the youngest higher medical establishment in the Russian Federation that was created to consolidate all Kirov region's programs in medical education. Founded in 1987 by an act of Russian Ministry of Health Protection as an affiliation medical school of Perm State Medical Academy, KSMA was granted status of an independent state-supported higher medical school in 1993, in recognition of its growth and development as a regionwide system for health.

KSMA's most important objectives are:

  • to provide educational programs that enable medical students to master all branches of medicine and health care skills, and think critically;
  • to prepare medical students to demonstrate competence in their fields of study at appropriate degree levels and to encourage excellence in student learning;
  • to develop programs to meet the most urgent needs of the region's health care;
  • to provide graduate and continuing educational programs for both professional advancement and personal enrichment;
  • to encourage and provide essential support services for creative activities and research;
  • to provide a variety of public services to enhance the well-being of the medical school and its community;
  • to provide leadership and planning for future development.
Nowadays KSMA trains over 4,000 students and includes 5 faculties, over 50 educational departments and various subdivisions supervised by experienced and highly qualified professors and associate professors.
  • In addition to the clinical departments, located in the best hospitals of the city of Kirov , KSMA has:
  • its own clinic;
  • outpatient policlinic;
  • well-organized pharmaceutical service;
  • Kirov Interregional Center of Hepatosurgery ;
  • Kirov Interregional Center of Cardiac Surgery;
  • Kirov Interregional Epilepsy Treatment Center ;
  • Kirov Interregional Ophthalmology and Ophthalmosurgery Center ;
  • Kirov Interregional Center of Medical Sociology;
  • An interregional diabetes center for patient education is being organized and is sure to contribute to the improvement of health care in the region and neighboring areas.
  • Research library with more than 200,000 units of storage.
At KSMA there are the following scientific schools: infectious diseases (Prof. Bondarenko), neurology and neurosurgery (Prof. Bein), obstetrics and gynecology (Prof. Dvorynsky), public health (Prof. Sheshunov, Prof. Kukovyakin), rheumatology (Prof. Nemtsov), surgery (Prof. Zhuravlev , Prof. Bakhtin) and many others.

Kirov state medical Academy is an active participant of national research programs held under the supervision of Russian Ministry of Health Care and Russian academy of Medical Sciences . At present Academy takes part in such national projects as ⌠Public health and ⌠Education thus confirming its role in the reform of the system of health protection, globalization of higher medical education and practical realization of the Bologna declaration.

KSMA has already gained experience in international cooperation in joint research programs with such foreign countries as Germany , Great Britain and the USA . Another important sphere that is being developed is academic mobility. By now more than 400 students and researchers of KSMA have visited Germany , France , Italy , Great Britain , China , Canada and the USA on various academic purposes.

Academy has been an active participant of international conferences. By itself KSMA has organized more than 80 international conferences and workshops on actual problems of family medicine, urology, andrology, gynecology, minimally invasive surgery, hematology, therapy, neurology, cardiac surgery, hepatology, hepatic surgery, ophthalmology and ophthalmic surgery. New methods of surgery are constantly being mastered. Basic laboratories take active part in international clinic tests.

KSMA has good scientific relationships with Kirov Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Kirov Research Institute of Microbiology, Perm Medical academy, Nizhny Novgorod Medical academy, medical academies and medical research institutions of Moscow and St. Petersburg .

For nearly fifteen years Academy has been training foreign students from various Asian, South American and African countries such as Azerbaijan, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Pakistan, Peru, Syria, Sudan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and others.

One of the departments of KSMA is Institute of postgraduate education that enables graduates and practitioners to improve their knowledge by the following kinds of post-graduate and additional education: research postgraduate course, clinical residency, internship, professional specialist retraining.

An important area of Academy's life is health recreation, sports and other extracurricular activities. KSMA can boast of European, national and regional champions in judo, swimming, skiing, track, basketball and chess.

KSMA students are active and good at amateur concerts, amateur drama performances and Kirov intercollege Funny Tricks and Witty Humor contests. Now at Academy there are 3 dance clubs, a theatre and a chorus. Students actively participate in popular Students' Spring festivals held among Kirov higher educational establishments and are always prize winners of these competitions. Among the students are also many activists of the Regional Charity Foundation.

The history of the Kirov State Medical Academy
Kirov State Medical Academy started its April 2, 1987, when the decree of the Council of Ministers on Vyatka was a branch of the Perm State Medical Institute. The decision to open the branch was taken after the visit to Kirov government commission headed by the Minister of Health of the RSFSR Alexander Potapov and rector of the Perm Medical Institute EA Wagner. Thanks to the huge support of the first Secretary of the Kirov Regional Party Committee VV Bakatin and head of the Kirov oblast health department GF Shulyatieva branch were transferred to a number of buildings for theoretical and biological departments, administrative and economic services.

Acting director of the newly appointed Director of the University Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, VA Zhuravlev, who in 1989 the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation has been appointed director of the branch. Management branch, consisting then of two people: Director VA Zhuravlev and Provost SL Sharygina, failed to prepare for the first branch of the school year for three months. First departments were formed, including the therapeutic profile: normal anatomy (AV edges), Biology Course Histology (AV Molodyuk), bioinorganic, biophysical chemistry and biochemistry course (PI Tsapok), children diseases (Ya.Yu. Illek), surgical diseases (VA Zhuravlev), Internal Medicine (EV Benenson), Obstetrics and Gynecology (S. Noble). With the support of the regional bureau of the Communist Party and all other cities of Kirov Oblast Executive Committee teachers were provided with housing, allowing to quickly form a faculty member of the first medical school Vyatka.

Along with the formation of the team was organized dozens of educational activities necessary for business units: a library, a vivarium, deaneries, depot, etc. First in September 1987 for the first time the Kirov branch of the Perm State Medical Institute opened its doors to students. The training took place in two faculties: Medicine & Pediatrics, which was the first dean of the MD AV Molodyuk.

In June 1993, the first issue of doctors and after a successful state certification in May 1994, the Russian Government adopted the Decision on the establishment of the Kirov State Medical Institute. In 1996, the institute was the Faculty of Social Work, whose task was to prepare specialists for social protection institutions, healthcare and education. In 1999 the 8 th edition of the doctors, and the recommendation of the State Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health awarded the Kirov State Medical Institute, a high profile - academy. In 2001 we opened the Faculty of Higher Nursing Education and the Faculty of Economics and Commodity (from 2004 - expertise and merchandising).

In 2002, the Kirov State Medical Academy was 15, was held on 10 th issue of the doctors. In the same year, led the university MD Professor VS Melnikov. Traditionally, the Academy has worked closely with healthcare, developed research work. Two years later, Victor S. Melnikov died of a serious illness.

In 2004, the construction of an 8-storey academic building academy with large lecture classes, comfortable rooms and modern laboratories. It settled rector, deans and theoretical department. For nonresident students were three comfortable dormitories. Strengthened the material base of the Academy, new laboratory classes with the latest equipment and highly skilled team of teachers.

In September 2004, the rector of the Kirov State Medical Academy was elected, and in 2007, re-elected, MD Professor IV Sheshunov, who heads the academy today.

Today Kirov State Medical Academy - a modern, dynamic and growing institution, successfully integrating scientific, educational and medical services, is the largest scientific and educational and medical complex Kirov region, a team of highly qualified teachers, scientists, and physicians.

The academy formed in the country known scientific schools: Rheumatology (Professor B.F.Nemtsova), surgery (Professor V. Zhuravlev and VA Bakhtin), pediatrics (professor Ya.Yu. Illeka), Obstetrics and Gynecology (Professor S. Noble), Social Medicine, Medical Ecology and Health (BA Professor Petrov), Neurology and Neurosurgery (Prof. BN Bane).
In 2005, VA Zhuravlev, which stands at the cradle of the Kirov State Medical Academy, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Doctor of Russia, winner of the prestigious international awards, honorary citizen of the Kirov region, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences has been awarded the title "Honorary Rector of the Kirov State Medical Academy."

Year after year the Academy steadily expanding its "geographical boundaries." In high school students from different regions of Russia and other countries: Sudan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Syria, Pakistan, Peru, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.
The academy is open Anatomical Museum, which features more than 1,000 items. In 2005, the Museum of History of the Academy, which reflects the stages of the university, the development of scientific schools, the strengthening of international cooperation.

Constantly updated material base. Students are engaged in equipped classrooms, computer labs with modern equipment. Scientific Library of the Academy has a book stock of over 200,000 copies, and e-learning media library database. Center manipulative skills on models allows students to hone their ability to put injections, artificial respiration, cardiac massage, and more. Non-resident students living in Kirov GMA 3 comfortable dormitories. In the near future construction of a new 15-story dormitory building. The Academy has a power plant, a printing house, equipped with modern printing equipment.

Academy cooperates with all provincial and municipal hospitals of the city of Kirov. In the structure of the Academy has its own clinic, which includes inpatient therapy and neurological for 100 beds, as well as consulting and diagnostic department. Clinic and Polyclinic Academy equipped with the latest equipment, modern renovation done in the wards, laboratories and treatment rooms.

For the first time in 2009, was set on a specialty "Dentistry".

High quality training in the Kirov GMA confirmed repeatedly. In October 2008 and December 2010, the first Academy of the Kirov university was awarded the diploma of All-Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia" in the "Services in the field of education." In addition, the first among the medical schools of the country was entered in the register of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and received the certificate of the certification, confirming the high level of professional training of graduates. In November 2009 the Academy was awarded a certificate of trust to the employer Vyatka Chamber of Commerce, which certifies that the Kirov GMA entered in the register of employers, guaranteed to respect the rights of workers.

In 2011, the Academy has been received a perpetual license to engage in educational activities.

In late 2011, Kirov State Medical Academy was the first school in the Kirov, who received a certificate of quality management system for the development and provision of educational services for pre-college programs, higher education, postgraduate education in accordance with the licensing and state accreditation.

Have a diploma Kirov GMA becomes more prestigious. Its graduates who became talented practitioners, distinguished scientists, valued and respected in the region and beyond. "Art and humanity, labor and knowledge" - is not only the motto of the Kirov State Medical Academy, but also command all who devotes his life to medicine and the most humane profession on earth - the medical profession.

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