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Today the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Lev Kuznetsov spearheaded a conference call devoted to the implementation of the modernization program of health in Krasnoyarsk Territory for 2011-2012.Earlier the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Health Region signed an agreement on starting the project in the area.

The purpose of the meeting - to determine the willingness to program events in the city, where inter-regional centers will be organized (Achinsk Divnogorsk Kansk, Krasnoyarsk, Lesosibirsk). In addition, the willingness to implement the project as a whole was heard a number of areas participating. The meeting was attended by Minister of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Vadim Janin, heads of municipalities, heads of government and health care region, the leaders Gorzdrava, KFOMSa, Rector KrasGMU.

Minister of Health announced the short edge information on the major directions of modernization and indicators, which are expected to be achieved in total. Then began the discussion on network security chart of municipal programs, the basic requirements to document, monitoring the execution of gubernatorial assignments.

"Control over the use of the program, which should lead to real improvements in health care residents of the region will be very tough and on my personal control - said during a conference call Leo Kuznetsov - Quality of care and its availability for residents should be substantially upgraded. And the criterion of good work carried out will be just the satisfaction of medical services region. " The Governor called on the heads of municipalities and take personal charge of absolutely every aspect of the project: up to the organization of outpatient clinics, control, registration and order entry by physicians in

In his speech, Minister of Health, Vadim Yanin outlined the role of accountability practitioners and the need for cooperation with the patient: "On the one hand, the doctor now has to navigate in a more precise assessment of their competence in the management of a patient, understanding the standard of medical care - which should be directed the patient to the next stage of treatment: the Interdistrict Center, regional hospital, a federal hospital. On the other - the patient must be willing to accept these new, streamlined approach. "

The outcome of the Ministry of Health Krasnoyarsk requested to approve the regulations and network diagrams Protection Programs municipalities, to spray the meeting on the implementation of medical standards, a consistent view of the program in the Regional Ministry of Health and KFOMSe.

Heads of municipalities mandated to take personal control over the implementation of the Program of modernization: on capital repair facilities, training facilities for the installation of equipment obtained under the modernization program. Besides the administration of municipalities must sign agreements to provide funds for financing the activities of individual programs and supervise the proper use of funds received for the introduction of standards of care.

The most important and very sensitive issue is to obtain medical organizations licenses for all activities.This issue will be on the special control of the Government, moreover, to all the addresses where provided with medical assistance.

Already this week, begins defense of territorial projects in the Ministry of Health Region. Decided that the Ministry of Health will conduct weekly monitoring of the execution and timing of implementation of program activities in the context of municipal formations - participants in the program of modernization.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Health of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the press service KrasGMU.

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