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Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad

Region: Maharashtra Country: India

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences was declared as University under section 3 of the UGC Act in May 2005. The University now has a number of constituent colleges, which include Medical, Dental, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Biotechnology.

The Medical college has been recognized by the Malaysian Medical Council and the first batch of Government sponsored students has arrived. Students from all regions of India and other countries besides Malaysia viz. UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, USA & Canada have enrolled in the University.

This year has seen the addition of new international faculty, world-class equipment and infrastructure, application of new innovative teaching methods, increased community interface & promotion of research. Motivating students for research, getting faculty support, providing funds and recognizing those with a natural passion has been our priority. Our challenge lies in seeing that the enthusiasm as is seen now should not abate.

Mr. Jaywantrao Bhosale was born in the small village of Rethare BK in Satara district on 22nd Dec. 1924. He studied at Kolhapur and Pune acquiring the degrees of BA & LLB. He was elected as the Chairman of one of the first co-operative sugar factories in India in 1959.

In the next 30 years as Chairman of one of the largest and richest co-operative sugar factory in India he gave new direction and leadership to the industry which underwent transformation from merely an industry to an instrument of social change. It was during his tenure that besides sugar, alcohol, acetone, paper started being manufactured from sugarcane.

He served as President of the Deccan Sugar Technologists Association, Chairman of the Maharashtra Federation of Co-operative Sugar Factories (1967-69), member of the Finance Committee of Government of India and member of the State Legislative Council.

His foray into education started with the establishment of Shetkari Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (Society for Promotion of Education in Farmers) in 1964. The Society runs many schools and colleges in the rural area and these institutions were among the first to encourage and promote education for girls in villages. In 1974 he established the Krishna Charitable Trust.

In 1982 the Krishna Hospital was started with 200 beds and in 1984 he succeeded in persuading the Government of Maharashtra and the then Chief Minister Shri. Vasantrao Dada Patil to allow private participation in medical schools and engineering colleges. The Late Chief Minister was a member of the Board of Trustees and a guiding force. The Medical College has now grown into a large organization with 840 bedded modern hospital and facilities for critical care, joint replacements, lithotripsy, endoscopic surgeries, dialysis etc.

In the year 2005 the KIMS was declared as University by the MHRD of Govt. of India and new constituent colleges have been added viz. School of Dental Sciences, Krishna School of Physiotherapy, Krishna Institute of Nursing Sciences, Krishna Institute of Biotechnology & Bioinformatics and Krishna Institute of Pharmacy.Mr. Jaywantrao Bhosale embarked upon a journey to educate, to give opportunity, to improve the quality of life in the rural areas and this journey continues with his guidance and inspiration.

He has been associated with the Krishna Institute thereafter being the Medical Administrator of Krishna Hospital & Medical Research Center before becoming the Vice-Chancellor of the University in 2005.

As the first Vice-Chancellor of the University he has provided the direction and dynamism, a new university would require for growth and development. The progress of the university is reflected not just by the increase in constituent colleges but by the nature of the new and innovative courses that are being introduced, the creation of curriculum and syllabi keeping in mind the emerging trends in science and research.

He believes that education lays the foundation for a civil society that gives equal opportunity to all its citizens to work, progress and lead a good life. However Education does not necessarily impart knowledge that one has to seek and find as its domain lies in re-search. Therefore it is the University that has to encourage, promote and accelerate research wherein the space is unoccupied, unchartered & infinite.

Besides his administrative duties he continues to teach and work in oncology advocating change and adaptation to new technologies but foremost teaching his students to question & challenge established concepts and to look for new answers, lest we forget that we stand on cosmic shores with the whole universe still a mystery.

The KIMS University now is a vibrant and progressive organization capable of meeting the aspiration of its founders and the challenges of global competition.

School of Dental Sciences
The School of Dentistry offers the Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree and seeks to teach Dental Science that would make graduates competent to comprehensively meet the Dental care needs of the individual patient, Analyzing, Investigating and arriving at a diagnosis, treatment planning and managing the patient with the best available knowledge is the objective of the training program.

Krishna Institute of Nursing Sciences
Today the nurse with her skills and knowledge has a very important position in the health care organization. Hospital nursing has became specialized with distinctive branches of critical care, neonatal and child care, cardiac care, burns, oncology, urology and nurses with special skills in operation theatre etc.

The school of Dental Sciences was started with the approval of the Dental Council of India in the year 2006. A massive state-of-art infrastructure to support 100 admissions with the installation of 200 electrically operated chairs, laboratories, instruments, materials and the appointment of an experienced faculty has seen it to grow into an institution of repute.
The School aims to address the dental care needs of the community while providing the best dental education and comprehensive hands-on-training to its students.

The department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology includes the department of Dental Anatomy and Histology. The final diagnosis is arrived after processing and examining various pathological specimens received from the clinicians. Students are imparted with the basic skills of carving teeth using wax blocks to study the anatomy of various teeth. Tissue processor, microtome, wax bath and microscopes have been provided for this department.

Screening and examination of the patient in this department forms the basis for their subsequent treatment. It is equipped with 12 electrically operated chairs and orthopantomograph (OPG) besides routine intra-oral-peri-apical (IOPA) Machine. The department plays an important role in training and instruction of students as screening for oral diseases also involves assessment of systemic conditions.

This museum has everything that is important medico-legally. Assault weapons, firearms, poisons and mounted specimens of medico-legal importance. The museum also serves the purpose of recognizing various injuries, their modes, weapons & means used in suicide and homicide. The specimens include all types of poisons, various weapons including firearms, poisonous snakes & plants. Models of bones used for identifying sex and age are also displayed. Multiple catalogs provide all the necessary literature.

The Gums are the supporting structures of the teeth. They are also prone to a number of diseases. The students are instructed in basic methods for preventing periodontal disease and are taught the anatomy of the periodontium and treatment pattern of periodontal therapy.
The various treatment procedures carried out by this department include scaling, curettage, gingivectomy, flap surgery, opercu-lectomy, bone grafts, guided tissue regeneration, implants etc.

Numerous dental diseases are encountered during the growth and development of the child. The parents need to be educated about the importance of oral health and their approach to dental problems in children. This department is equipped with light care unit, amalgamator etc. & has a separate oral hygiene instruction room.

This department is divided into three sections of pre-clinical, clinical and laboratory. Patients are treated here for crown & bridges and provided partial and complete dentures. In the pre-clinical section the students learn about casting, trimming and poring methods besides preparation of dentures. The preclinical laboratory has modern tables with micromotors, airmotors and porcelain furnace. The laboratory is equipped with ceramic furnace, sand blasters, induction casting machine, acrylisers and dewaxing unit.

The preclinical section has phantom heads and ivory teeth which simulates the normal patient. Training on these artificial equipments is a pre-requisite before working on real patients. Pain of the Dental origin is easily the most common symptom encountered in dental practice. This subject deals with the relief of pain by treating caries and its related complications but more importantly by preserving the existing natural teeth and supporting structures and restoring proper tooth forms, functions and aesthetics.

Oral & Maxillofacial surgery assumes importance with the development of newer methods for restoration after trauma & cancer surgery. Cosmetic and orthognatic surgeries are also carried out by an expert team of oral & Maxillofacial surgeons. Students receive training in extractions, pre and post operative management and handling of emergencies.

Undergraduate student are trained to take an interdisciplinary approach and conduct investigations for evaluating risk factors in oral disease, their relation to systemic disease and the use of epidemiological methods to study out-comes of dental services. Health education and community camps for treatment of various dental diseases are carried out.

Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Karad Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS
  • Master Degree
  • MD - General Medicine
  • MD - Paediatrics
  • MD - Dermatology
  • MD - Physiology
  • MD - Community Medicine
  • MD - Microbiology
  • MS - General Surgery
  • MS - ENT
  • MS - Orthopaedics
  • MS - Ophthalmology
  • MD - TB & Chest Diseases
  • MD - Psychiatry
  • MD - Radiodiagnosis
  • MD - Emergency Medicine
  • MD - Pathology
  • MD - Biochemistry
  • MD - Anaesthesiology
  • MS - Anatomy
  • MD - Skin & V.D
  • M.Sc. Microbiology
  • Diploma Programmes
  • Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Laryngology
  • Doctorate/PhD
  • Ph.D Anatomy
  • Ph.D Physiology
  • Ph.D Biochemistry
  • Ph.D Pathology
  • Ph.D Microbiology


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery


  • Bachelor Degree
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing
  • Doctorate/PhD
  • Ph.D. Nursing
  • Ph.D. Medical Surgical Nursing


  • Doctorate/PhD
  • Ph.D Pharmacology


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.Th.)
  • Master Degree
  • M.P.T. Musculo-skeletal Science
  • M.P.T. Neuro Science
  • M.P.T. Cardio-pulmonary Science
  • M.P.T. Paediatric Physiotherapy
  • M.P.T. Community Health & Rehabilitation

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Address: Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University, Malkapur, Karad (Dist.Satara) 415110, Maharashtra, India.


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