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Kuban State Medical Academy

Region: Krasnodar Country: Russia

About The University
Established in 1920 as a medical faculty of the university, Kuban State Medical Academy (KSMA) became an independent educational institution in the following year. It is one of the oldest education providers in the field of medicine in Southern Russia. Situated in Kuban's capital Krasnodar, geographically the institution is closer to the coast of Black Sea and near the banks of River Kuban.

KSMA started training foreign students in early 60s and since then, more than35,000 specialist doctors have graduated from the institution. These numbers include 5,000 professionals from 65 countries all over the world who have been trained here and involved in medicinal practices in their respective countries. The Morphological building with its seven storeys is the highlight of the Academy campus and houses as many as eight departments and a lecture hall for 400students.

Currently, there are 5,000 students enrolled in the Academy, which include over700 overseas students. The faculty strength of the Academy is 600, including 12Russian and foreign science academicians, 65 MDs and 330 science candidates. Kuban Academy employs several training and course delivery methods such as formal lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory classes, science and practical conferences, observing patients in clinical settings in some of the best medical establishments in the city, departmental researches, visit to anatomic museums and participating in thematic contests and competitions.

The four main faculties of KSMA are:

  • General Medicine,
  • Paediatrics,
  • Stomatology and Dentistry, and
  • Postgraduate Training.
Kuban Medical Academy has made significant contributions in the field of fundamental and applied scientific researches, especially in the fields of histology, microbiology, and normal physiology.

About Campus
Kuban State Medical Academy (Main Campus)

The Academy campus houses a large library with more than 5,60,000 books and manuals on science. Another highlight of the campus is the Morphological building with its seven storeys, eight departments and a lecture hall that can accommodate 400 people at once. There are other educational buildings on the campus along with sports facilities, four dormitories and a newly built canteen, with 280 seats.

The campus is situated in Kraasnodar, the capital of Kuban. This area is situated to the south of Russian portion that forms a part of the European continent. Besides being close to the famous coast of the Black Sea, River Kuban flows through the area. The location of the campus is ideal for those who prefer warmer climates. The region offers a lot of activity opportunities with extensive steppes, lovely beaches, Caucasus mountains with their snow-covered peaks, vineyards and forests.

The city is around 1500 km from Moscow and ha Mediterranean climate. The temperature may soar from -2 degree Celsius in January to above 30 degree Celsius in July. Since, Krasnodar has an international airport of its own that allows access to Middle East and Europe, the city is thriving as an education and academic science centre. It offers a blend of cultures, architectural styles, arts and music. Krasnodar itself has as many as eight higher level institutions training foreign nationals in various specialty areas such as Medicine. In Krasnodar, as many as 1,500 overseas students from about 80 countries, such as India, undertake their studies in these institutions.

KSMU applicants need to undertake a Medical College Admissions Test to demonstrate their academic competence. Since, this is a standardized test, it allows the University to draw comparisons.

International students who have completed Ordinary Level can enter the Premedical Program, which is recognised at an international level and is conducted in accordance with the regulations set by Russian Ministry of Education for secondary education programs. Offered by Premedical Faculty, this programme is conducted in both English and Russian mediums.

To join KSMU's undergraduate programme, the students need to have one of the following:
  • Bachelor of Science degree or any first degree,
  • Secondary Education or equivalent study qualifications or advanced level of studies, or
  • Studies at undergraduate level. (Incomplete studies or transfer credits are accepted.)
  • Students interested in a postgraduate specialty programme, must have an undergraduate degree.
Kursk State Medical University is Ranked among the list of the 10 best Russian medical schools. The first university in Russia to commence Medical undergraduate programmes in English, KSMU is currently the leader in Medical Studies in the English medium. The Kursk State Medical University was founded in February 1935 and is sponsored by the Russian Government.

KSMU is a diverse and dynamic centre of academic medicine and health care. Our research laboratories, 28 affiliated hospitals, and special programs offer students an innovative approach in preparing for the practice of medicine. Our teachers, who are active in their fields, respected by their colleagues worldwide, and praised by their students, keep KSMU on par with the best in the world. The low cost of living together with the social and cultural richness of Kursk is another feature that attracts many international students to KSMU. The reasonable cost and value of a KSMU education, compared the medical degrees offered in other countries, is often the bottom line for families when it comes to choosing the right medical school.

Transfer Credits
We will review your application and all necessary transcripts soon after they are received. We will notify you by mail once we have made an admission decision. If accepted, you will also receive an evaluation of transfer credit with a preliminary list of accepted courses that will meet our Core (general education) requirements.

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Address: Sedina 4, Krasnodar, 350690 Krasnodar Krai


+7 (8612) 523 284

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