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Kursk State Medical University

Region: Center Yazbique Country: Russia

About The University
Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) won the 'Best Medical University in Russia' award in 2004. Famous all over the world for its research excellence, high quality of teaching and health care standards, KSMU is one of the largest Russian universities. Being the pioneer in Russia to provide academic programs at undergraduate and graduate levels in English medium, is one of the most prominent feathers in its hat. It is still one of the leading and most preferred institutions for undergraduate medical studies among international students.

KSMU emphasizes on innovation and research work and makes a significant investment to offer world-class infrastructure and facilities to its staff, scholars and students. It has as many as eleven faculties and seventy departments that have earned national and international ratings of 'excellent' levels. The University is registered at The Ministry of Public Health of Russian Federation and the Russian government sponsors it. More than 25,000 specialists, engineers, physicians and pharmacists have graduated from the University and are working in Russia as well as overseas in countries like, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Morocco, Europe and the US.

Currently more than 5,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students are enrolled in a wide range of academic courses offered by the Kursk State Medical University. The University offers high-tech facilities and diverse research work to support its instructional programmes. KSMU is one of the top ten Russian universities and its degrees are highly recognized for their academic excellence. The professionals who graduate from KSMU are high in demand amongst the prominent multinational companies because of the skills and accomplishments they have acquired during their studies. With a solid academic base, the University also offers practical career support and advice to its graduates.

About Campus
Kursk State Medical University (Main Campus)

On each floor, there are common kitchens. Most of the hostels are situated on campus or are very close to campus. 85% of students opt to live in hostels on a twin-sharing basis. Students at KSMU learn time management as they juggle their academic and social responsibilities and duties.

They have access to an on-campus world-class sports complex and facilities, such as gymnasium and indoor stadiums for tennis, badminton, volleyball and football. Many graduates of KSMU have moved on to become leading sports person at national and international levels.

The students, participating in annual sports events held by several student associations, hail from different nationalities and communities. Religious ceremonies, festivals and special occasions along with hobby classes such as lacrosse, the martial art of Frisbee and aerobics classes are some of the highlights of the campus.

KSMU applicants need to undertake a Medical College Admissions Test to demonstrate their academic competence. Since, this is a standardized test, it allows the University to draw comparisons.

International students who have completed Ordinary Level can enter the Premedical Program, which is recognised at an international level and is conducted in accordance with the regulations set by Russian Ministry of Education for secondary education programs. Offered by Premedical Faculty, this programme is conducted in both English and Russian mediums.

To join KSMU's undergraduate programme, the students need to have one of the following:

  • Bachelor of Science degree or any first degree,
  • Secondary Education or equivalent study qualifications or advanced level of studies, or
  • Studies at undergraduate level. (Incomplete studies or transfer credits are accepted.)
  • Students interested in a postgraduate specialty programme, must have an undergraduate degree.
Kursk State Medical University is Ranked among the list of the 10 best Russian medical schools. The first university in Russia to commence Medical undergraduate programmes in English, KSMU is currently the leader in Medical Studies in the English medium. The Kursk State Medical University was founded in February 1935 and is sponsored by the Russian Government.

Why KSMU? KSMU is a diverse and dynamic centre of academic medicine and health care. Our research laboratories, 28 affiliated hospitals, and special programs offer students an innovative approach in preparing for the practice of medicine. Our teachers, who are active in their fields, respected by their colleagues worldwide, and praised by their students, keep KSMU on par with the best in the world. The low cost of living together with the social and cultural richness of Kursk is another feature that attracts many international students to KSMU. The reasonable cost and value of a KSMU education, compared the medical degrees offered in other countries, is often the bottom line for families when it comes to choosing the right medical school.

Information for transfer students
Kursk State Medical University welcomes transfer applicants from both two-year and four-year colleges and universities around the country and world. Transfer students comprise more than half of each entering class and are a vital part of our vibrant campus community.

KSMU has a world-class reputation and an international presence. Our University offer bachelor's degree programs, Master's, Doctoral programs, and professional degrees. As a KSMU student you will benefit from the rich array of programs, resources and experiences that are only available at a major university. You will also experience small classes and the personal attention of a faculty committed to undergraduate teaching. Many of these same faculty are nationally reputed scholars who bring their cutting-edge research into the classroom.

Transfer Credits
We will review your application and all necessary transcripts soon after they are received. We will notify you by mail once we have made an admission decision. If accepted, you will also receive an evaluation of transfer credit with a preliminary list of accepted courses that will meet our Core (general education) requirements.

In making admissions decisions, we give careful consideration to the quality of your program, the number of credits you have earned and the grade point average you have achieved. For most programs transfer students must complete the application process by August 1 for the Fall semester or by January 1 for the Spring semester. You must request that all high schools and colleges which you previously attended send official transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the Kursk State Medical University by these deadlines. Foreign applicants enjoy equal rights regardless of social background, sex, language, nationality, religion.

University Profile
Established in 1935, Kursk State Medical University is ranked as one of the top 10 best Russian Medical Universities. Among its many achievements, KSMU was the first University in Russia to offer students a full Medical training program in the English language.

Within the structure of KSMU we also have a Research Institute of Ecological Medicine as well as a consulting diagnostic policlinic and medical institute. To date KSMU has trained over 25,000 medical professionals across 14 faculties and 67 departments.

The staff body consists of 633 academic staff of which there are 333 Ph.D and 92 D.Sc academics serving our 6,400 students. The university boasts a well stocked library with a subscription of more than 500,000 journals, books and publications. The campus includes four teaching buildings as well as a five student halls of residence. Students also enjoy the recreational facilities onsite including three sports halls and a shooting range.

Type of institution : State Medical University.
Courses taught in English: All courses at the Pre-university course, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Stomatological (Dentistry) Faculties.
Academic system: 2 semesters per academic year.
Language of training : Russian, English.
Academic staff : 650 lecturers with 70 % holding PhD or equivalent 92 professors holding D.Sc
Class size : 6 to 12 students in one group (depending on the course).
Age limit: Minimum age is 16 years old and there is no maximum age limit; Mature applicants are welcome.
KSMU Intakes: I. Intakes: September 1st - January II. Intakes: February 7th - June.

International Acclaim
Russian higher medical education has gained a remarkable reputation on the world stage due to high educational standards with advanced and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches. A Medical Degree from KSMU is recognized by the World Health Organization (W.H.O), and General Medical Council (G.M.C) of major European countries, including Great Britain and France and other international medical boards.

Leading Russian medical universities occupy prominent positions in the international rating by the UNESCO and World Health Organization, including Kursk State Medical University. KSMU is also recognized by JPA Malaysia, MC Sri-Lanka and other countries.

KSMU - From Institue to University
KSMU was established on 1st September 1935 by order of the Board of Public Commissioners of the RSFSR. The order, issued by Kaminski on the 7th of May, 1935 stated the following: 'To begin the organization of a medical institute in Kursk with the admission of 250 people as first-year students in 1935 and establish the 1st of September, 1935 as the date of the beginning classes'. Since that day the university has strived to achieve the highest standard in modern medical training and assessment.

Directors (later on rectors) from various scientific schools who had different levels of training and scientific interests made a major contribution to the development of the medical institute. But they were knit together by love of their alma mater, desire for its development and prosperity, providing of effectiveness of all kinds of activities. They were selfless in achieving of their aims. On the 30th of June, 1940 the first graduation ceremony of 186 young specialists took place. The Public Commissioner of Public Health of the RSFSR attended the solemn meeting devoted to that event.

On the 22d of June, 1941 a peaceful working life was obstructed with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, on the 8th of October, 1941 more than 300 workers and students, some equipment, work-books and other property were evacuated to Alma-Ata. Only on the 5th of July, 1944 the workers of the institute and students came back and some property was returned form Alma-Ata to Kursk. In 1945 the graduation ceremony of 34 doctors took place.

In 1960s and 1970s the structure of the institute continued forming, the admission of students increased, the Part-Time Department was opened. In 1966 the Pharmaceutical Faculty was organized, in 1972 - the Pre-Medical Department, in 1976 - the Faculty of Further Training of teachers of pharmaceutical and medical colleges.

At the Medical Faculty the departments of tuberculosis, radiology, traumatology with courses of orthopedics and battle-field surgery were opened. At the Pharmaceutical Faculty the departments of organic chemistry, pharmakognosy, pharmchemistry, the technology of drugs, the organization and economics of the pharmaceutical affair were opened. The scientific and research basis increased, a lot of attention was paid to training of the personnel.

In the 80s a new educational building, houses for the personnel, a new sport hall with shooting saloon, two students' hostels were constructed, the central studying corpus was converted. Scientific-Research Institute of Ecological Medicine was opened on the basis of Central Scientific-Research Laboratory .

In 1984 Kursk Medical Institute became the institute of the first category, in 1985 it was awarded with Red Flag Order, in 1994 the institute received the status of the university.



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