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LTM Medical College

Region: Maharashtra Country: India

About us:
The L.T.M. Medical College is one of the leading medical colleges in India providing a wave of education in the field of medical sciences. The college distributes high quality education to its students by maintaining top class faculty members in their college. They are here to give par knowledge to the students by supplying all sorts of study materials and extra stuffs required for their project works. The colleges offer various training programs to its students and give them opportunities to create their own future. Aspirants have to appear for an entrance exam in order to avail the seats in this college.

Keeping all sorts of information about the facilities of the students, the college organizes its infrastructure in such a manner that students should feel proud to choose this college. Some of the things are highlighted as -

Well equipped labs which is full of newly introduced instruments

  • Computer facility
  • Hostel facility
  • Library facility
Courses Offered:
Undergraduate and postgraduate medical degree, paramedical and diploma

Admission Procedure:
Appearing Candidates need to fill an application form in order to enroll their names for appearing in the entrance exam taken by the Mumbai University. Application form should be filled under the rules and regulation mentioned in the form.

The students have job opportunities in highly reputed hospitals of India. Well known health care centers have been visiting this college at regular intervals and offers job opportunities to the final year students.

MBBS : 100

LTMMC is a government college, so it would be silly to expect out-of-the-world amenities and whatnot. But the infrastructure is certainly improving. Most classes are conducted in the new building. The laboratories are quite clean and well maintained, and the equipment in them actually works. The air conditioned library is quite big, and has enough books for the students. The college also has a tiny ground for sports, but you'll hardly ever find anyone there.

As far as the hostels are concerned, the previously abject situation is getting better. There still no hostel facility for first year students, who have to make their own arrangements. After this, the girls hostel is in TB Hospital in Sewri, while the boys hostel is near the Urban Health Centre in Dharavi. However, the new senior hostel is in the campus itself. The rooms are quite tiny and are on a twin sharing basis.

The fees for all Government medical colleges is standard, which means at LTMMC it is roughly Rs.30,000 per year.

In spite of being doctors and not teachers by vocation, the professors are quite good, and actually interested in teaching. They share a good rapport with the students. Communication in the class is mainly in English, though professors are willing to explain in Marathi/Hindi if the students need them to.

LTMMC is also really good for MD, and one specialisation that its very popular for is burns.

Hospitals affiliated:
Students are sent to the following hospitals:
  • Sion Hospital
  • Urban Health Centre, Dharavi
  • Kasturba Hospital
Since all of these are government hospitals, you'll likely get more patients than you could ever have bargained for.

The crowd is like what you'll find in any other government medical college. Most of these are students who've done extremely well in their CET, and some who have come through reservations (who have also done pretty well in their CET, of course). All in all, they are quite friendly and very approachable. As put by one of the students, KEM (rank1) is all about studying, JJ Medical (rank3) is all about fun. Sion (rank2) is a mix of both.

The canteen is really, really good. Its cheap (even cheaper if you are a student) and hygienic, and the food is tasty as well. Normally its not too crowded, but between 12.30 and 1.00, it becomes impossible to even stand here in peace.

There really is not much around Sion Hospital, except for Cinemax and Sion Fort, where you can go once in your life and decide never to go back again. Apart from these, students are forced to go all the way to Bandra or Phoenix Mills.

The college is really strict about attendance. As per the university rule, you are expected to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance in theory lectures and 80% in practicals. At LTMMC, they pretty much ensure that you do it, because if you don't, then there's a very real possibility that they'll stop you from writing the exams. Which is not a good thing, by the way.

LTM Medical College Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS

Contact Details

Address: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Sion (West), Mumbai - 400022


91 2407 6381/2406 3000

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