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Majmaah University

Region: Riyadh Country: Saudi Arabia

The aim of the Faculty of Medicine in the first place, in its first phase is to provide distinctive educational service for its students, enabling them to enter the labor market in the medical fields with highly competitive skills compared to their parallel graduates from medical faculties of other universities, through modern curriculum, trying as much as possible, to keep up with the most prominent updates in medical education, and with the assistance of the expertise and experiences of ancient universities and houses of international experience, in addition to active participation in the development of scientific research and community service

The dissemination of science and knowledge among classes of society is not of the secondary things, and that the establishment of educational entities is no longer just a service projects, as much as a real investment for the future of the country.

Objectives of the Faculty
Faculty of Medicine in Majmaa'h University aims to:
1 - Achieve excellence in education and prepare students professionally to enhance their ability for a lifelong learning.
2 - Create the academic, research and administrative supporting environment, which is an institutional and collective attribute.
3 - Attract human efficiencies and improve its capabilities.
4 - Apply principles and criteria of quality and configuration of the department locally and internationally.
5 - Strengthen the partnership with the community.
6 - Growth of financial resources for college and the pursuit to balance the spending.

Faculty values
1 - Quality and excellence.
2 - The initiative and productivity.
3 - Justice and equality.
4 - Trust and mutual respect.
5 - Collective action.
6 - Professionalism.

Initial Vision for the Faculty
Local and regional leadership in medical education, community service and scientific research.

Mission of the Faculty
Faculty of Medicine in Majmaa'h University with its distinct cadres , creative environment , the adoption of Islamic values and quality standards to prepare physicians with professionalism, and strengthen community partnership , and create a stimulating environment for scientific research to raise the position of the university locally and globally.

Majmaa'h University is considered one of the most recent universities in the latest beloved country, which joined the system from the many scientific and large edifices to become a tributary for the High Education from which, the sons of the Majmaa'h province and neighboring provinces a lot to be offered to them. The establishment of this university with the consent of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Abdullah binAbdulaziz Al Saud, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Chairman of the Board of Higher Education may Allah protect him, and so on 3 Ramadan 1430 AH, August 24, 2009 AD with three other universities in the cities of Dammam and Al-Kharj AND Shaqraa Governorates.

Under this decision, nine existing colleges were included three colleges under construction to the Majmaa'hUniversity , including the provinces and cities ; Majmaa'h -Zulfa - Ghat - Hawtat Sudair - Rammah, where this university will serve large geographical area covering several counties and cities where the spread of public education was completed then comes to complete the education system in them and to achieve the goal of the Ministry of higher education which is the expansion in higher education to include all parts of the Kingdom where it will help the university to absorb the growing numbers of high school graduates and achieve the social and psychological stability to the sons and daughters of the region and the mitigation at the universities in large cities, in addition to the mobility of scientific and cultural heritage that would add the university to the community local levels. With the work to serve the community at large in several areas of social awareness, education and training with the possibility of upgrading the level of organizational and job performance and government facilities through providing advanced courses and consulting in the disciplines available at the university. Through research, programs and studies that are compatible with what was planned for this university to achieve its high mission and to reach its planned goals, Allah willing.

Stages of the establishment of this university stages was culminated in the issuance of a Royal Order number: A / 194 , 30 Zu El Heja 1430 AH, December 17, 2009 AD to appoint Dr. Khalid bin Mohammed bin Saad al-Muqrin director of the Majmaa'h University the excellent rank. To begin work in this university in a broader and accelerated steps to develop the existing faculties and further establishment of new faculties, and the approval to add sections and disciplines needed by the labor market to go this university in the furtherance of development and progress optimistically, to the bright future for this emerging university to be a beacon of advanced scientific referred and stands between those of other universities with pride and excellence, thanks to Allah and thanks to the support and help provided by the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, through what has been specified to the University of the big budget

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