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About The University
Teacher of the secrets of the human being. Light blessings from heaven and the earth, who fears and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger Mundhir Secretary evangelist who has reached the letter and the Secretariat and to his family and companions. That we seek to provide an overview of past and present colleges, centers and units, plans and projects.

The details will be included in the extensive public directory and directory for each college, in particular that the University add to its facilities day after day and develop the means available to non-stop. It may be noted in the continental divergence times of the emergence of some of the colleges and the University Oumravq. This is due to this university and faced obstacles in their way when Sudan was under foreign control, as well as during the period which followed the occupation. Has continued to represent the conscience of the nation's university district and preserve its heritage and safeguard its values, and because it is based on the broad overall view, it is both contrary to the Applied Science division of information sciences and is required in Islam, for coverage of aspects of life.

So we hope that this will help in the effort to know the whole University and to strengthen ties with the Establishments within and outside the Sudan, and to add new information originally filed with the unions and the universities of the Islamic, African and Arab League-brokered and held all of its membership. In conclusion, we call on odod to make good in every step.

Welcome you all at the site of Omdurman Islamic University on the information in the launch, the second, and update this site holds a curriculum the main essential in the know Omdurman Islamic University origination, development and aspects of academic administrative and financial aspects related to the development of educational processes, external relations and the definition of the faculties of the University and the University and its Institute centers and branches within the university in Sudan and the international agreements and locations of cooperation with universities and the membership of Omdurman Islamic University in organizations and international associations of universitie.

The goal of this program is to provide English speakers (both Muslim and non-Muslim alike) a rare opportunity to obtain an accredited degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic that is academically and Islamically sound. The undergraduate course is a four year BA degree which can be completed in 3 years. Each year consists of three semesters each of which has a duration of four months.

Although the program was initially designed to provide a solid Islamic foundation for English-speaking Muslim converts, Arab and non-Arab English-speaking Muslims who are keen to learn how to explain Islam accurately, to others in English can benefit from attending the program's courses. Similar Islamic Studies programs at Arabic universities in the Middle East take 6-7 years, beginning with a two to three year study of the Arabic language before the non-Arab student begins a four year study of the Islamic disciplines.

In response to the need for a more integrated approach, Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips has set up, in conjunction with the Omdurman Islamic University, Center for Islamic Studies at the Shaikh Eid Charity's branch, Qatar Guest Center, in Doha, Qatar. The Center will offer accredited courses leading to a BA degree in Islamic and Arabic Studies which will be issued by Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan. This can be accomplished in a minimum of three years of study. The Center for Islamic Studies (CIS) is a unique Middle-Eastern solution for those who cannot afford to spend 6-7 years pursuing a basic BA degree in Islamic disciplines in Arabic institutions.

Duration of the course
The Islamic Studies degree program will be taught completely in English at the facilities of the Qatar Guest Center. Female students will have completely separate facilities, where lectures will be conducted over close-circuit television. The teaching staff consists of English-proficient professors from a variety of countries with degrees from well-known Islamic institutions. In conjunction with local lecturers, additional visiting lecturers and professors from the West will be invited each semester to handle some of the Islamic subjects.

This course may be taken separately for a certificate in Arabic (128 hours over two semesters) or a diploma (256 hours over four semesters).

Consequently, the graduating student will have a level of Arabic proficiency unrivalled by any achieved in a Western institution offering degrees in Islamic Studies. Furthermore, the graduating student will be required to take at least two courses taught completely in Arabic as a graduation requirement, ensuring Arabic proficiency.

Only a limited number of seats will be available, so we encourage those seriously interested to pre-register immediately for the course. Preference will be given to those registering for the full program over those only interested in individual subjects. Official registration will commence Saturday, 6th January.

The undergraduate course is a four year BA degree which can be completed in 3 years at a cost (i.e. academic fees) of QR 12,155 (US$3,330) per year. There will be three semesters per year, each runs for four months and fees should be paid at the beginning of each semester.

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