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Peking Union Medical College

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About The University
Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), an institutional Faculty of Clinical Medicine affiliated to both Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS), is a renowned general hospital in China with a prestigious historical background. Designated by Ministry of Health, PUMCH is the national medical technical support center for diagnosis and treatment of severe and complicated diseases. Founded by Rockefeller Foundation in 1921, the hospital, with its gathering of notable experienced physicians, medical professionals and scientific researchers of various specialties, has maintained its leading position as one of the top-ranked hospitals in China for over 80 years. PUMCH consists of a complete spectrum of specialties with excellent, strong clinical foundations and expertise. Equipped with the most advanced medical equipments and technologies in China, the hospital, famous for its outstanding clinical professional cooperation amongst different specialties, maintains a primary role above all other hospitals in China in terms of medical treatment, scientific research and medical education.

After 85 years of development, PUMCH not only expanded in terms of experience accumulation, but also developed a completely unique medically professional culture. All medical records from history are meticulously preserved since hospital establishment, PUMCH's library stores a prolific amount of medical records and papers in various languages, and numerous professors are acting as national leaders in various medical specialties. PUMCH holds itself high and proud with the hospital motto, "strict assiduousness, advancement, diligence and devotion", these exact words represents the unique PUMCH family culture generation after generation.

The PUMC Hospital consists of two campuses comprising over 170,000㎡of clinical and research working area,1800 hospital beds, with more than 40 medical equipments and apparatus valuing over RMB 2 million as well as approximately 10 medical apparatus valued over RMB 10 million. There are 40 clinical departments and 15 adjunct departments, including 10 national key disciplines (in 12 departments) and 2 municipal key disciplines. A hospital based research center was introduced through a modern Central Lab, Clinical Trial Research Base, and the Animal Research Laboratory. Over the past decade, patient visits steadily increased, last year alone tallying up to 1,850,000 outpatient visits, 48,000 inpatient admissions and 28,000 surgical operations, with inpatient admission occupancy above 90%.

PUMCH includes 3,980 staff members, including 500 professors and associate professors and including one Chinese Academy of Sciences academician and two Chinese Academy of Engineering academicians. Fifty-seven professors serve as honorary presidents, presidents or vice-presidents in various Chinese Medical Association (CMA) specialty societies and/ or the Chinese Hospital Association (CHA), with 36 professors residing over the CMA's Beijing Branch. Moreover, 46 professors serve as editor-in-chief or vice editor-in-chief in over 79 state-level medical journals.

As the CAMS Institute of Clinical Medicine, the hospital has always attached great importance to scientific research. In the past 20 years, over 20 research projects received National Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 95 research projects receive ministry level or provincial awards. Within recent 5 years, the hospital conducted over 120 research projects at state level and over 130 projects at a ministry/ provincial level, including 84 projects funded by the NSCF (National Natural Science Foundation of China). Over 4000 research papers published in major Chinese or foreign medical journals within recent years.

As PUMC's Faculty of Clinical Medicine, the hospital places great effort upon basic and continued medical education and training, emphasizing upon basic principles, methodology, training individual independence. Resident on the job training programs as well as post-graduate training programs are amongst the most intensive and competitive nationwide. For several decades, the hospital trained numerous outstanding medical professionals, displaying an important and leading role in the development of China's medical sciences.

The hospital has 71 doctor degree mentors for 13 programs and 149 master degree mentors for 19 programs. PUMC post-doctoral training program in clinical medicine is located within PUMCH. As one of the nation's top-ranked clinical training centers, the hospital provides advanced training to over 600 physician fellows and 300 nursing fellows from various nationwide hospitals annually.

Within the last decade alone, PUMCH received 19 medals or certificates from Central Government agencies and local government agencies, such as "Top Ten Hospitals in Beijing" and "Top 100 National hospitals", bestowing great honor and pride upon the hospital for its outstanding medical service and quality patient care.

Currently, the PUMCH Healthcare Center will be established on a 750,000 ㎡ foundation, and the construction of outpatient and surgical buildings will be built over 220,000㎡. Upon completion of the two complexes, patient service, research and educational environment will greatly improve, providing an elevated plateau and quality standard for patient care, contributing to medical research and the education of medical professionals.

Medical Service Activity
Peking Union Medical College Hospital collectively trained and educated a large population of outstanding clinical doctors and medical researchers, insisting upon the development of medical research, receiving various national and international awards and grants.Hospital faculty holds esteemed positions within the Chinese Medical Association(total of 83 societies), Chinese Medical Doctor Association as president, chairman, vice chairman or board commissioners; Beijing Medical Association as well as chief editors or editors of various specialty journals.

As early as 1986 our hospital established a Medical Results Award program with a running history of 20 years, receiving 480 project researches representative of hospital management, development, quality control, highlighting inter and intradepartment cooperation, emphasizing our advantage of being a general hospital, encouraging development of innovative techniques and ideas. Within the last 5 years, the hospital has received ove 10 clinical national awards and various departments designated by the Chinese Ministry of Health as National Selective Focus Department.

Within recent years, the hospital has been emphasizing enlargmentofout patient clinic space, improve service, improve patient relations. In 2005, admission numbers reached 46000 visits, a 63% increase compared to numbers in 2000; out patient visits of up to 17.8 million patient visit, a 66% increase since 2000. The hospital has imported the first 64 row CT and 64 row double helix CT, 3T MRI, and the first to import a digital cather center and various large scale apparatus, elevating our hospital to an international level.

Our department of nursing has received national acclaim, following strict professionalism. Since the 90s the hospital was the first in China to enact "patients are our center" a complete nursing regimen, improving national nursing standards. In 1999 began specialty training programs for nurses, with specialized nurses in dialysis, AIDS, parenteral and enteral nutrition centers, they are knowledgeable in not only basic nursing skills but specialized requirements as well, our hospital is a model center for nursing continuing education and training.

Our hospital is the first in the nation to offer surgical services. Our special care medical unit is responsible for medical care of delegates from over 120 countries, beautifully completing various government appointed political responsibilities including medical support and assistance of international political leaders including presidents during their China visit, rescue and transport of international emergency victims winning international acclaim.

PUMCH respects and values our community and social responsibilities. Over the years have been actively a part of outreach and assistance programs throughout China including rescue outreach such as SARS, avian flu, AIDS and various other epidemics, our doctors have always been silent participants in the frontline, dedicating their services voluntarily.

Being a pillar of respect and medical leader, our hospital attracts patients from all over China, ranking highest amongst Beijing hospitals during recent evaluations.

International Medical Service
The International Medical Service offers high-quality medical services for the international expat community including diplomatic members as well as foreign company representatives in Beijing, even tourists from over 120 countries, as well as Chinese VIP patients who demand specialized care. The International Medical Service and Department of Health Care oversees a space of 9206 m2 including the outpatient clinic, emergency services, and 127 inpatient beds. Our annual numbers for outpatient care is approximately 50000 patients, inpatient patients over 2500,with over 1000 operations. The center provides weekday (except holidays) out-patient services, vaccination, health check-up, and 7/24 emergency services and out-patient services on demand. Appointments with preferred professors or doctors are available, with examination results inquiry by phone.

In the spirit of "Precision, Quality, Diligence and Devotion", doctors and nurses of the International Medical Service serve patients with open hearts and complete dedication.

Our hospital actively promotes education cooperation, and collaboration of clinical and basic science research, generalizing and promoting innovative research methods and projects targeting diagnostics and disease treatments.

Our hospital places significant emphasis upon research skills and education, we have a complete protein assessment central laboratory offering protein assembly and detection for clinical research, including protein analysis, molecular biology, cell biology, immunihistochemistry, cell immunology and various other high level research projects. Simultaneously offering a state of the art SPF grade animal laboratory and research center.

PUMCH clinical pharmacology center is currently the nation's largest clinical pharmacology drug testing centers. We have 17 specialty departments responsible for various SFDA clinical drug test trials, responsible for overseeing 75% of similar testing centers nationwide. Responsible for over 40 national and international multicenter clinical research, gaining massive experience placing us in the front of national clinical research. We have over 200 faculty members who have received national level clinical pharmacology training certification, 35 receiving the honor of drug approval specialists appointed by the national drug monitoring department.

Within the last 20 years, received 23 national level awards, 112 provincial awards with over 130 national level research grants and programs within the last 5 years.

The Peking Union Medical College Hospital is the teaching hospital of Peking Union Medical College, its competitive intensive 8 year program admits a limited number of applicants per year, targeted with the responsibility of educating the best of clinical scientists and doctors. Emphasizing upon clinical basic skills and quality education, training and cultivating individualism and cognitive thinking. In regards to our resident training program, we emphasize clinical skills and discipline, a core curriculum following basic medical education. We are responsible for over 30 national grade continuing education programs, standing as a bridge linking national and international medical personnel training end education.

International Exchange
Our hospital emphasizes international cooperation and exchange, maintaining various long term international friendship programs, within the last 5 years have sent over 2100 personnel overseas to Europe, the US, and all over Asia with a total of 30 countries for continuing education and fellowship trainings at esteemed international institutions. Our hospital specialists are or were past presidents and chairmen of major international conferences, academic exchanges with over 463 international exchange seminars, and over 20 international renown specialists as visiting professors.

Within the last 5 years, our hospital along with the EU and international AIDS Immunology Organizations have actively promoted AIDs prevention and research, SARS prevention research; with several renown US universities and institutions conducted various geriatric related disease epidemiology studies as well as SARS patient rehabilitation and various NIH projects. Emergency Medicine cooperation projects with the University of Washington. Our hospital is an active promoter of post menopause osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment, a member of the national 21st century urban health outreach system, China liver transplantation center and various other national and international research grant programs.

Video Presentation

Peking Union Medical College Hospital - Beijing, China

While in Beijing for the 2008 Summer Olympics, a member of The Doctor's Channel crew began to experience upper-right abdominal pain. This required a visit to the international wing of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. One of the most distinguishing features of Chinese medicine is the efficiency of the hospitals. Therefore, the crew member was admitted into PUMC Hospital, received an exam, an X-ray, diagnosis and treatment all within two hours of arrival.

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