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Ragas Dental College and Hospital

Region: Tamil Nadu Country: India

The Ragas is known beyond India as an Institute for advanced study in Dentistry and can look back on a long tradition. Its programs are characterized by academic diversity and an international atmosphere of learning in a traditional setting with modern teaching facilities. The college provides a forum for public lectures and both national and international seminars, workshops and symposium.

Ragas Dental College & Hospital
The RAGAS is known beyond India as an Institute for advanced study in Dentistry and can look back on a long tradition. Its programs are characterized by academic diversity and an international atmosphere of learning in a traditional setting with modern teaching facilities. The college provides a forum for public lectures and both national and international seminars, workshops and symposia.Expressly committed to the constitutional principle of freedom of research and teaching, the College undertakes basic, applied, subject-specific and trans-disciplinary research.

Constant endeavors to achieve and retain a high level of quality and topicality in research and teaching, coupled with innovative stimuli resulting from academic mobility and worldwide scholarly cooperation, have made the college one of India's most important centres of higher education in dentistry and cognate areas.The college has an open admission policy. Registration for new students begins approximately three months before the beginning of each academic year. Academic year normally begins in July/August. Contact our corporate office for details as to available seats, courses, admission requirements, estimated expenses, course structure, methods of assessment etc.

The RDC&H is affiliated to THE TAMILNADU Dr.MGR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY and has been duly recognized / accredited by the following bodies:

  • Dental Council of India
  • Government of India
  • Government of Tamil Nadu
This status is an important element for the assurance of quality and maintenance of standards against national and international benchmarks. This benchmark reference is also most important to educational providers, potential students, graduates and employers and a critical component of certification to governments and licensing bodies. By having a nationally benchmarked standard for judgment of BDS, MDS, Ph.D. and Diploma Programs, the college is well positioned to provide a basis for international comparability and reciprocal recognition, facilitating the mobility of dental graduates from this college to other institutions.

The following licensing bodies have accorded approval and recognition of the college and its graduates:
  • Malaysian Dental Council
  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow for MFDS (FDSRCS program)
  • Srilankan Dental Council
  • Dental Council of Middle East Countries, Saudi Arabia and Libya
Doctoral Studies
The Ph.D. track in the college is meant to facilitate rigorous individually designed but faculty guided research in the field or sub-fields of dentistry, broadly conceived. The college is itself a substantial asset for those pursuing research. By choosing among the resources not only of RDC&H, but of other health institutions and agencies in the City of Chennai, students may create research menu that suits both their strengths and aspirations and the needs and challenges of the field.

Among these institutions and agencies are THE TAMIL NADU Dr. MGR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY , health maintenance organizations, community hospitals, nursing homes, home health program, urgent care centres, clinics, voluntary health associations, and other health care organizations.Should you wish to apply for a higher research degree, you will first need to contact the college's Research Support Office with an outline of the area you are interested in researching. You will then receive an information pack on research opportunities, including application forms and free advice.

Postgraduate Studies
The College believes that Postgraduate study is as important in dentistry discipline as it is anywhere else. The postgraduate degree is broadly called Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) and is awarded after a successful completion of 3 academic years of full time study or equivalent for which a student can meet the pre-requisite

Following are the post graduate specializations available: Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) in
  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Pedodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Oral Pathology
  • Oral medicine & Radiology Community Dentistry
The choice of specialization is made by the student, based on personal objectives and preferences. Specialization consists of core courses, a prescribed course concentration and extensive experience in field setting. Each student in final term writes a capstone dissertation that is an opportunity for original research

Undergraduate Studies
A modern, diversified and rapidly developing institution, the RDC&H offers opportunities for Undergraduate study in Dentistry, broadly called Bachelor of Dental Surgery. This degree is awarded after successful completion of five years of academic studies, including one year of compulsory rotatory internship.

The undergraduate program is judged as providing preparation for graduates to enter the profession and commence a professional career of dental practice.

The curriculum consists of a set of required courses providing a core of knowledge in basic medical sciences and their application to dentistry. Later part of the course further develops the core abilities and provides the student, a set of broadly useful knowledge, practice and skills applicable to a variety of settings. In this part, many content areas relevant to dental practice and surgery are contained within modules, while others require a sequence. In every case, the required content includes both generic information and dental service applications. In the internship phase, all students spend one year in a residency (internship) using their skills and learning from seasoned practitioners. The study and practice of dentistry are enhanced considerably by opportunities for observation and practice in a perfectly professional setting. This places the students in a hands-on situation.

Diploma Programs
The good news is that you do not have to be a degree-level graduate to work in dentistry area. The vast range of skills and types of work which dentistry impacts means that a variety of entry routes exist into the profession. The college offers a portfolio of the diploma awards directly relevant to the needs and experiences of students aspiring careers in dentistry. Such diploma programs reflect our commitment to widening participation in dental education and our ability to administer a range of pathways to achieve this.

Following are the diploma programs available:
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Mechanic
Dental Hygiene
Dental Hygiene is an increasingly dynamic profession for persons who wish to participate as active members of health profession.
Dental Hygienists can work in health maintenance organizations or long-term care facilities ;
on a military base; in a hospital setting; in dental sales ;
in veterinary dentistry ;
for a government agency ;
or in another country.
They may :
  • Perform oral health assessments and treatment planning
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Assist the surgeon in providing therapeutic services, for example: remove deposits from teeth and apply sealants and fluoride to prevent decay
  • Perform oral cancer and blood pressure screening
  • Place and remove temporary fillings and periodontal dressings
  • Remove sutures
  • Provide Oral health instructions
Dental Mechanic
Dental Mechanic is a rapidly growing profession and dental mechanics are continually assuming a greater range of responsibility. The profession offers multiple pportunities in multiple settings.
Dental Technicians produce replacements for lost tooth substance, teeth and surrounding tissues. The field is enriched by a huge technological development over the years. The profession is a precise and detailed art of handy-work which is technique relying. It demands an excellent sense of shape and colour as well as eye for form and design.
Dental Technology as such may be divided into the following areas :

  • General prostheses Constructing partial or full dentures (metal and non-metal) to replace the partial or total loss of natural teeth.
  • Crown and bridge Restoration of the natural teeth
  • Implantology Placing implants directly into the patient's jaw bone and filling these implants with prostheses
  • Maxillo-facial Replacing missing facial and body tissues with prostheses
  • Orthodontics The manufacture of fixed or removable appliances for the correction of dental irregularities in the mouths of children and young adult.


  • Bachelor Degree
  • BDS
  • Master Degree
  • MDS
  • Diploma Programmes
  • Diploma in Dental Hygiene & Diploma in Dental Assistant
  • Doctorate/PhD
  • Ph.D. Program

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