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Syiah Kuala University

Region: Aceh Country: Indonesia

Kuala University, is a manifestation of the will of the people of Aceh to have a state higher education institution, as it never existed and evolved in the past.In the reign of Sultan Iskandar Muda, the Kingdom of Aceh has been a center of science known. The students and faculty from all over the world, such as the Sultanate of Turkey, Iran, and India.

Kuala Shia, whose name ditabalkan at public universities in the Veranda of Mecca, was a prominent cleric archipelago named Tengku Abdur Rauf Singkili As in the sixteenth century, which is well known in the field of law and religion.

In 1957, the beginning of Aceh province was formed, the leaders of the Aceh administration, among others by Governor Ali Hasjmy, War Authority Lieutenant Colonel H. Syamaun Ghaharu and Major T.Hamza Treasurer and supported the rulers, scholars, clerics, and other politicians have agreed to lay the foundation for educational development of Aceh.

On 21 April 1958, the Foundation Welfare Fund Aceh (YDKA) was formed with the goal of holding development in order to realize the spiritual and physical well-being and happiness for the people. YDKA initially led by the Regent of M.Husen, head of the General Administration in the Office of the Governor at the time, which was then headed by Governor Ali Hasjmy. YDKA together a program include: a. Establishing settlements student / students in the capital city of the province and every district in the region of Aceh. b. Pursue the establishment of a university for the region of Aceh.

Consistent with the idea, dated June 29, 1958, Lord of War Special Region forming PLANNER COMMISSION AND CREATOR CITY STUDENT / STUDENT. The Commission considered as siblings YDKA commission has a duty as a creator, thinker body, and the inspiration for YDKA, so the commission is seen as a major capital construction of township learners / students.

The Commission is chaired by the Governor Ali creator Hasjmy and Lt. T. Hamzah as vice chairman. The first result of his work is to create a name for the city
DARUSSALAM student / student, and Shia KUALA to established university.
So on the various efforts made by the Commission YDKA with the Creator to realize development and UNSYIAH Darussalam.

Determination of the government and the people of Aceh to rebuild the education world, has been firmly entrenched in the chest, so that a year later, on August 17, 1958 has held a groundbreaking ceremony city student / student (KOPELMA) by the Minister of Religious Affairs Darussalam KH Mohd. Ilyas on behalf of the central government, a week later followed by the laying of the first stone building in Darussalam made by Minister Prof. PDK. Dr. Priyono.

A year later wishes and aspirations of the people of Aceh to have a college has become a reality. City Students Darussalam officially opened by President Soekarno on 2 September 1959, accompanied Darussalam monument unveiling and dedication of the first faculty Kuala University, Faculty of Economics. September 2 is then set as the Regional Education Day NAD, which is celebrated every year by the people of Aceh, a day that has meaning revival of education in this area.

At the opening and inauguration Kopelma Darussalam, the President stated that as an educational center Darussalam Aceh is the epitome of a peaceful climate and atmosphere of unity, cooperation between the people and the leaders of Aceh, as well as capital development and progress of the region of Aceh in particular and Indonesia in general.

History has proven that determination was manifest ideals into reality, and this reality has been immortalized in a sketch on the monument Darussalam through handwriting a head of state.

From then on, all the components of the Acehnese joined devote thought and effort and work hand in hand in building that foundation Darussalam Kuala University. Police, soldiers, officials, school children, people around the township Darussalam, participating mutual cooperation with full sincerity to establish and contribute to the development effort Darussalam, which is seen as "the Soul of the People's Aceh".

Embryo Unsyiah starting from the Faculty of Economics, followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry in 1960. Unsyiah, as a new university officially declared on the date of June 21, 1961 by Ministerial Decree No. PTIP. 11 In 1961 and approval times through Presidential Decree. 161 dated 24 April 1962. Along with the opening of SK Unsyiah, it also opened the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and the Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge.

Unsyiah development continued with the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science. Besides the 8 faculties with Strata 1 level, until now Unsyiah has had professional program for physicians and veterinarians, diploma 3 (D-III) Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, diploma program 2 (D-II PGSD) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education,S1 Extension Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture, as well as parallel classes S1 FKIP.

In addition, Kuala University has also opened Postgraduate programs (PPs) Master in Economics and Development Studies (IESP), Master of Management (MM), Land Conservation Resource (KSDL), Education Management (MP), and a Master of Engineering (MT ). In the academic year 1998/1999, Kuala University has accepted new students for the Doctoral Program (S3) in the field of economics.

Since its founding, Unsyiah successively led by Colonel M. Jasin as the Pj. President, Drs. Marsuki Nyak Man as the chairman of the Presidium, Drs. A. Majid Ibrahim as Rector, Prof. onwards. Dr. Ibrahim Hasan, MBA., Prod. Dr. Abdullah Ali, M.Sc., Dr. M. Basyah Ali Amin, MA., Prof. Dr. Dayan Dawood, MA., Prof. Dr. Abdi A. Wahab, M.Sc. and now under the leadership of Prof. Unsyiah. Dr. Darni M. David, MA

Making Kuala University as one of the leading universities in Southeast Asia in the development of science and technology, producing high-quality graduates and menunjung high moral values ​​and ethics.

1. Education and quality teaching to produce graduates who are qualified as experts, researchers and thinkers to exploit the widest application of technology to the development of science.

2. Develop a culture and systems research to produce quality research and benefit the community.

3. Developing institutional collaboration to accelerate the development to become an independent university.

4. Improving the quality of university management and continuous support of the activities and services through the application of the principles of accountability, transparency and participatory characterized by good government.

5. Promote community service based on the great social responsibility.

Laboratory Facilities
Kuala University currently has 131 units of laboratories used for practicum students, student research, and faculty and community services in terms of research in accordance with their respective fields. Laboratories are scattered in different departments with the following faculties: Faculty of Economics 2 units, 11 units of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Law, 1 unit, 29 units of the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, 17 units, 3 units Guidance and Counseling, Faculty of Medicine, 27 units, 26 units of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences , and 1 unit of Integrated Laboratory.

Office Administration Center (NAC)
Office Administration Center (NAC) is implementing administrative unit at the Kuala University consists of several bureaus: Bureau of Public Administration and Finance (Bauk), Bureau of Academic Administration (BAA), the Bureau of Administrative Affairs (BAK) and the Bureau of Planning and System Administration Information (BAPSI)

Institutions and UPT
Structurally Kuala University has two institutes and 2 Technical Implementation Unit (UPT). Institutions and UPT's in Kuala University is currently Research Institute (Lemlit), Institute of Community Services (LPKM), Unit of Computer and Information Systems Center (PUKSI) and Library Unit. Kuala University Library has a collection that includes a fairly adequate textbooks, reference books, journals, serials, perodikal, and scientific writings of academics UNSYIAH.

Quality Assurance Agency (BJM)
Establishment of Academic Quality Assurance System (SPMA) by Rector's Decree 462 of 2006 dated December 19, 2006 driven by determination and commitment Kuala University to become one of college quality and highly competitive. SPMA organizational structure include the quality of university-level organizations, faculty and department / program of study. At the university level, the organization SPMA is Quality Assurance Agency (BJM). At the level of the faculty is the Faculty Quality Assurance Unit (SJMF), and at the department / program of study is the Academic Quality Assurance Team (TPMA). Furthermore, the level of the academic staff are Quality Circles (QCC). By carrying the motto "Menggemgam quality, enhance competitiveness", the BJM Unsyiah determined to ensure the SPMA UNSYIAH be implemented as planned.

Student Organizations
In order to build leadership and managerial talent, students are expected to actively participate in various student organizations and activities, whether at universities, faculties and departments. Kuala University strongly supports the development of programs that are designed, decided and executed independently by the students themselves. Management of students in each organization took place in a period of one year, and the succession process lasts entirely by and for students. Student organizations in Kuala University are as follows:
a. PEMA: Student Government
b. DPM: Students Consultative Council
c. MPM: Student Consultative Assembly
d. SMEs: Student Activity Unit

Academic Services Unit, Research and Student Affairs
Unit consists of Academic Services Center for Language (Language Centre), Center for Employment Services, Guidance and Counseling Center, Printing Unit, Student Clinic, Center for Educational Technology, Gardens Unsyiah, Workshop, Lecture General Service Unit (MKU), Center for Intellectual Property, Development Centre Area Studies, Research Center for Social and Cultural Studies, American Studies Center, Center for Environmental Research Studies, Center for Research on Population and Human Resources, Science and Technology Pnelitian, Dormitory Student Cooperative, Center for Educational Research and Development, Center for Women's Studies, Center for the Study of Traditional Food, Quality Assurance Agency, Center for Marine Studies, Centre for Development and training, Indigenous Legal Studies Center, Center for Human Rights Studies and the Centre for Police Studies, University Farm, Animal Farm and the Teaching and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation Research Centre (TDMRC)

Other Facilities
Kuala University has several sports facilities are tennis courts, 2 tennis open (for general activity and exercise), Golf Ball Foot and Sports Stadium. Sport Centre and the student center building. There are also facilities Building auditorium AAC (Academic Activity Centre) Prof. Dr. Dayan Dawood, MA. In addition there is a telecommunication facility, cafe, post office, banks and ATM centers, Islamic Centre, campus buses, parking, playground for kids, green open spaces and cafeteria.

Academic Activity Centre
Academic Activity Centre or Multipurpose Building is a new facility that was completed in 2003 at the expense of the OECF. This building can diperguankan for various activities, either by the campus community and outside the campus by following the procedures established by the Rector Iniversitas Syiah Kuala.

Owned Infrastructure Unsyiah
1. Broad Campus: 1,324,300 M2
2. Land and Campus Darussalam: 9,437,209 M2
3. Spacious Rooms: 136 174 M2
4. Area of ​​Building: 123 009 M2
5. Rumas Department, Kopelma, Parking Spots: 51,035 M2

Islamic Centre
To balance the ability of science and technology with pengtahuan spiritual development for the academic community and the general public, the Kuala University also has facilities and infrastructure that support the development of the spiritual form of Islamic Centre. Complex Islamic Centre representative for Kuala University to this day continue to be addressed to provide a comfortable atmosphere in worship. Madrasah Diniyah who are on campus will be moved to the Islamic Center complex after the complex is completed. Islamic Centre is planned to undertake a study of isalam, such as the spread Isalam in the archipelago, the Islamic Fiqh contribution in the development of Indonesian literature, architecture Isalam and other issues related to Islam as a religion professed by the people of Aceh.

Syiah Kuala University Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Department of General Physician Education
  • Master Degree
  • Master Degree for Surgery Science

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