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Syrian International University for Science and Technology

Region: Damascus Country: Syrian Arab Republic

Overall message:
Seeking Faculty of Dentistry at the University of the Syrian Special to excellence in preparing graduates with high efficiency scientifically and morally capable of developing his skills and his knowledge constantly according to the latest scientific data world, to put it in the service of improving the quality of health care Sunni provided to citizens in all areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, and will be done by enhancing the services provided to the community different Pfiath and cooperation relations with many universities and local health authorities, Arab and international. The college will seek to participate in social events, economic and cultural as well as to contribute to the scientific research that pay for the development of the quality of life of people in Syria.

1 - Prepare dentist practitioner with high efficiency is capable of providing dental health care, both therapeutic and preventative for all members of the society.
2 - Preparation of the dentist is able to pursue post-graduate studies and carry out scientific research, which would contribute to meet the needs of the community.
3 - the care and development of scientific research in the sciences and Dentistry of Applied clinical service, scientific work and the development of the spirit and the collective scientific research graduates to be an important part of the medical team who can play a special role in society.
4 - Development of methods and means of research and education and pedagogy including the development of academic literature and reference sources and translate some foreign, especially modern ones and the unification of the Arab medical term.
5 - Work to bring about rehabilitation and education courses continuously for dental graduates working in various disciplines to develop services in the public and private sector and linking the university community needs.
6 - closer links with colleges and scientific bodies concerned in diameter medical and dental colleges Arab and foreign countries in order to develop scientific research in medicine and oral surgery and dental.

Sought the College of Dentistry and total since the opening of the College Library attention was its continuing insurance to all that is new and useful from the scientific literature to be in the hands of researchers from students and professors.
The library is located on the third floor of the college building and contains books in Arabic and English-language books and periodicals in modern dentistry.
Library also fitted with appropriate furniture provides the means heating and cooling and the presence of a competent employee to oversee the library and follow-up needs in coordination with the Dean and the Central Library at the university.

Lies a College of Pharmacy at the University of Syrian own ambition to achieve academic excellence and academic graduates in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences all is achieved through the construction of the student's personality and expand stimuli mental, scientific and ethics professional by following the latest means of education and scientific research in pharmacy in all fields and all that to meet the requirements Current and future work pharmacist to be an example for pharmacists who are committed to their duties in the service of society and securing all relevant requirements.

1 - a new generation of pharmacists and rehabilitation work in the profession of pharmacists and provide the necessary cadres to meet the needs of the community in the field of pharmaceutical services and pharmaceutical production.
2 - Development of pedagogy by interactive methods between the student and the professor to lead to the development of student skills through interaction with a professor and thus acquire the foundations of scientific thinking and creativity.
3 - the transfer of knowledge from the global education means to the student through books, translators and scientific references and made available to students.
4 - activation of student activities, encourage and promote the development of the student's personality so that in the future will be able to solve problems and to contribute to solving the problems of society and its development.
5 - Increase cooperation with various pharmaceutical institutions in the Syrian Arab Republic and with the various Colleges of Pharmacy Arab and foreign.
6 - to contribute to the development of scientific research through research carried out by faculty members and students to ensure keep up with the global pharmaceutical science

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Address: Autostrade Mezze - Eastern meze villas - against Baath house - by the United Nations building (UNICEF)


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