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University Hassan II Casablanca

Region: Casablanca Country: Morocco

About The University
Distinguished the situation of the University Hassan II - Ain Chock in Casablanca in the industrial capital and economic predestination to contribute effectively to economic and social development and dissemination of knowledge.

Since the creation of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences in 1975, the development of its business has continued to evolve, helped by rapid urbanization and population growth facing the city.

In 1974, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy is opened and since 1975, the University of Casablanca becomes autonomous and is named after His Majesty the King Hassan II.

From the academic year 1981, the University has been strengthened by the creation of the Faculties of Science and the Arts and Humanities, while in 1986 the National School of Electricity and Mechanics and 'School of Technology have opened thus contributing to the multidisciplinary nature of the university.

University Hassan II - Ain Chock, Casablanca set itself the primary goal to train young professionals relevant to the economic development of the country. It prepares students for careers of the future trying to meet the real needs of the economic fabric of the metropolis.

The formation of the student must have to follow a changing society that demands more and more quality of service and adaptation to technological equipment and management.

The National Charter of Education and Training and the provisions of the Act are 01.00 a new structure and organization of higher education, so that the University responds to changes in society and the challenges of globalization.


With reference to Article 3 of Law 01-00 on the organization of higher education, the university's main tasks are:

The contribution to the strengthening of national and Islamic identity;

The initial training and continuing education;

The development and dissemination. knowledge, knowledge and culture;

Preparing young people for integration into working life including the development of know-how;

Scientific and technological research;

Evaluation and assessments

Contribution to the overall development of the country;

Contribution to the promotion of universal values.

University Hassan II-Casablanca provides, through its eight facilities, training in various fields of science, health, technology, economics, literature, humanities, legal, economic and social.

Structures Research

Since 2005, Hasan II University conducted a structuring of activities "Search" in laboratories and research teams with the objective of contributing to the promotion of scientific research at national level.
The research facilities are as follows :

Faculty of Science: 16 laboratories and 53 teams

School ENSEM: 2 and 8 teams Laboratories

School IS: 3 laboratories and 10 teams

Faculty of Dentistry: a laboratory and four teams

Faculty of Arts and Humanities: a research center, a laboratory and 11 teams

Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy: six laboratories and 38 research teams.

Faculty of Law, Economics and Social: 6 laboratories and 22 teams.

Medical Coverage

As part of its policy to improve health conditions and health status of students during their studies, the University Hassan II-Casablanca in partnership with the delegations of the Ministry of Health have implemented a development program and promotion of academic health, including through:

The availability of nursing in each facility;

The provision of care by paramedical personnel;

Medical examination of the undergraduate students and residents of the halls;

Medical consultation at the request;

The medical and paramedical care;

Referral to specialized medical consultation;

Control of the state of health of academic institutions;

The EDUCING health;

The organization of awareness campaigns and information on health;

The state control of food hygiene and health and safety of academia.

Cultural Activities

Promoting art and culture is an integral part of the main missions of the University Hassan II Casablanca, who are training and scientific research.
As such, the University supports all cultural activities aimed at developing the creative spirit in students and in particular: The CreArt is a cultural event organized annually in partnership with the University Maqam to promote art and culture and aims to encourage students from local institutions, national and international s' express, by participating in the animation of public open space of Casablanca and organizing concerts free and open to all young people, which represent the amateur and professional artists of great renown .

General information and language requirements
International students can study Medicine either in Estonian or in English, however, the English language instruction is available for the first two years of the programme, after the second year it switches over to Estonian. Students can either apply to the Estonian or the English group, there is no possibility to apply for both groups.

The English language instruction is not available in Dentistry and Pharmacy. The applicants of the Estonian group of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy are required to be sufficiently fluent in Estonian at the time of admission to the university. They must submit results of Estonian proficiency test with their application documents. The knowledge of Estonian must correspond to the level of C1, according to the Applicants who have completed upper secondary education abroad, but have finished first 9 grades in Estonia must submit a certified copy of a school certificate (as a proof of their language level).

English group of Medicine
Admission of the international applicants is formed on the basis of the results of
Minimum 16 students will be accepted to the English group of Medicine. Admission takes place on the basis of a ranking list. In case of equal scores, an applicant ranked higher has:

1. higher score in Chemistry
2. higher number of courses of Chemistry
3. higher score in Biology
4. higher number of courses of Biology

a final examination result of upper secondary school

The students of the English group study Estonian as a compulsory subject of the programme and there is no extra tuition fee for language studies.

Course Registration and Examination
First of all, students must register to a course and by registration a student assumes an obligation to take the examination or pass/fail evaluation in the course during the semester it is taught.

Course registration for each semester has the following dates:
1. registration for spring semester - starts on December 15th and runs until the beginning of spring semester
2. registration for autumn semester - starts on May 15th and runs until the beginning of autumn semester

First year and exchange/visiting students have the first two weeks of their first semester for course registration.

The student is allowed to take the examination if he/she has registered for the course and fulfilled all the requirements necessary to take the examination. The examiner (the teaching staff member responsible or the person nominated by him/her) bears the responsibility for checking the fulfilment of the requirements established in the syllabus for allowing the student to take the examination.

Times of examinations
The student must choose between two regular examination times, it is an exception if more times are given. Examinations times are fixed at the same time with timetables. Timetables of autumn semester are available in the Study Information System as of May 2, spring semester ones are available as of December 1. In order to see timetables in the Study Information System, one can access the system without UT access account.

Registration to examinations
In general, students are not required to register to an exam separately. All students who have registered to the course and have chosen one of the examination times are automatically considered for taking the exam. However, with very large students groups, the teaching staff member responsible for the course may ask for separate registration. In this case, students need to register themselves in the Study Information System at the latest three days before the exam is held. If there are more than 60 registered students, registration must be done at the latest three days before the first examination takes place.
If the student wishes to take a resit, registration is obligatory. The registration for the resit ends one day before the resit takes place.

Examination results
An examination graded in the range from E to A is regarded as a pass. An examination graded with an F is regarded as a failure. Grades will be entered into the Study Information System within four working days after the examination takes place if the examination was taken by 50 persons; within seven working days if the examination was taken by 51-80 persons and within 11 working days if the examination was taken by more than 80 persons. Despite the number of the persons having taken the examination, the grades must be entered at the latest two working days before the resit in the respective course, but not later than by the end of the semester.

University Hassan II Casablanca Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS
  • Master Degree
  • MD Anaesthesiology
  • MD Anatomy
  • MD Biochemistry
  • MD Community Medicine
  • MD Dermatology
  • MD Emergency Medicine
  • MD General Medicine
  • MD Microbiology
  • MD Paediatrics
  • MD Pathology
  • MD Pharmacology
  • MD Physiology
  • MD Psychiatry
  • MD Radiodiagnosis
  • MD Skin & V.D
  • MD TB & Chest Diseases
  • MS Anatomy
  • MS ENT
  • MS General Surgery
  • MS Ophthalmology
  • MS Orthopaedics

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MedEmpleo - Abdellatif Komat, Universidad Hassan II Casablanca

Intervencion Komat Abdellatif, Vice-Presidente, University Hassan II in Casablanca, Marruecos, en el Encuentro Internacional sobre Creacion de Empleo para Jovenes del Mediterraneo-MedEmpleo, celebrado dias los 25 y 26 de abril de 2012 in the Casa Arabe Madrid.

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