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University of Batna

Region: Batna Country: Algeria

University of Batna went through several stages of restructuring. The first steps in its history dating back to September 1977 when it was created by presidential decree as a university center consisting of two institutes of higher education.

The first steps of its history back to the date of September 1977, Decree 77/79 of June 1977, when it was founded as a University Centre involving two institutions: Law and Letters in the premises of a former agricultural farm located in the industrial area. In 1979, a former school converted for the occasion, which hosts the opening of Economics and the transfer of institutions and legal letters from the farm. At the same, there was the launch of the Institute of Agronomy in the premises of the former farm.

In 1980, the institutes of Agronomy and Veterinary starting their courses in an ex-CFPA or dormitories were constructed in laboratories. In 1982, a second training center building technicians (MATUC) provides the framework for the opening of the Veterinary Institute. In the same year, there was the launch of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering departments .

In 1985, the university was restructured into six national institutes of higher education-INES-: Economics Legal, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Sciences Medical Literature and Language Arabic and hydraulics. In 1990, the INES were dissolved to give birth to the university institutes comprising combining several departments within them. From 1990 to 1999, the university has been highly developed, both in number of institutes and departments, or educational facilities and accommodation and most important number of students increased from 10,000 to over 20,000.

The University Today
Today the University is reorganized administratively into seven faculties and one institute university in industrial hygiene and safety, with 38 departments spread over different sites. Hajj Lakhder Campus: Faculty of Science, Economics, Literature and Humanities, the Institute of Industrial Safety and part of the Engineering Sciences.

Cubs I: (campus Abrouk Madani): Faculty Engineering Sciences. CUB II Faculty of Law and Political Science. Tahar H'liss Campus: Faculty of Social Sciences and Islamic Sciences. ITE Larbi Tebessi: Department of Social Sciences and post graduation students 2506 and 1494 permanent teachers.

To cope with this increase of students, a new university center is in the process of 22000PP realization Fesdis located in 10km from the town of Batna.Mohamed Tahar Abidi was born in 1916 in Ouled Chelih - Batna, it is from a family materially poor but rich in nationalism and spirituality.

Returned from France early in World War II where he strengthened alongside the Europeans a sense of freedom, justice and love of country. Armed with these convictions, he created the first secret cell in view of preparations for the great dream of all Algerians: the revolution leading to independence

In 1941 he was contacted by Ben Mustapha Boulaid to submit a program of preparedness and awareness in preparation for the fight for independence.


The scientific and academic cooperation at the international level is a major or critical to the success of a research policy and constitutes an e parliaments bulk of scientific research system.

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  • Bachelor Degree
  • B.Pharm
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  • Doctor of Pharmacy

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