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It is brought to the attention of teachers and students that the second forum for academic cooperation with the theme: cooperation and instruments to support the development of universities, will be held from 7 to 9 July 2010 on the campus of Lome. It is expected, in addition to the training workshop on tools to support academic work of the European Union ..., an exhibition of student nstitutions created by presidential decree of September 18, 1972, the School of Medical Assistants has long been established primarily to nurses, midwives and health assistants graduate of State, with a good experience, a real.

The modernization, professionalization and strengthening of its training. The first two can significantly reduce the square of the model of general education and theoretical legacy of the French university for 70 years, the boundaries have led to rise of Grandes Ecoles. They call for the consolidation of programs for the benefit of knowledge and know-how closely connected to the needs of society in order to provide the country of "senior developers" competent craftsmen of social welfare and economic performance, not only "employees" of a government visibly saturated. The building, in turn, results in the opening of the Masters, leading to doctoral programs.

The innovation, qu'appellent the Gabonese economy and society, is the ratio by which the particular UOB may abandon its old stance of passive requesting institution means the state institution to become a creative resource. Through innovation, it can no longer be solely an expense to establish itself as an investment, may actually stimulate social change.

The contracting. The new context, which calls the rebuilding of UOB, marked internally by the LMD reform and externally by the new political project, requires that the State, enterprises and society as a whole find themselves in a kind of "social contract" with the university. Under this contract, will share appropriate means and skills efficient. The autonomy of the university and will be consolidated, and its inclusion as an actor proven development, especially in positioning itself as civic institution.

All these areas should be unavoidably lead to a University news, attractive, where students enroll return by choice, not default, and where teachers and researchers, with a status worthy of an intellectual elite, rooted permanent body in the academic institution, will exercise their teaching. Undoubtedly, these routes should be open to a different vision, may indicate a new place where it is still possible to build a University help the country as a tool irreplaceable and performance management training likely to be or drive policy Emergence, so the development and progress of Gabon.

The school project of our university is built around two major axes are:

  • The introduction of the LMD reform;
  • The reform of university governance.
With regard to the LMD reform, the team intends to present the complete rectorial gradually. Thus it has been an experimental phase, during the 2006-2007 academic year, with the first year license cycle, the 2007-2008 academic year will switch the second year of that cycle. With the reform of university governance, the board rectorial, intends to make the University Omar Bongo both a center of excellence and a real campus for the integrated flow of information at the university administration, the university library and finally the various departments of university.

Major changes in the history of humanity are still among the high places of thought and action are the temples and other circles of knowledge. Going to the highest office, I knew I could not pass anything great my country is changing positively without an elite firm, for his training and degree of patriotism. The creation of a National University in 1970, responded to this concern, therefore, to have on site of a temple of knowledge to accompany me in the battle against underdevelopment and anticipate that tomorrow is always better that today.

By choosing the young Albert Bernard Bongo as Chief of Staff, President Leon Mba was plenty of time to enjoy his moderation and foresight of his positions. It is therefore natural that he appointed 24 September 1965 Minister for the Presidency of the Republic, then Head of Defence and Coordination. Accordance with constitutional provisions, Albert Bernard Bongo became President of the Gabonese Republic December 2, 1967, at the age of 32 years after the death of Leon Mba. The new Head of State rallied quickly all the votes by adopting a leniency towards those responsible for the coup of 1964. He will be committed to giving his country an image of cohesion around a single party, the Gabonese Democratic Party, and to favor economic development to improve the living conditions of all the Gabonese.

Born under the name of Albert Bernard Bongo on 30 December 1935 Lewai, now renamed Bongoville in the province of Haut Ogooue heir and ethnic Obamba.Proud of his peasant origins, he said he did not come willingly to the world on a hospital bed and knew neither cradle or housekeeper.

His father, a farmer, died when he was only seven years. The youngest of twelve children, he says early on his rebellious nature and rebellious, solitary and independent. "From elementary school, I was already older than the kids my age." As guardian forbids her to continue her studies in France, he sailed alone to Brazzaville and enrolled in technical school. Later, he became the only black to do his military service in the French Air Force in Chad. If his policy positions hostile to the colonial administration brought him some problems, his military experience will be important later in his career, "the army trained me. I learned about the hierarchy. Before ordering, we must learn to obey. " Back in Gabon became independent, he joined the Foreign Ministry, where his qualities were soon noticed and earned him quick access to the highest offices of state.
Engaged in public and political life

Shortly after his accession to the highest office, President Bongo became leader of the Gabonese Democratic Party, since 1978, the National University of Gabon is rebatisee "Omar Bongo University (UOB). He then engages the implementation of major projects very ambitious will definitely mark the history of Gabon and ensure the "Father of Renovation" the consecration by the Gabonese people. can be cited among his accomplishments the Transgabonais. This massive project that will take the country in suspense for many years s is completed in 1986 and today generates a considerable impact on the economy.

Thanks to the obstinacy of the Head of State, which has resisted the opposition of the World Bank, that this achievement has been possible. The year 1973 marks an important milestone in the private life of President Bongo. Become a Muslim by conviction, he took the name of El Hadj Omar Bongo.

Omar Bongo commitment to his country opening up to multi at the beginning of the 90s. Parliamentary elections and 1993 presidential confirm the victory of the Democratic Party and President Bongo of Gabon.The agreements were signed in Paris in 1994 opened the way for constitutional reform on which to base a multi definitely the new rules of transparency and organization of elections.
Thanks to the Head of the State, Gabon boasts an outstanding political and social stability, which make the country a key partner within the African community.
The voice of the President authority today on the continent in diplomacy and peace . He never misses an opportunity to call African leaders to make every effort to establish a durable political peace, and is always available to conduct mediation at the request of the protagonists. If, for discretion, he speaks little of his missions in the sub region or in neighboring countries, yet they are many and earned him on many occasions the recognition and praise from the international community mediation in Chad, Republic mediation Central and implementation, upon request, a peacekeeping force of the UN in Congo, a cease fire after meeting with both parties in the former Zaire, Cote d ' Ivoire, he advises the President Mobutu to hand over power in the hands of the transitional parliament ...


The institutional life of the university is struture, since the law 021/2000 of 10 January 2001, around three decision-making bodies: the Board of Directors, the Board of University and the Rector.

The president directs the university and ensures proper functioning of the institutions that comprise it. He is assisted in his task by two vice-presidents and two deans.
It has the administrative and financial services to the university, headed by a Secretary General.

The first University was born from the Gabonese outbreak in 1970, the Foundation for Higher Education in Central Africa (FESAC), created at the time of the independence of the territories of French Equatorial Africa (AEF) with the support of France to meet their needs in senior management. In 1970, Gabon, decides to create in Libreville, in the former premises of FESAC, National University of Gabon, in 1978 renamed "University Omar Bongo" (UOB).

In recent decades, we are witnessing a decentralization of the university, with the creation of many public institutions of higher learning, including the creation in 1985 from the University of Science and Technology of Masuku (USTM) in Franceville, or even the University of Health Sciences (USS) in Libreville.

It should be noted as the end of the peg to the UOB some institutes and faculties which the law confers legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, National Institute of Management Sciences; Higher Institute of Technology, National School of the Secretariat, Ecole Normale Superieure of Technical Education, Ecole Normale Superior, etc.).. With this restructuring, the University Omar Bongo lost count, since 2002, only two (2) institutions: the Faculty of Law and Economics and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

More recently, regional and subregional levels (Member States of the CEMAC), reflections were conducted on the organization of higher education as part of a new university system: the system "License Master-Doctorate" (LMD ). Building on the regulations and directives relating to the LMD, ownership of the project to modernize university education led to the establishment of a comprehensive legal framework, prior to the effective implementation of the LMD system.

University of Benin Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS
  • B.Sc Anatomy
  • B.Sc Medical Biochemistry
  • B.Sc Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • B.Sc Physiology


  • Bachelor Degree
  • BDS


  • Bachelor Degree
  • B.Sc Nursing Sciences


  • Bachelor Degree
  • PharmD
  • PharmD(Pharmacology and Toxicology)

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