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University of Florida College of Medicine

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Dean's Welcome Letter
Welcome to the University of Florida College of Medicine. What a great time to be a Gator! There are so many exciting and fulfilling initiatives taking place in the medical center as we achieve excellence in our missions of education, research, patient care and service to community.

The UF College of Medicine continues to have one of the premier medical education programs in the country. Our focus now is to produce the next generation of specialists, scientists, clinical researchers and health policy leaders who not only place their expertise in the service of individual patients but also significantly impact the health and well-being of populations and societies.

Our research programs, featuring some of the leading basic and clinical scientists in the world, increasingly focus on translational science. While we continue to make basic discoveries about the workings of the human body and the mechanisms of disease, we now also work to more rapidly deploy those discoveries in the clinical setting to help patients and their families.

Education and research are the pillars of an academic medical center that rest squarely on the foundation of clinical care. The care we provide to our patients, in concert with our partners Shands HealthCare and the Veterans Health Administration, is at the leading edge of science, quality and compassion and influences all that we do.

As a member of the College of Medicine faculty now in my 20th year of service, I can say with complete conviction that what makes our college exceptional are the faculty and staff who come to work every day with unrelenting dedication to our patients and an unbridled commitment to closing in on elusive research breakthroughs and helping our aspiring students become the compassionate, highly skilled health-care providers of tomorrow. We know we are stronger as a diverse faculty and student body. Our commitment to diversity is a core value.

The University of Florida College of Medicine, by virtue of the vision of our founders, the support of the state of Florida and the generous gifts of individuals and groups who recognize the value of our missions, is on a path of greatness through service. We appreciate your interest and welcome your involvement.

About the College of Medicine
The College of Medicine, the largest of six colleges at the University of Florida Health Science Center, opened in 1956 with a mission to increase Florida's supply of highly qualified physicians, provide advanced health-care services to Florida residents, and foster discovery in health research. Since graduating its first medical students in 1960, the college has graduated more than 4,000 physicians. The college also offers other graduate degree programs, including medical science, biomedical engineering, physician assistant studies, and the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences.

The College's Gainesville campus is comprised of 24 clinical and basic science departments staffed by nearly 1,000 faculty members. The Jacksonville campus, located 75 miles to the northeast, is home to more than 350 physicians and scientists delivering medical care in an urban setting, performing research and educating medical students and residents.

A patient care setting is provided to College of Medicine faculty and students by the University of Florida Physicians Group Practice, a close collaboration with Shands at UF teaching hospital, the Malcom Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center, as well as several community healthcare sites and other affiliated hospitals in Florida. First-rate medical facilities and well-trained physicians and physicians-in-training are partnered to provide the highest quality of patient care.

Education at the College of Medicine
The College offers a variety of educational opportunities including a curriculum leading to a medical degree, a medical science program referred to as the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences leading to a Ph.D. or a M.S. degree, and joint degree programs for both M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. Also part of the College of Medicine is the School of Physician Assistant Studies.

In addition to educating medical and graduate students, the College plays an important role in the continuing education of resident physicians and fellows through its collaboration with the UF Faculty Group Practice Clinics and UF&Shands Hospitals. The College offers residencies in 56 medical specialties and sub-specialties as well as clinical and research fellowships. Continuing education and development of practicing physicians is offered by the Continuing Medical Education (CME) Office overseen by Associate Dean, Marvin A. Dewar, M.D., JD.

The College of Medicine Office of Educational Affairs which is lead by the Senior Associate Dean, Joseph C. Fantone, M.D., oversees and provides administrative support for all education activities at the College.

Further supporting the education mission of the College, the Office for Program Evaluation and Faculty Development promotes the strengthening of faculty's instructional and evaluative skills as well as the College's educational programs themselves and fostering the highest scholarship standards at both levels.

Missions of the College
Overall Mission: The College of Medicine strives to improve health care in Florida, our nation, and the world through excellence and consistently superior leadership in education, clinical care, discovery, and service. To achieve this mission we aspire to the following goals:

  • To develop humanistic, skilled, intellectually disciplined, and authoritative medical professionals who are committed to the highest ideals and standards of the profession and who model an exceptional standard of care for those they treat, lead, and serve.
  • To educate and inspire the next generation of leaders in health care, biomedical sciences, health services research, and academic medicine to seek, provide and sustain unparalleled achievements in service, teaching, and research.
  • To provide comprehensive, patient-centered, culturally sensitive, compassionate, and innovative health care of the highest quality to all.
  • To develop and utilize innovative models of interdisciplinary health care delivery that optimize safety, service, outcomes, and resource use.
  • To provide leadership to the State of Florida, the nation, and the world in efforts to promote health, to predict and prevent disease, and to deliver care.
  • To improve our understanding of human health and disease through groundbreaking research and to translate these discoveries into new solutions that promote health, and improve health outcomes and quality of care.
  • To recruit, develop, and nurture a diverse and academically outstanding community of faculty, students, trainees, and staff, who each contribute to excellence in our missions.
  • To promote sustained, robust professional and personal growth, productivity, accountability, integrity, and synergistic collaboration, and synergy of Faculty, students, and staff.

University of Florida College of Medicine Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Physician Assistant
  • Master Degree
  • MD
  • Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
  • Doctor of Medicine/Doctor of Philosophy

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University of Florida College of Medicine Match Day Ceremonies

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