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University of Kordofan

Region: North Kordofan State Country: Sudan

About The University
In the context of higher education revolution, one of the projects of the National Salvation Revolution renaissance in higher education was a constitutional decree in the year 1997, a university bearing the name of the University of Western Kordofan, to be chaired in the city of breasts ..

In the year 1998 in the month of October was accepted and receive the first batch of students to study the faculties of various university, which was approved titles and specialties, as well as the distribution of their locations on the cities of the state of West Kordofan, existing at the time was the opening of colleges for Education and Science of Islamic and Arabic city of breasts College of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies City Fula and the Faculty of Economics and Community Development, City Babanusa, the proposal for the Faculty of Sciences of oil and underground water city of the folder and it was this period which lasted until the year 2005 is a start-up period and establishment.

The period after the year 2005 stage of development of the university and its renaissance real P j the various trends of Ntlaqatha, as seen years 2005 - 2007 AD Opening of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, City breasts, and the Faculty of Shari'a and Law in Abu butter, and the Faculty of Veterinary Science City Ghibaish, and the development of the Institute of Further Studies and different branches in all cities of the state in addition to the Faculty of Community Development and the spread of its branches in cities and towns of various state, also accompanied this period upswing heavily in facilities for the halls of study and library, offices, facilities, services, assistance and beautify the environment and the provision of water and electricity and means of movement and the completion of the need for cadres of qualified human resources in various directions and specialties.

During the period that followed the 2005 and the signing of the Naivasha Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the University faced the challenges and complexities was that the Convention and in a items may be provided for the

Abolition of the dissolution of the state of West Kordofan, which carry the University name and identity, and after the split of jurisdiction between the states of North and South Kordofan, as well as Tksmt sites faculties of the university and its activities between two different states in the composition as well as patterns and chance management in them, making the university status Mottagazba in many of its implications and liabilities the conduct of its affairs and dealing with the events of emergency and crises with many of the complexities regarding the support of the university and its participation with the attraction of identity and spread between the two states until the decision was made ​​in 2007 by the University bearing the name of the University for Peace emerges from the womb of the University of Western Kordofan and includes colleges located within the state of South Kordofan in the cities Fula and Babanusa, folder, to keep the name of the University of Western Kordofan University of origin and its presidency in the city of breasts and colleges located within the state of North Kordofan and in the cities breasts, the father of butter, and Ghibaish ..

Now, this university foresees a promising future, God willing and the strategy drawn and clear regarding the development and deployment and improve their output and to perform its mission set with all the responsibility and impartiality towards the country's public service and the privacy of their society according to the National Strategy set for all universities to the country where the University will implement its educational goals, research and service through programs of colleges existing and proposed, and research centers specialized in various fields of knowledge relevant to the environment of the university and its high objectives.

Slogan of the university
consists of the slogan of the university stripped literally represent the first letters of the name of the university c g k surrounding a green space to symbolize the environment of the region and lay the open book symbol of the knowledge of renewable and unlimited realized part of the verse (but fear Allah among His slaves), a metaphor for the status of science and scientists in the true religion of God. The above book is a large crescent symbol of Islamic knowledge which focuses on the consolidation of the university and made ​​available through the College of complete and unique Pt_khassatha Crescent and has a burning torch symbolizes the potential of the soles of the land promising generous.

University website
University is located in the southwestern part of the state of North Kordofan and reflection Site map, we find that the spread of the university and colleges are almost in the heart of Sudan and is mediated entirely the capital city of curves, where the presidency of the university distance of 800 km from Khartoum, the capital of the country and a distance of 200 km from the city of White capital of the state of North Kordofan associated with them and the road asphalt temple is part of the road trans-continental regions of western Sudan and in the future to West Africa to the city of Dakar in

  • given priority in research funding for research projects related to environment the university and the problems of their region and the country in general.
  • priority is given encouragement for joint research between research groups cover topics and issues vital.
  • is to provide research projects for funding to Mr. / Chairman of the Research Committee and the publishing and the in a special form prepared for this and must follow the following steps:
  • The request by the department head or unit and from the Dean of the College must be accompanied by detailed reports of the unit head and dean of the college.
  • attached to the research project in detail, along with budget estimates for implementation.
  • submit, before long enough the date fixed for the beginning of the research project.
  • When you accept the research project and the approval of funding is routing the adoption of exchange according to schedule compatible with the various stages of work and after the submission of performance reports for the completion of each phase adjustments include the exchange of financial on the stage concerned.
  • is not the continuation of funding for any research project without raising the performance reports periodically approved by department head or dean.
  • any request to extend the period of research and increased funding must be accompanied by a report on the results achieved and the main reasons behind the extension request shall be accompanied isnaads acceptable.
  • must be notified to the Commission on research and publishing in the case of any project search for external funding.
  • In case you are interested in participating in conferences or seminars of a scientific nature inside and outside the country must submit a request to Chairman of the Committee by the chairman of the department and dean of the College.
  • consider requests by the Committee is to provide accreditation to participate according to their usefulness considered by the Committee.
  • requests for publication in the journals and publishing houses, shall be considered for funding requirements according to their usefulness as the Commission deems.
General Rules of the exams:
  • does not allow any student to sit for the exam only if:
  • fulfilled all requirements and passed all the tests earlier as provided for in the regulations.
  • exempted from the requirements by a board of professors on the recommendation of the Faculty Council concerned.
  • pay all expenses of the prescribed fees.
  • If the absence of any student for college, for a long time for any reason other than illness or the presence of the lectures in the classroom - classroom Scientific - seminars or failure in the provision of research or articles required or failed to attend the tests in class or performance was not satisfactory during the year may be denied to sit for the exam by the College Board is Raspa in this exam.
  • A student who spent a long absence that sit for the exam after the approval of the College Council, according to the regulations in force.
  • The Board of the College of interest to agree to sit the student for the exam externally if it has completed the school year but left the university and if successful, allows the transport to the chapter that follows and return to study at the university.
  • If the student completed the academic course, but a disease before exams to the College Board may be allowed to sit for the exam in the extension of science that did not sit for the exam in the case of a disease in which any student

It is a Sudanese university which policies, admission and funding are national. It is situated in 'Elobeid' city the capital of the state. At the Administrative top is the Council of the University that approves the general policies. The president who is sponsored of the Higher Education appoints the chancellor of the University and the deputy chancellor.

The current chancellor is Professor/ Misha'al Abdulgadir Salih. This year, 2011, the University of Kordofan is approaching its twenty-second year. The number of faculties has reached nine, there are also two research centers, the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Deanship of Student Affairs in addition to the Deanship of Libraries and the Secretariat of the scientific affairs as well as the administrative structures that organize of the academic process.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences:
It was established in February 1992, its main aim is the promotion of community health and health services to citizens and the improvement of the levels of scientific and technical performance. To achieve its objectives, the faculty twins between graduating students in the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, and health staff assistants; this service is allocated allotted mostly to workers already in the field of health at the level of cities and the countryside in medical laboratories, public health and higher nursing.

The faculty awards the Bachelor degree in medicine and surgery in twelve semesters; a six-year period it also awards the Bachelor degree of Medical Laboratories in eight semesters, the Bachelor degree of Public Health in four years, in addition to the technical diploma in higher nursing in three years.

University of Kordofan Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS
  • Bachelor of Science (General )
  • Bachelor of Science (Honor)


  • Bachelor Degree
  • Bachelor of Science (Nursing)

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