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University of Mostaganem

Region: Mostaganem Country: Algeria

The University of Mostaganem currently has seven sites located throughout the city of Mostaganem. The school also has a faculty of 830 permanent academic staff and 28,000 students. The students are studying in various disciplines which constitute 31 courses

The students are found to be 18,000 and LMD courses (10 training areas) includes 10,000 students. Each year, the University of Mostaganem creates 4,000 graduates who provide service to the community of the country.

The university provides higher education to the students by focusing on the missions of the university. It includes experienced faculty to train the students in research methods for promoting the social and cultural development of the community. This training also encourages the learners to the growth and distribution of knowledge, their development and contribution to higher education.

In the field of medical research and technical growth the core tasks of the university area, participating in the nationwide effort of medical analysis and technical growth, promotion and distribution of nationwide lifestyle, building up the nationwide medical potential, the exploitation of results and distribution of medical and technical information, participation in the medical community.

University of Mostaganem Degree Programs :


  • Bachelor Degree
  • MBBS

Video Presentation

Pragmatic Data and EFL Algerian Textbooks

Dr. Neddar (University of Mostaganem) discusses the pragmatic data that is included in the Algerian EFL textbooks at college level. He not only demonstrates through a quantitative and qualitative analysis that these data is unable to raise within the learner any pragmatic awarenness, but also proves that there is a discrepancy, so far as these data are concerned, between the textbook and the outside world.

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