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Xiamen University

Region: Fujian Country: China

Welcome to Xiamen University
Xiamen University, founded in 1921, was the first university in China to be established by an overseas Chinese leader, Mr. Tan Kae-kee. As a national key university, it carries on its education and research with a full array of 82 excellent undergraduate programs, 219 graduate programs and 134 Ph.D programs. The University's educational mission, as shown in its motto of "Pursue excellence, Strive for perfection", is the promotion of learning---learning by students and by faculty. Students taking our broad-based curriculum and specialized projects can test themselves in research or entrepreneurship. Student activities provide opportunities for leadership and team building while our Study Abroad Program and International Joint Program enable students to swift to new life and study environments at foreign universities for an unforgettable and inspiring cultural and educational experience.

Beyond this sense of its spirit on its campuses, Xiamen University is also a place that takes seriously its role in the wider community---Xiamen, Fujian, and nationwide generally. Xiamen University's roots run deep, and its students share a strong tradition of service and a sense of connection with our increasingly global society. This University, the place where knowledge is accumulated, declares its intention to open itself up to society and serve as a site for exchanges and developments.

Xiamen University is located in Xiamen -a major port city with a beautiful landscape in southern China. Through its over 20 years' development as one of the first five Special Economic Zones in China, Xiamen is already among the most vibrant and open Chinese cities. However, the rapid economic development has not affected the environment in the city at all. With the strong awareness of environmental protection by Xiamen people and the local government, Xiamen boasts its splendid scenery and clean air.

Located in the best part of Xiamen -the southeastern coast, Xiamen University enjoys a unique geographical advantage by facing the ocean and sitting at the foot of mountain at the same time. Xiamen University 's three campuses, facing each other across the strait with the total floor area amounting up to 600 hectares, are very beautiful in a traditional and unique way while conveying the powerful and harmonious juxtaposition of tradition and modernness, which say that growth is part of our present and future, not just of our past.

It is an honor and pleasure for me to begin my work as the tenth president of Xiamen University. During my career as a student, a professor and a vice president, I have already seen Xiamen University as an institution with honored traditions with the diversity of its students, its solidary community of colleagues, its global outlook, and its strong commitment to high quality teaching and research. Leading this institution is indeed a challenge I relish.

I see Xiamen University's future as that of a coherent but heterogeneous community of colleagues, and a place where the opportunity to do research, to teach, and to learn will not be compromised by fiscal constraints, inequitable access, or the differences among us. I will certainly look to all of you for advice and counseling in order to lead Xiamen University into an institution of international vision and competitiveness.

While this electronic visit will prove informative, I invite you to come in person and visit our campuses. You will find an intellectually vibrant and diverse community of scholars who challenge themselves to seek new knowledge and greater understanding of our ever-changing, multicultural world. We would welcome the opportunity to show you the campuses and introduce our faculty, students and staff to you.

Xiamen University's main campus is located in Siming District, southwestern Xiamen. Located at the foot of the green mountains, facing the blue ocean and surrounded by Xiamen bay. The main campus is picturesque with beautiful scenery and parks, and is one of the main tourist attractions in the heavily-touristed Xiamen. The university also has campuses at Jimei and Zhangzhou.

A new campus will be built in the mainland district of Xiamen, Xiang'an District.It will cover 243 hectares and the first phase will be completed in 2013.It is expected to cater for 30 000 students in the new campus.

Xiamen University has a built area of 2.6 million square meters and its libraries (the Xiamen University Libraries) hold 3.5 million volumes. The scope and level of its high-speed information network on campus is rated at the top of all universities in China and has become one of the main nodes of CERNET2.

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