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Yerevan University of Traditional Medicine

Region: Yerevan Country: Armenia

Rector's message
The University of Traditional Medicine /UTM/ was founded in 1991. The University is the unique by its peculiarity and has no analogues in the region. The University aims at training new quality doctor specialists, who will develop the medicine of the XXI century in the direction of traditional medicine parallel to the modern medicine, due to acquired theoretical and practical knowledge and modern clinical peculiar thinking they use methods of diagnostics and treatment of modern and traditional medicines.

It was promoted by including some subjects of traditional medicine in the educational program, such as subjects of traditional medicine in the educational program, such as Moxibustion /needly-burning/, therapy, phytotherapy, iridodiagnostics, homeopathy, manual therapy etc. The initiative to include the traditional medicine of a century-old history, in the higher educational process, as well as our work in the development of the integrative medicine was appraised best at the international conference organized in Cyprus, 1998 as the first and progressive to try to prepare integrative medicine specialists.

The University got the state accreditation in 2001 and the graduates are awarded a state-authorized diploma, asserting to work in the state and private clinics and scientific institutions.

The strategy of development
On the basis of the developing strategy program of the university was the creation of new directions, methods of treatment traditional and the task of including the traditional medicine.
The main directions of the program are:

  • Rehabilitation of traditional medicine on the scientific basis.
  • Foundation of intergrative medicine as a new scientific direction, promotion of its development and progress in the Republic of Armenia.
Consideration of the directions mentioned above:
  • working out basic educational programs according to RA legislation and the organization of the educational process,
  • training such doctor specialists, who will be able to practice the scientific-medical work using their theoretical and practical knowledge,
The main directions of the development program
  • Further improvement and modernization of the educational process (new professions, new faculties),
  • Providing and modernisation of the laboratory and scientific basis (foundation of new basis and laboratories, purchase of laboratory and scientific-research equipment),
  • Improvement of the informational system conditions (modernization of the computer basis).
  • Expansion of training and scientific methods of work (new methodical literature, pulltication of methodic guide books and text-books)
  • Training of scientific-pedagogical specialists,
  • Broading of scientific researches (making and publication of scientific and practical research monographs, scientific works, publication of articles and text-books),
  • Cooperation with RA and foreign educational establishments, medical and other organizations (discussions, students exchange, experience, training plans, organization of scientific meetings and seminars),
  • Bulding a private scientific-medical clinic in order to develop the medical service of the population, make scientific researches, organize and spend clinical practical training:

Structural subdivisions
The structural subdivisions of the university are: rectorate, scientific council, educational department, general department, faculties of General Medicine and Stamotology, basic college, Scientific-Medical Educational Centre, library (reading- hall), account department, economic department, 10 specialized department, based on the principle of the department,: Admisnistrative and educational subdivisions have their regulations, working plans, as well as demanded corresponding documents for the work conducted in the high school.

Library Rich funds of library promote the educational and practical work. The library supplies the students and the lecturers with books, teaching methodical text-books, monographs, scientific works, encyclopedies, dictionaries and magazines. The university book funds are completed with new published literature. There is also an electronic library with the Internet.

The University of Traditional Medicine has been training medical specialists for 20 years, who know methods, treatment and diagnoses of both modern and traditional medicines. The gradutes were success in the sphere of thearetical and practical medicine in the medical system of our republic and abroad.
More than 20 graduates of the university have got the degree of candidates of medical science.

  • The university has got more than 900 graduates till today.
  • The graduates work as doctors, scientific workers, lecturers and health organizers both in our republic and abroad:
  • Scientific-Medical Centre of UTM
  • National Institute ,,Traditional medicine'' department of RA Ministry of Health
  • Mother and Chield's Health Protection Centre
  • St. Grigory Lusavorich'' Medical Centre
  • Medical Centre ,,Erebuni''
  • Medical Centre ,,Nork Marash''
  • Surgical Institute after Mikayelyan
  • Medical Centre ,,Natural Treatment''
  • Medical Centre ,,Nairi''
  • Moscow Kremlin Central Hospital
  • Moscow Clinical Hospital N51
  • Moscow Cardiac-Vascular Surgical Scientific Centre after Bakulov
  • Sankt Peterbourgh Surgical Department of the State Medical University after I.Paylov.
  • Moscow Medical Academy after Sechenov and others.

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Address: Babajanyan Str. 38a, Yerevan, Armenia


(374 10) 61-62-90

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