Planning to study MBBS in China? You will pass on futile.


When you discuss about MBBS in China, they have decent infrastructure as far as tall, very much prepared school structures and lodgings, but they need good Instructors. To begin with, Majority of Chinese don’t comprehend essential English, so Chinese-Origin Instructors are unable to speak with students well, which results in low quality instructing.

Such a large number of Chinese universities have employed Nepali and Indian Instructors in medical schools who have moved on from other universities in China.

I am not saying that Nepali and Indians are terrible Instructors however you see they themselves have moved on from other universities in China after completing their MBBS, so how you can expect quality from a Instructor who is working for a low wage in China, who is unable to pass Medical Licensing exam or not landed a position in his nation of origin.

In China, you are given admission directly to a MBBS course but in many universities in China its mandatory to pass HSK (Chinese proficiency test), without passing this exam you will not be awarded a degree.

If you intend to enroll in any university in China with the assistance of an agent you don’t have the foggiest idea, what is quality of training there, in china government colleges (Chinese Medicine System) are not permitted to enlist foreign students but rather huge numbers of them have enlisted a large chunk of International students.


More than 35% of the universities in MCI approved list which are ‘C’ grade and offer very low-quality education.


Disadvantages of Studying Medicine in China

  • The students need to learn Chinese language as an additional subject up to HSK-4 level to ensure interaction with the patients in the hospital.
  • China has more than 35% of the universities in MCI approved list which are ‘C’ grade and offer very low-quality education and experience.
  • English speaking capability is worse which makes it difficult for the students to understand and Faculties are paid extra to teach in English but their accents is not of good quality.
  • International students are not allowed to touch the patients during internship and it is only an observer-ship.
    The training is done only on dummies and not on dead bodies.
  • Translators are used widely because patients don’t speak English and training doctors too.


How much can you understand through a TRANSLATOR..?



Students From China appeared for FMGE



More than 100 Medical Universities in China are NON-LISTED and they don’t have authorization or approval to admit International students or teach in English medium.


What are non-listed Medical Universities in China?

Let us start from the beginning; there are around 150 Medical Universities in China who teaches Clinical Medicine or Chinese Medicine in English and Chinese medium. Same like India, many of these Medical Universities are located in small cities or rural areas too. Even if all these Medical Universities are recognized by the Government of China, all of them are NOT authorized to teach MBBS in English medium.

In India, the higher most legal body of MBBS is called Medical Council of India (MCI) and in China, it is called Ministry of Education of China (MOE). So every year MOE Official Team inspects all the Medical Universities in China to consider following facts:

  1. The Level of teaching MBBS or Clinical Medicine in English medium
  2. The infrastructure and the capabilities to accommodate international students to study MBBS.
  3. A well versed laboratory and well-equipped hospital.

Medical Council of India (MCI) is based in India and they don’t inspect or authorize any Medical University in China. The Indian Embassy which is based in China receives a list of recognized Medical Universities from MOE, where Indian students can study MBBS in China. This list is then forwarded to the Medical Council of India (MCI), where they post in their official website.

So after the inspection, every year, MOE authorizes certain Medical Universities in China, who can accept international students to study MBBS in China in English medium. This is the ONLY list of medical colleges, where Indian students can study MBBS. This year the list consists of 45 Medical Universities.

This means that more than 100 Medical Universities in China are NON-LISTED and they don’t have authorization or approval to admit International students or teach in English medium. However since last couple of years, the percentage of Indian students coming to study in China has been increased to three times. This is the reason, there are lots of students who are not given complete information about non-listed Medical Universities and they end up studying MBBS degree course in Chinese medium.

The disadvantages of studying in a non-listed Medical University in China for Indian student:

  • The University is not recognized in MOE or MCI list, so you cannot give MCI Screening Test.
  • The MBBS degree course will be taught in Chinese language and it will be Chinese medicine syllabus.
  • The University’s infrastructure and the level of teaching would not be equal to any standards, since it is not approved by their own country’s Medical Council, which is MOE.

If any Indian student goes to study MBBS abroad, the student should make sure that the Medical University where he/she will be studying should at least be RECOGNIZED by that country’s Medical Council. If you go to China or Russia or Philippines or Ukraine or even UK or USA, every country has their own Medical Council and that is for a REASON.

Please DONOT come across any half-hazard information’s on the internet or from your local agents. If you have any DOUBT about your admission to study MBBS abroad, just visit that country’s Medical Council website and check for the Medical Universities which they have recognized, where international students can study MBBS degree courses.

For the Medical Universities in China, ONLY take admissions in the following Universities which are given below on the Official Medical Council of India website:


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